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2023/09/28(木) 13:07:12.35ID:D0aR6B560
She has faced questions over her autonomy in the role as CEO and the company's ability to court advertisers who have been wary of the rapid change.

to court
-try hard to win (favourable attention)
-seek - pursue - go after - try to obtain
0093Cit ◆Ofshu0TFjUiu (ワッチョイ 1e89-CSnM)
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2023/09/28(木) 13:10:32.35ID:D0aR6B560
The velocity of change and the scope of ambition

-the speed of something in a given direction
-the extent of subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant
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2023/09/28(木) 13:22:43.00ID:D0aR6B560
-hostile to or prejudiced against Jewish people

Musk accused the nonprofit that works to fight antisemitism of primarily causing a 60 per cent decrease in US ad revenue at X.
She also defended Musk's right to speak out on the platform.
"Freedom of speech is only successful if someone you disagree with says something you disagree with."
0095Cit ◆Ofshu0TFjUiu (ワッチョイ 1e89-CSnM)
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2023/09/28(木) 13:26:57.23ID:D0aR6B560
-the setting or background for a scene, event or situation

No matter the distance of the weather, she was determined to see the giant pandas before they left Washington.
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2023/09/28(木) 13:41:42.96ID:D0aR6B560
While the departure had been expected due to contractual obligations, many can't help but see the shift as reflective of the growing strains between two countries.
0104Cit ◆Ofshu0TFjUiu (ワッチョイ 1e89-CSnM)
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2023/09/28(木) 13:58:14.82ID:D0aR6B560
-the general meaning, character, or pattern of something

"In that respect, given the current tenor of our relations it is not surprising that the authorities are allowing panda contracts to expire."
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2023/09/28(木) 14:04:01.62ID:D0aR6B560
One attendee highlighted successful efforts to grow the wild population of pandas.
"We've come a long way in getting the numbers back."
The species remains listed as vulnerable.
0107Cit ◆Ofshu0TFjUiu (ワッチョイ 1e89-CSnM)
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2023/09/28(木) 14:07:45.18ID:D0aR6B560
let up
-(of something undesirable) become less intense
-abate - lessen - decrease - diminish - subside

As the rain let up, a steady stream of visitors began filling the area around the panda's outdoor enclosure.
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2023/09/28(木) 14:35:51.07ID:D0aR6B560
"This is such a common misconception that somehow if you get rich and famous all your problems are solved."
"When in reality these are just cravings that everyone has that will never leave you satisfied."
"You will never feel happy and content."
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2023/09/28(木) 14:42:17.84ID:D0aR6B560
"It should be in their best interest to make sure that anyone that signs up gets a good service."
"But in their terms of service, they say that they don't."
"And this is obviously, because they are mass producing it."
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2023/09/28(木) 15:06:15.62ID:D0aR6B560
区切り ( ・ω・ )
-ooze -exude - drip - dribble - discharge - trickle

The reason I cant use as much demon magic is because this one here is broken, meaning the magic seeps out.
I'm the only one in my family with a broken horn. I'm very pissed about it.
You think that with the kind of people that they are that maybe they would have encountered something like that but you know it's it's whatever.
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2023/09/28(木) 15:28:03.87ID:D0aR6B560
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2023/09/29(金) 15:56:33.16ID:qJqvJwba0NIKU

-a substance that brings about a chemical or physical effect or causes a chemical reaction

-remove or conceal an unpleasant smell
-freshen - purify - disinfect - sanitize - sterilize
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2023/09/29(金) 16:07:27.87ID:qJqvJwba0NIKU
区切り ( ・ω・ )
cut it close
- to almost not be able to do something, to almost fail, lose, etc

There are two types of people: those who show up to the airport hours before their flight, and those who cut it close.
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2023/09/29(金) 18:06:44.97ID:qJqvJwba0NIKU
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2023/09/29(金) 23:02:45.34ID:qJqvJwba0NIKU
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2023/09/29(金) 23:10:31.05ID:qJqvJwba0NIKU
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2023/09/30(土) 04:17:41.57ID:/UXwlDdg0
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2023/09/30(土) 14:44:26.00ID:/UXwlDdg0
He established a routine anew. Every morning he drank coffee, fixed the door, then smashed it.
It was a labore to memorize all his routines.
It got so that every time she saw the door, she could hear the shattering sound in her mind.
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