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The best so far; only really minor things like not starting a sentence with "and" and moving "heading for the living room" to the previous sentence
(the way you have it now sounds like he sat with his legs crossed as a means to head towards the living room).
"...wake up his wife and children and headed for the living room."
"He sat with his legs..."

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I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
In return for what you've done for me, I'll devote myself to studying Englsih harder.
I swear it!

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「うおっ!! え?  なにこれ....? ついに俺は頭がイカれちまったか??」
「なんなんだこの声は?? 頭の中から湧いてくるぞ!?」
「幸せになりたいんだろう? 手伝ってやろうか?」
「悩みはなにかないか? ワシならそれを解決できるぞ」
「悩みなんてねーよ! あるとすれば、あんたの声が聞こえることくらいじゃい!!

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( After this, the story develops in the form of manga, so I'll pick out only dialogues between the two in ballooons)

" You want to be happy, don't you?"
" Huh?! What? What the hell is this?....? At last, I've gone mad??"
" I wonder what this voice is?? It is springing up from within my head."
" You want to be happy? Do you want me to help you?"
" No thanks. Leave me alone! If this goes on, I'll be forced to go to a mental hospital."
" Don't you have any problems? I can solve them."
" No problems! If any, it is only your voice!! So if you vanish, it can be solved, for sure!! "
" I'll listen to you about another one."

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in the form of manga over five pages

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Concerning the forth line, I didn't know which is better, the indicative or the subjunctive mood.

If this goes on, I'll be forced to go to a mental hospital (the indicative)
If this went on, I would be forced to go to a mental hospital ( the subjunctive)

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What a careless person I am! It was the fifth line!

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(1) (これ以後5ページほど漫画形式になっていますので、ふきだしのセリフを掲載します。)
The following five or so pages are in the form of manga, so the words
in the speech balloons will be posted here.)

(2) 「幸せになりたいんだろう?」
You want to be happy, right?

(3) 「うおっ!! え?  なにこれ....? ついに俺は頭がイカれちまったか??」
Ugh!!! What? What's this? Have I finally gone crazy or what?

(4) 「なんなんだこの声は?? 頭の中から湧いてくるぞ!?」
What's this voice? It's coming from within my mind!

(5) 「幸せになりたいんだろう? 手伝ってやろうか?」
You want to be happy, don't you? You want me to help?

(6) 「けっこうです。帰ってください!このままじゃ僕、病院に送られちゃう!!」
No, thanks. Go back home! If I remain this way, they'll send me to hospital, for sure!

(7) 「悩みはなにかないか? ワシならそれを解決できるぞ」
Anything troubling you? I can help you solve it.

(8) 「悩みなんてねーよ! あるとすれば、あんたの声が聞こえることくらいじゃい!!
I ain't got any troubles! If I do, the whole trouble I'm having is my hearing you!

(9) だから、あんたがいなくなれば、たしかに解決できるね!!」
So, if you get away, you can sure solve it, I can tell you!

(10) 「別の悩みを聞こうか」
Let me know your other troubles.

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Thank you , sir.
What can I say? Well, it seems to me that your Engish is authentic. So I'm envious of you!

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「なんでだよ! 悩みくらい、こっちに選ばせろよ!!
お前が帰れよ! 妻じゃなくて!」
「いやだから、ブッダやキリストの時点で、宗教でしょ? 怪しさMAXじゃねーか!」
「最後のクリなんとかなんて、誰なのかすらわからんわい。 てかそもそも、あんたは誰なの?」

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Thank you for your compliment. Your continued commitment to English learning
has always inspired me. Earlier today I found this thread and I thought you're the
main contributor to it. And I wanted to pitch in to show my respect to you.
I'm sure you're the one who's always been making "English compositions"
in the thread called "スレッドを立てるまでもない質問スレッド."

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Your guess is right, but I wonder how you knew that?
I'm the guy who posted " English compositions" in that thread on a regular basis.
If you had no clue and just took a shot in the dark, I have no choice but to say that you have the good sixth sense. lol
Frankly, since I faced a barrage of criticism whenever I posted them, I've decided to look for another place where I can enjoy myself.
This is my utopia I found a few weeks ago. lol
By the way,I can also guess who you are because it is only one person I can come up with who has such a good command of English.
If my guess is correct, I think the book I'm converting English now is useful for you.

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How did I identify you? Well, I could easily identify you because there are very,
very few people courageous and motivated enough to contribute so many
posts in English as you have been doing. I, too, am one of such rare guys, so
I know how you've been feeling and how much you enjoy this utopia here.
I think I'll stick around here in this thread too and continue to communicate
with you. I don't like lazy people. I like diligent people like you.

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(1) そして運命の日はやって来る。
Then came the Day.

(2) 瞑想のため、いつも通りに早起きをして、妻や子供を起こさないように
For his medication, Mitsuro got up early as usual and stole out of the bedroom,
taking care not to wake up his wife or children.

(3) リビングへと向かい、床にあぐらをかいてしっかりと目をとじた。
Heading for the living room, he sat cross-legged on the floor and shut his eyes tight.

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★You may begin sentences with BUT and AND,★ as in "And then he said...."

★"Don't begin sentences with BUT or AND" is a myth.★ It's a myth that
stupid teachers both in the English-speaking world and nonnative countries
have long been spreading. Most of the so-called authorities in Japan
still stick to it. It's quite disgusting.

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(3) リビングへと向かい、床にあぐらをかいてしっかりと目をとじた。
He headed for the living room, and sat there cross-legged on the floor
and shut his eyes tight.

★I made the above correction after reading a good suggestion
given above for a similar correction .

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(1) ーできごとから、さかのぼること約一年前。
About a year before that event:

(2) 主人公のみつろうは、ごくごく普通のサラリーマンで、会社勤めの二児のパパ。
Our protagonist Mitsuro was just another corporate employee,
a father of two children.

(3) 下の子が生まれたばかりの彼は、赤ちゃんの夜泣きによる寝不足のため、
Having just had his younger child, he lost some of his sleep
because of the night cries of the baby and made several
mistakes at the office.

(4) 見かねた上司が、「心を落ち着かせなさい」と彼に勧めたのが瞑想だった。
Unable to leave him that way, his higher-up recommended he
do something to calm himself. That something was meditation.

(5) なにかを長続きさせたことなんてこれまでの人生で一度もなかった彼だが、
Never before had he done anything for a prolonged time in his entire life.
He didn't know why, but meditation was something that he did
every single day.

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(1) タイトル名 神さまとのおしゃべり
  Title: "A Chat with God"
  (An alternative translation) "A Chat with a God"

(2) あなたの常識は誰かの非常識
  What you think everyone knows is what someone else
  may think is unreasonable

(3) ーそれは、ある日突然起こった。
  It happened all of a sudden one day.

(4) 怪しい声 「幸せになりたいんだろう?」
  A suspicous voice: "You want to be happy, don't you?"

(5) みつろう「うおっ!! なんか、声が聞こえる!!」
  Mitsuro: "Ugh! Why, I think I'm hearing things!"

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  Twenty minutes after we reached school, it began to snow.

  Matthew will be able to get out of the hospital two weeks from now.

  Be sure to come to the airport at least an hour before departure.

  Rice harvests this year are likely to be the best in the past five years.

  Keep your eye on this suitcase until I come back.

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  Paris is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited so far.

  Michael is looking for someone that can speak (OR speaks) Spanish.

  The sandwiches my brother brought me that evening were
  the first meal I took that day.

  I'm going to take you to a place where my father used to take me
  when I was at elementary school.

  The map you gave me the other day was how I managed to come
  without getting lost.

  [An alternative translation]
  I managed to come without getting lost
  thanks to the map you gave me the other day.

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  Samantha felt much embarrassed at having been seen to cry loud.

  These days you rarely see children playing on streets or in squares or circles.

  How much did it cost you to have this washing machine repaired?

  I took care not to say anything at all that might upset them.

  Taking notes will help you to remember later what your teachers said.

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(1) 「なんでだよ! 悩みくらい、こっちに選ばせろよ!!
What the hell for!? Why not let me choose what troubles I may or may not have!

(2) てか、いきなり俺の悩みの解決に失敗してんじゃねーか!!」
Or rather—at the very beginning you've already failed to solve my troubles.

(3) 「だいたい、こっちは毎朝の瞑想だけでも、ギリギリなんですよ?
After all, meditation every morning alone is almost at the end of my wife's patience!

(4) ギリギリと言ってもアウトのほうね!」
I mean, I'm almost at the end of her tether, you see.

(5) 「この上「変な声が聞こえだした」なんて言ったら、確実に妻が実家に帰っちゃうじゃねーか!!
If on top of all this I say I'm beginning to hear things, my wife'll go back home for sure.

(6) お前が帰れよ! 妻じゃなくて!」
*You* go home. It's not my wife who's got to go home!

(7) 「瞑想はいいことじゃぞ。なにも怪しいことじゃない。
Meditation is a good thing, I tell you. It's nothing suspicious.

(to be continued)

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(8) ブッダ、キリスト、クリシュナ。
Buddha, Jesus, Chrishna.

(9) 全てが、瞑想を通し、大切な教えに辿りついたんじゃから。」
They all practiced meditation and reached important truths.

(10) 「いやだから、ブッダやキリストの時点で、宗教でしょ? 
But Buddha and Jesus are about religion, right?

(11) 怪しさMAXじゃねーか!」
All that is suspicious, I'm telling you!

(12) 「最後のクリなんとかなんて、誰なのかすらわからんわい。 
The last one you mentioned, Chrish... or something.
I don't even know who it is.

(13) てかそもそも、あんたは誰なの?」
After all, who on earth *are* you?

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「ワシか? ワシはもちろん、神じゃ。 神さまじゃ」
「 「もちろん」の意味もわからないし、自分で「さま」をつけるあたり、体質的に無理無理無理! 帰って」
「いいから、話を聞きなさい。一年間も瞑想を続けたのは、何かを変えたかったんじゃろう? 現状を打破したかったんじゃろ?
ようするに、幸せになりたかった。 叶えてやるよ、その願い」
「まあ、たしかに。 眠いのに毎朝、座禅を組むのは、「ほかの人よりよくなりたい」という思いからです。」
「じゃろ? でも瞑想だけじゃ足らんのじゃ。 そこで得た気づきを実世界に活かさないと意味がない」
「お! 聞く気になってるじゃねーか」

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" Me? Of course, I am God. I am Mr. God."
( He holds out a calling card inscribed with Mr. God)
" I don't understand what you mean by " of course." Moreover, you attached the honorific title " Mr." to your name by yourself.
I can't accept you! Get out!"
" Anyway, listen to what I say. You've continued meditation for as much as a year.
That means you wanted to change something, didn't you? You wanted to break the status quo, didn't you?
In other words, you wanted to be happy. I'll make your wish come true."
" Well, you got a point. Despite being sleepy,I sit in zen meditation every morning.
That's because I have a desire that "I want to be better off than others." "
" See? But it's not good enough just to sit in meditation. It does not make sense to you unless you take advantage of the enlightment you've got from meditation."
" To be more specific, what should I do?"
" Oh! you feel like listening to me at last."
" Now that things have come to this pass,I've decided to have it out with you.
You know, I feel just like dive off a cliff into water. So let me know the secret right now!"

6564 (ワッチョイ 77c7-Y1z7)2017/12/11(月) 21:51:49.82ID:Cv8QYbQt0
the enlightment you've got from medutation in the real world.

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(1) 「ワシか? ワシはもちろん、神じゃ。 神さまじゃ」
Me? I'm, of course, God. Almighty God.

(2) (神さまと記された名刺を差し出す)
(God hands out his name card indicating "Almighty God.")

(3) 「「もちろん」の意味もわからないし、自分で「さま」をつけるあたり、
体質的に無理無理無理! 帰って」
I've got no idea what you mean by "of course." And you add "Almighty"
to your own name. That's a sort of honorific other people add, not you.
I can't be comfortable with you. Just go home.

(4) 「いいから、話を聞きなさい。
Just listen to me.

(5) 一年間も瞑想を続けたのは、何かを変えたかったんじゃろう? 
You've been meditating for one full year. That's because you
wanted to make a difference, right?

(6) 現状を打破したかったんじゃろ?
You wanted to make a breakthrough, didn't you?

(7) ようするに、幸せになりたかった。 
Bottom line is, you wanted to be happy.

(8) 叶えてやるよ、その願い」
I'll make your wish come true.

(to be continued)

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(9) 「まあ、たしかに。 眠いのに毎朝、座禅を組むのは、
Well, you're right. The reason I sit with my legs crossed and meditate
every day although sleepy is because I want to "be better than others."

(10) 「じゃろ? でも瞑想だけじゃ足らんのじゃ。 
You do, huh? But meditation alone is not enough.

(11) そこで得た気づきを実世界に活かさないと意味がない」
It doesn't work unless you make use of what you've found
in your meditation in your life.

(12) 「具体的には何をすれば?」
What specifically do I do?

(13) 「お! 聞く気になってるじゃねーか」
Oh, you're getting interested to listen to me, huh?

(14) 「もうこうなったら、とことんつき合おうかと。
Well, as things are this way, I'm thinking that maybe I should
follow you through and see what happens.

(15) 開き直りの境地です。
I've become kind of ready to face just about anything.

(16) だから、さっさと教えて、その方法」
So, tell me how to do it.

68名無しさん@英語勉強中 (デーンチッ 9768-Y1z7)2017/12/12(火) 18:48:45.44ID:t2FYGkuk01212
>>the enlightment you've got from medutation in the real world.

I guess what you actually mean is "enlightENment" and "medItation."

69名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 77c7-Y1z7)2017/12/13(水) 09:02:36.15ID:zp4jiYXV0
Yeah, I have a bad habit of not making sure of spelling mistakes before posting.
I feel like I want to attribute some of them to my pronunciation of words.
I tend to omit "n" from certaion words such as goverNment or enviroNment when pronouncing them, so that
maybe enlightenment belongs to that group for me.

By the way, to what extent do you think I can trust your English?
I admit that you have far better command of English than me, but I know you are not a native speaker.
Why I ask you such a rude thing is that I often copy the writings of native speakers by hand to have their expressions under my belt.
Do you understand what I am getting at? To be blunt, I'm afraid of memorizing erroneous or awkward English expressions.

70名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9768-Y1z7)2017/12/13(水) 11:04:41.07ID:iNhsfTBG0
You've already made it clear, as well as I have, that I'm not a native speaker.
And if you don't think you can trust my English, you don't have to memorize
any word or expression that I happen to use. In fact, no one can prove
how trustworthy their English is, whether native or nonnative.

We can't even trust English native speakers for that. I myself
don't trust anyone who happens to write anything on the Internet,
not even in published books that seem to be legitimate.
You know very well even seemingly authoritative books make mistakes.
So, if I were you, I don't trust anything or anybody 100 percent.
All I trust is what I've proved to be true only after making sure that
at least several books that seem authoritative prove it's true.

When I learn any English words or expressions, I only learn them
from books published by authoritative publishers and written by
authoritative writers. Whenever I find anything on Twitter, YouTube,
2-channel, or elsewhere, I read it and put it to memory on a temporary
basis only. Then, only after having proved the trustworthiness of
each such thing that I happened to find on the Internet or in books
that I can't prove to be authoritative, I memorize it on a permanent basis.

But I don't even trust such seemingly authoritative information 100 percent.
This world is a jungle. No one is 100 percent right. Even Harvard professors
may make mistakes.

On 2-channel, some commentators read like native speakers. But
how far can you trust them? Can you prove that they're always saying
the right thing? For example, many native speakers, not only Japanese
teachers, assert that it's wrong to start sentences with such conjunctions
as "but" or "and." But that assertion is totally wrong. It's a stupid myth.
I've proved it here in this thread, as well as elsewhere.

71名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9768-Y1z7)2017/12/13(水) 11:06:39.89ID:iNhsfTBG0
So, if I were you, I ★don't★ trust anything or anybody 100 percent.

So, if I were you, I ★wouldn't★ trust anything or anybody 100 percent.

72名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9768-Y1z7)2017/12/13(水) 11:16:12.08ID:iNhsfTBG0
So, to be totally frank and even blunt with you, asking anybody whether
their English is trustworthy enough for you to memorize is asking too much.
You're being like a baby or an overindulgent adolescent. You know very well
that if you want to learn anything reliable, you have to make sure that your
sources are 100 percent (or at least 98 percent) trustworthy.

And you're asking me if I am a trustworthy source. But how can I prove that?
Even if I present tons of evident that shows my English is trustworthy, which
is actually not true, no one can be sure that it is. Then, do you think you
can trust Harvard professors are writing correct English? You can't be sure
of that either. So, what you have to do is NOT to ask anyone whether their
English is trustworthy, BUT to make sure with your own effort that
whatever source you may be using is satisfactory to you.
In a word, to prove that anyone's English, or any information that they are
providing for that matter, is trustworthy is not their responsibility, but yours.
It's YOU who are to prove that any such information is trustworthy to you,
not THEM. So, in a word again, when you learn anything, you've got to be
self-reliant. You can't depend on anybody else.

73名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9768-Y1z7)2017/12/13(水) 11:23:32.79ID:iNhsfTBG0
You're being like a baby or ★an overindulgent★ adolescent. You know very well

You're being like a baby or a ★self-indulgent★ adolescent. You know very well

74名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9768-Y1z7)2017/12/13(水) 11:24:48.67ID:iNhsfTBG0
Even if I present tons of ★evident★ that shows my English is trustworthy, which

evident --> evidence

75名無しさん@英語勉強中 (US 0Hdf-gKiJ)2017/12/13(水) 16:47:20.00ID:nhtFpNS4H
>For example, many native speakers, not only Japanese
>teachers, assert that it's wrong to start sentences with such conjunctions
>as "but" or "and." But that assertion is totally wrong. It's a stupid myth.
>I've proved it here in this thread, as well as elsewhere.

Starting a sentence with "and," "but," or any of the other coordinating conjunctions is pretty much entirely a stylistic thing.
In spoken English there isn't any difference between starting a sentence with a conjunction or making said sentence the second part of a compound sentence.
Like most stylistic things in English, you are going to find people for or against whatever it is you're looking to confirm as
style isn't connected to English grammar in the same way as subject-verb agreement is, so native English speakers have no innate understanding of what is or isn't the right way
(they are both right as they're indistinguichable from one another grammatically).

The point I'm getting at is that when it comes to stylistic things of English writing you can't really trust anyone but your style guide (you, your boss, your editor; etc.), but,
for actual grammar, a single native speaker will suffice as long as you can trust them to not lie and the English dialect you're learning is the same as the native's.
Also make sure not to confuse grammar for spelling or word use as homophones and eggcorns will especially affect native speakers.

76名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 77c7-Y1z7)2017/12/13(水) 19:26:10.04ID:zp4jiYXV0
Are you angry while foaming at the mouth? If so, I might push your buttons. lol
Basically, I don't agree to your opinion. It seems to me that you go to extremes in your argument.
In my view, Learning something can be compared to a voyage. You need to equip a compass with your ship
in order to reach your destination safe and sound.
In the course of learning, there are verious stages, such as elementary, intermediate, and advanced one.
When you are in the elementary course, It is the royal road to success that You imitate good examples as if a monkey imitate them without thinking anything.
For example, like a person who wants be to a calligrapher bends over backwards to imitate good specimens as they are.

Anyway, I'll take your advice when I reach to the same advanced level as you.

77名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b781-RjCm)2017/12/14(木) 10:50:44.71ID:sE1vP/xy0
Naturally everyone imitates good examples to improve their English.
I quite agree to that. But what I've always been doing is not to
try to learn from casually written texts here and there, such as
from 2-channel or Twitter, but to learn from highly-reputed
well-written novels, essays, newspapers, and other documents
from reliable sources. If you have already read a substantial
amount of writing in such seemingly reliable sources, you will
find it rather easy to identify good writing that you may find
even on 2-channel and other casual sources.

78名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b781-RjCm)2017/12/14(木) 11:01:31.18ID:sE1vP/xy0
So, if you asked me whether my English is trustworthy early on, it's precisely
because you still don't have the means to identify well-written English.
Why don't you have the means? It is because you still haven't read
enough in novels, essays, newspapers, magazines, and other documents
written by highly-reputed native speaker authors.

If you want to improve your English, don't hesitate to read at least
a few hundreds of paperbacks first. (Here I assume that these paperbacks
contains 300 pages each. I'm not talking about books full of pictures, like
children's picture books.)

Read all kinds of writing, including science,
history, literature (whether modern or classical), philosophy, art, politics,
economics, entertainment, porn, fairy tales, classical literature, poetry,
and so on and so forth. Only after that will you be able to know
which writer (whether professional, amateur, native, or nonnative)
writes good enough English. There's absolutely no way other than that.

79名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b781-RjCm)2017/12/14(木) 11:08:45.72ID:sE1vP/xy0
By the way, when I recommend they read a few hundreds of books in English,
some of they stupidly say, "But I don't think reading so many books without
understanding them works so well."

Of course, you've got to understand what you're reading. Reading means
understanding and enjoying what you're reading. Scanning the text
without understanding it is not "reading." Why do I have to say the obvious?
Some of them also say, "but you can't learn enough from what you read
if you don't know enough grammar."

Of course you've got to know enough grammar. Grammar comes first.
You've definitely got to know at least 95% of the intermediate grammar
before you attempt to read anything. Otherwise, you won't learn anything
from what you read from extensive reading.

Some people are definitely idiots. They have to be told the obvious
that even complete scum knows.

80名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ebc7-RjCm)2017/12/14(木) 19:46:25.39ID:3W5xSVBR0
Needless to say, it differs from person to person what for they learn English.
But I assume most of them study it for the purpose of communicating with other people worldwide.
So, speaking skills may be the most important ability they think much of.
I personally think those who are eager to improve only communication skills will never give ear to your preach. lol
It does not matter to them how much they are abundant in English vocabulary.
It's all right with them as long as they make themselves understood even though their vocabulary is poor.
If you are hardly convinced to my argument, take a look at native speakers of English.
Their vocabulary also veries, ranging from several thousand to five-degit number.
In short, they are only interested in how they can acquire speaking skills effectively.
For this reason, they are eager to memorize basic sentence patterns while repeating the same sentence again and again.
And I'm for their strategy to some degree because I think it is a rational way to acquring speaking ability effectively.
What you insist on may be right , the royal road to learning in the long run.
But I think your method is suitable for only educated people like you.
It may be a torture for some people(You may call them idiots) who hate sitting in front of their desk for so long.
There is a saying that says " so many men, so many minds."
So let me make a pun in line with it. So many men, so many means!!

81名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b781-RjCm)2017/12/15(金) 07:23:36.40ID:8sUBKXgu0
Nobody in this thread has been talking about vocabulary at all.
You seem to have difficulty in understanding others.
However carefully, kindly, and much in detail in quite plain English
I may explain every single thing to you, as if you were a five-year-old,
you just don't seem to understand my point.

Okay, I give up. I'll never talk to you -- ever again. I've wasted my breath.

82名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ebc7-RjCm)2017/12/15(金) 10:23:53.76ID:If1bYXd50
I'd appreciate it a lot if you would never visit here.

> if you want to improve your English, don't hesitate to read at least a few handreds of paperbacks.
If ordinary people who have common sense read this comment, they will definitely interpret it as follows;
" You should learn a lot of English words and phrases as many as possible"
I've never met a more conceited person like you.

83名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ebc7-RjCm)2017/12/15(金) 17:24:02.94ID:If1bYXd50
「 おい、「ください」はどうした。「ください」は 」
「 お、教えてください、神さま」
( 「あっという間に幸せになれる授業」と黒板杖に書かれたタイトルを杖で指し示しつつ)



8483 (ワッチョイ ebc7-RjCm)2017/12/15(金) 17:26:55.10ID:If1bYXd50
訂正  黒板杖→黒板

85名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ebc7-RjCm)2017/12/15(金) 23:37:13.94ID:If1bYXd50
" Hey, you forgot saying, " please!" Watch your language!"
"Please let me know, God."
"Indicating with his walking stick the theme " lessons for you to become happy soon" written on the blackboard)
" Then , let's get started, Mitsuro. Lessons for you to become happy soon!"

In this way, way too suspicious private lessons by god were added to the daily lives of Mitsuro.
Never ever had Mitsuro no clues at that point that the teachings were " the ones likened to a gold mine", with which many people
could possibly change their lives dramatically.

86名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ebc7-RjCm)2017/12/16(土) 18:03:30.79ID:oGrwFzNh0

準備体操 一時限目 「現実」とはなにか?
● もしも全ての願いが叶っているとしたら?  018
● 見る人の解釈だけバラは違って見えている?  013
● あなたを全自動で貧乏へと導きつづける便利機能!?  055
● 人類はみんな、ガンコマン   068
● 道に落ちているうんこも、あなたでできているとしたら?  084
● なぜ感情は湧くのだろうか?  095

実践編 2時限目 思い通りに現実を変える、12の方法

● 他人の意見も自分の意見     120
● 鏡に映る自分が勝手に動き出したら??   129
● 「想像」こそ宇宙にお願いする唯一の方法  130
● 人間は否定語を想像できない        146
● 「どうありたいか?」ワーク        156
● 世界中の辞書から、「なりたい」という言葉を除去しよう!!   170
● 「ない」ではなく」「あるを」探す     170
● あなたが想像していた天国は、実は地獄だった  191
● 大統領は大統領にはなれない!?        200
● 迷っているということは、実はどっちでもいいのだの法則!?   213
● 人生というこのドラマの「つづく...」を楽しみにする     224
● 美空ひばりを信じてみる            236 

87名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ebc7-RjCm)2017/12/17(日) 20:38:21.17ID:xghXKZc10
" A chat with God" contents
Warn-ups Lesson 1 What is "reality"?

● what if all of your wishes already come true? 018
● Is a rose being seen differently according to verious interpretations of each observer? 033
● Is it a convenient function that keep on guiding you to poverty automatically? 055
● Human beings are all obstinate. 068
● what if even a crap on the street is made up from you? 084
● Why do your emotions come into being ? 095

( to be continued )

88名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ e53e-3TZr)2018/06/16(土) 09:51:59.09ID:2ABpQmJ20


89名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ffcf-DJU/)2018/06/27(水) 16:03:54.47ID:Lw31kc5n0
as as の使い方が良くわからないです


Japanese did to koreans as horrible thing as koreans did to Vietnamese?