Let's chat in English or Japanese

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people who speak English, bu not good at Japanese
people who seak Japanese, but not good at English

This thread is for such people

Let's talk about whatever comes to your mind in English or Japanese








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I have a question about my nearest Hotel worker's conversation level. Their parking lot worker is all Japanese, and they can't understand English.
Their work is including welcome foreign customer, but if they can't speak English, they can't usher in to the correct place to stop the car. If there's no place to nearest parking lot, they should guide to tie-up parking lot.

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Not knowing how to guide customer, most of foreign customer's car is parked at under the sky, without
telling about how to let them enter to the parking deck. In exchange for it, other Japanese customer is ushered in more far tie-up parking lot. What do you think about them who are not knowing about English well at a business hotel?

If you smile, more and more happiness will spread all over the world.
From “Happiness”, AI

Sorry, this is my poor translation. I heard the song performed on a television program.
I thought it was really good, and now on impulse I’m writing this post even though I know there’s no one here.

I think the hotel should employ someone who can manage daily conversation in English.
Or the current employees should learn to speak English so that they will come to be able to guide foreign customers.

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There are lots of windows in this world. Your heart is like one of them.
From "心はまるで窓のよう"

I heard this song sung by Hiroko Yakushimaru. I like her. Her voice soothes me.

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I was sweeping off fallen leaves at the back of my house today.
Most leaves were brown as they were from last year’s, but there was this one small green leaf on the ground.
I shoved it into the dustpan with the broom, but lo! it jumped.
I looked at it closely and found that it was actually a frog, not a leaf.
I was worried that I might have hurt him (Though I don’t know if it was a male or a female, my intuition told me that it was “he.” )
I carried him to where there was a bucket of water and released him in the water.
He swam OK.
Then I took him out of the bucket and put him on the ground.
He remained still.
I thought my presence must be pretty scary for a little frog like him, so I left him there.
I hope he is OK.

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Looking up at the sky, I saw a fluffy cloud fly away carrying sadness with it
I remembered my childhood days when I was scolded for being too mischievous
From "小さな空", Toru Takemitsu

It's a beautiful song. I had a CD containing this song sung by Seri Ishikawa,
who is Yosui Inoue’s wife. I just looked for the CD, but couldn’t find it.
Where could I have put it?

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Oh, winds, clouds, sunlight
Wings that carry our dreams
We draw far up in the sky the letter “hope”
We dream, travel
And someday we fly in the sky
Oh, winds, clouds, sunlight
Wings that carry our dreams
We draw far up in the sky the letter “freedom”

From "翼", Toru Takemitsu

This song used to be played on a TV news program "News23" as they were winding up the show. 👀
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ごめんなさい、知らなかった<(_ _)>

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