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It says all

All about what? Explain to me.

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So what?
Where are you from?

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>>2 Mixed race of mongoloid and Aryan. Basically, Japanese are mongoloid, but some are Aryan.
And they already mixed at least in 500 AD.However, they are not Nordic. SO, They aren't blond.

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Nevertheless, Aryan was widely spreaded in Persia, Afghanistan, India.
And, tribes came to Japan for trade and teach Buddhism. Thus, most of Japanese today is Mongolo-Aryan being.

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It is a very interesting theory.
Absolutely ridicuous.

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>>3 No what please.

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>>6 where are you from?

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Japanese are mongolo-aryan race. You can't deny.

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>>6 I'm not saying Japanese are Nordic.

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Even there are many Turkish tribes in Asia, Japanese are not Turkish right?

So, basically mongoloid and some Aryans are Japanese.

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Unlike Mongolian, Japanese are not only mongoloid aren't they?

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Do you mean unlike other East Asian such as Chinese and Korean, some Japanese have Aryan features in appearance?

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Do you happen to know Ainu?
They are Minority in Japan, and they look like Caucasoid.
In 1960s some biorogists asserted that
Ainu was Caucasoid,but the theory is denied today.

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Ainu is mongoloid. They don't look like Caucasoid at all.

Japanese are more like Scythian (descendant of Ukranian)

That means Japanese are Mongolo-Aryan Race.

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German + Scythian = Slavic

Scythian is a type of Aryan race.

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I mean someone like Abe Hiroshi is. Not all are Aryan.

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Scythian is an aryan tribe.

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U bastard!!
Get out of here!!

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why? how come?

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>>19 Get the truth. I can paste about scythian here for you if you want.

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>And, tribes came to Japan for trade and teach Buddhism.

Doubt! Buddism is brought to Japan via China. Indians have nothing to do with this point.

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kill yourself

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>>22 Stupid. Via China, Via Korea, they came to Kyoto and Nara. Kyoto and Nara is known for city of TORAIJIN. Lots of Persian came.

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You know TORAIJIN?

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I don't deny China and Korea are not only a country by mongolian. Chinese are basically sogd people.

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Map of Schythian's trading area (steppe)

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