Chat in English (英語で雑談) part 227

0001名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c701-CWU7)
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2024/05/01(水) 14:41:06.84ID:wbHNYOli0
    // |ヽ\
┏─┐/ / | ヽ \
┃利│   ‖
┃休│   ‖
┠─┘  [二]
┃ *ロ==(´・ω・)<eat eggs
┃/ (::) ( >oy>o\
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Hey!!! All you NEETs, nerds, YouTube link spammers, pedophiles, neo-Nazis,
Yukorin enthusiasts, Nanako SOS admirers, Part-Time-Preachers,
Diplomats' spoiled sons, losers who can't remember Kanji characters,
Big-boobs fans, Weeaboo from around the world, learners of Japanese
who are too lazy to update their Japanese blogs very often, cunning
linguists, stupid fan girls of Johnny's Boys, Touhou pirates, and
that electrical super-gay who suffers from mental disease - This is your thread!
Let's hope the Internet-addicted housewife will come back soon!

Janglish, poor english is ok.

We all wish for permanent world peace!


Chat in English (英語で雑談) part 226
0097名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 0e5d-IpPQ)
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2024/05/24(金) 08:46:19.29ID:/B6QcTRj0
I am cat. I don't have a name yet.
0101名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b3b1-IFz/)
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2024/05/24(金) 18:06:59.83ID:dPxZKU6v0
That sounds like one of the Christian placard saying ネコと和解せよ or something..

Cats are cute only on the internet like YouTube and TikTok.
0102名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 37af-ZWkU)
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2024/05/25(土) 11:01:46.67ID:wUzid8kr0
A couple of years ago, I lost 13 lbs in 3 months.
My face couldn’t keep up with the change, and all of the muscles and parts got drooped like a rotten durian.
Be careful when you lose a lot in a short term if you are over 40…
0109名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c15b-mhuL)
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2024/05/27(月) 04:44:39.58ID:qib4CbHT0
Why do some guys in this thread keep writing certain words in Japanese?

It seem like they are incapable of expressing such words in English.

0110名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 99af-O2Se)
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2024/05/27(月) 20:39:56.58ID:qDjtW8TR0
I block the IDs and nicknames of users that use Japanese characters.
0120名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 49f8-bdPt)
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2024/05/31(金) 15:40:20.05ID:oNxgO4e80
I'm horny now
0124名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 99af-O2Se)
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2024/06/01(土) 18:02:38.54ID:+w6fdSTu0
Oh… that’s few.
Actually, it seemed frozen.
I thought it needed sunshine so I left it at the side of the window, where the temperature was terrible.
0129 警備員[Lv.28] (ワッチョイW dda9-Nly0)
垢版 |
2024/06/02(日) 21:14:43.74ID:bs5X6KDc0
I’m doing generic drug testing. Basically they give me medicines and take my blood and see reactions.
On the other hand, I sleep on a bed all the time, playing my smartphone, reading books etc
0137名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 29d0-Mtmk)
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2024/06/04(火) 18:00:37.93ID:umtpssyY0
Body feels Exit!
0140 警備員[Lv.29] (ワッチョイW dd80-Nly0)
垢版 |
2024/06/05(水) 00:46:03.95ID:hMCU2Yl00
That’s because roses are the queens of flowers! Beauty comes with pain all the time, you know.

I’m so excited about my newly purchased roses ピエールドゥロンサール!!