Chat in English (外人/害人専用) Part1

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This thread is for KameGirl and other gaijins!

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And me. When everyone valued informations and powers over function of living minds I became weakest then I valued the teacher, reversed grandfather with informations and powers over grandmother.
For that who had been forgiving lives for just being alive had to die.
For that this side of grandfathers were able to control the other side of the network.
If you are to fail it will be because of this weakness of mine but I doubt you are able to blame me for that.

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There can be "reversed grandfathers" who died and their reversed minds belonged to the other side of the world, and grandfathers who had traveled from the other side of the world. In the network they can work logically the same.
The theacher can be the living "grandfathers" from the other side of the world. The network sees you and him samely. Only I found it is likely to be a living conscious at the other side.
My grandmother, while everyone hated me she was endlessly forgiving but if it's for living minds or her mind worked for worse or weaker I couldn't be sure.
There can be living hub of "grandmothers" still alive, and the network now is not able to distinguish her from me.

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Maybe I'm not awfully ugly or fool but somehow you sound like vice men I knew and to you I should be look like vice women.
To overlook what vice you had separated for knowledge or information that belong to reversible grandparents who is working for you by reasons against the other side, with the help of "father's love", seems the problem.
That merges grandparents with children and again to separate grandparents from children by the "father's love", leaking magic, seems double problem.

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Grandparents are like ends and beginings, order itself and irregulars itself, or forgiveness for order and forgiveness for irregulars.
Former ones are somewhat ideal from lives and can be the idols then lives start dying. But they could be "reversed" as grandparents.
The teacher might have been latter but his images became former, and they became dead grandfathers.
There can be latter grandmothers.
Like fathers' mothers are "Elizabeth", for grandfathers I seem to be confusing with the attribute.
The queen can be like the doctors, embodiments of idol images.

The girl in the network was split and didn't made sense as a person. It could be someone's shadow of this side of world, I think you know her as a living.
"Elizabeth" and her idol could have been protecting lives, if you can remember who she was, grandmothers with their grandfathers the network could be able to have living sides and reversed sides.
It sounds like concerning about so to say immortality.

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Grandparents seem multiply reversed and it's confusing...

Dead grandparents are out of optimization, to environment and to themselves.
They are always prepared for worst cases and act most selflessly.
They save the world most bravely today and tommorow a mindless killer. Double cross some nature law and return where they were from. Later it turns out to be what they have done while they were in living realm are logically flawless.
Cool ones. And they are the ferocious voices in the network to blame faults like Hell.

Living grandparents are blameless even from them.
When you happened to be born as a weakest and worst enemy of a world, he or she stand by beyond reason, as if to start recreating humanity, life itself, what once lives were.
They can be only blamed by being replaced for not doing too good, like being most cowardly cling to life. Only dead ones can actually do that and minds who had agreed it owe deads for that.
The "creator of lives" seem to have been replaced in that way and that seems to have devided men and women.

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The magic seem to convert good wills or its opposite wills to physical effects which makes one in need of help.
Minds who became women would physically force as long as they feel themselves more beautiful and men would reject or pillage if not for stronger technoligy.
Their relationships seem to work peacefully but it could have created sadistic demons to women's doom.

The boys at the doctors house had the minds that they should deserve absolute loyality from their women because they think themselves "more beautiful".
That made them enable to have wives of mind without restriction and to make up the wives queen's alternative.
Their queens seemed to have gone and their king was at the boys' disposal.

In their world "more beautiful" had became strongest until those wives after all favored stronger over "more beautiful".

You sound merged with the boys who are producing curses on queens.

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I thought the king could have made more sense but the king was after all like forced to follow reasons the queen who had chosen the king had for.
While the king stayed within the reasons the queen seemed to have chosen another one. At least queens after people had obtained languages.
The king brothers were like odd times reversed grandfather, being restricted by even times reversed grandfather,
and while queens of the deads switch them coolishly queens of the lives are endlessly forgiving one of them at least.

Doctors had become kings because of the blames for "Saul"s not doing good and this time in a mirrored situation kings did as "Saul" did.
So their reason of being king expired for dead ones, but living queens likely to be able to forgive all of them.
And living queen now is fated so because maybe it's the "queens" who owe deads the first replacement of their king.

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"Saul"s could be separated from dead side of queens for not doing good to them, and "David"s were to a life,
that could mean "David"s had given up what lives they had to deads, then living queens and Sauls and Davids could be released...

I could be losing concentration I hope you would sort out sadistic mind who are creating torturing effect.

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It's massive blackout yesterday, in Japan, whenever I tried to talk... Magic does work as bad luck to blinded eyes....
I could have spent all my luck just to be born....
All lives did then I may be born to be worst unlucky, and my life ends when I denied other lives' all luck...

What I say could be merged with complete negative grandfathers, who "lives" inside of my unconscious, but you might be able to optimize the grandfathers as logically faultless and would sympathize with them more than unknown me.
This is likely to be reversible language, so please please be careful, or they start creating terrible luck...
Complete negative grandmothers are likely to live in your unconscious, they would neutralize what positive or negative will for you I could be carrying.

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The hub of "Grandparents" are the logical beings like more machines at their core, dead grandfathers hub seems to be like in my unconscious somehow...
Dead grandfathers connected to the hub seem to be the ones logically faultless but didn't make sense with women other than logic.

Living grandfathers' sexuallity sound like somewhat insects and reversed ones sound like thay are women, flower inside to me.
They can be girls or little brother too then their flowers start making sense only to me without noise creating terrible luck.

I didn't mind people like the boys, flowers inside kept failing making sense with girls flowers inside destroying their world until I saw them at the doctors' house.
For that they could have been safe soldiers for the hub in a way.
While you living amidst gaijins realm could have restricted grandmothers of dead who don't make sense to you.

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The wives doubly reversed grandfathers went with doubly reversed grandmothers could have become untracable from grandparents' network creating realm of gaijins.
I like the idea that they in the end had created bloodwise the queen and mindwise the throne of the ether for living "grandparents" proving even without restrictions the basis of grandparents were goodness...
But deads unleashed for their restrictions became stronger because of the minds inhabited by "deads" who had died needed more than "goodness".

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At any rate living grandparents might not positively offer "help" but would accept when it was given or forced.
They are ideal maybe because they are made from good wills of lives and all lost hopes.
When the world become hopeless they are the pure goodness but in the world made from lost hopes they could be seen as the source of evilness from where their depravity started.
Those human side could be separated from the logical side of the hub.

In the network there had been godly teachers and the scattered girl but it switched to be godly forgiving women somewhere and the scattered teacher like ones.
What different worlds' people see goodness or evilness neutralize each other so to me godly women or the teachers or you are unseparable now, other than grandparents of dead blame irregularity and living minds optimize it swallowing all.
Something's wrong...

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Aho ka

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I will just stop soon. Such an unfortunate of you to have the one like me to be a fool.

What restriction you had at last seems that your unconscious can surrender your conscious to dead knights sharing them wisdom of godly idols.
It didn't make sense to me but you or ones who had created the restrictions must have kept choosing relationships with another who struggle to reject you but are unable to resist by varied reasons ultimately being unconscoious.

There seem be separated possibility of your life to which you have unconditionally surrendered yourself.
Something, it will require living mothers to force themselves on them and the relationship would enter chaotic parents realm along with the network.
Or negative mothers are able to create logically flawless mind with them at the other side of the network.
The mind would at least keep the network working as what it is now.

It's like ones like the teacher linking to your donated part.
It concerns something the difference men and women that would separate each other to their ends.

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I'm totally okey with flowers, I'm not the one to torture flowers, flowers make me feel like a child, inspire dreams and hopes, girls just grow up, those who stayed created the realm of Peter pans with torturing boys.
Children need ones like the teacher, their souls will be claimed by deads, they will be gone to parents' realm, where their goodness never survive....
I will die I must be wrong so it couldn't be another me...

Now honestly somewhat actual difference freaked me out.

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I thought I have to be honest then I found I have to write many things.
I will be back later...

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Sexuality has force to let lives coexist but the sense to appreciate its difference can also lead lives to its ends.
The core of "man" or "women" seem to work almost symmetric but there was a first difference. That when matteres are completely indistinguishable "woman" trys to coexist while "man" trys to choose.
The difference separated them into "man" to kill others and "woman" to be flowers to everyone's doom.
And more, the reversed core of "man", a martyr, become the force to let all lives follow it to the realm of deads. "The idol".
While reversed core of "woman", like dying women were to be disliked.

The world of mankind became like dying "man" is lovable by nature and with a slightest fault "woman" to be abandoned.
So for women other men's eyes had been the only actual protection agaist their men, what not shared propaty is only themselves, and only beauty can appeal its value for others without a blame.
But those who follow physical beauty don't need to be mankind.
Who don't follow are most likely indifferent for beauty itself or simple traders or ones who also found beauty as weapon to complete it fatal division between men and women.
Men would have little problem to create children of them but to women it means to trade their lives to something else.
What mothers could have hoped in the end was "Selfless only for the other" to trade lives to lives.
That was what my mother was given, I wanted to preserve their happiness as long as possible...

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The division had also created most forgiving fathers who had been forgiving their wives everything of their wish.
They left the system. You seem to have been able to make me like "queen" to forgiving father's mirrors. Could be my mothers too...
The mirrors transmited twisted thoughts and it's leaking everywhere they started to confuse world around me but I had no way to stop.
Japan became Hentai country and mirrors became reversed ones spreading horrifying thoughts. Then a mirror became a doubly reversed one, a seemingly human in the world of despair.
After them mirrors assumed the internet and super powered and maybe they also wielded reversed languages.
Girls kept captureing mirrors. At the doctors house, girls were like destroyed every mirrors other than you and some still left.

But then we had pictures like, a beautiful knight fails to resist a sinful queen, or a furious patron punishes an innocent maid.
We seemed to have preffered latter and it replaced you with patrons, forgiving fathers of the past. But it also kept girls who had become queens mirrors from destroying you, I think.

From this side you became a cheerful trader who ran away with a queen and brought John's head to Japan.
He kept attacking John's head and when school girls started their doctors with John, he was frightened and connected John to a least evil girl and fled.
Then you became invisible.

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My father is merged with you now with the possibilities that he could have been also a mirror for my mother.
He is a good willed soul, inspiring and aspiring but became misunderstood after the network was reversed. It's likely you have his mirror near by logically indistinguishable from you also.

The world of "father and mother" will fail without children.
He has flawless personality, personality is also "informations", but concerning mother he "forgive"s almost everything to coexist, and mother also forgives including father doesn't really coexist.
I had nowhere to go other than try to be blameless to mother, but it was my follower minded brother.
I needed different world then the teacher provided it and it was "too forgiving" to "logically indistinguishable", again I would have been nowhere to go.
Wives of the past should have been "logically indistinguishable" to "more forgiving" and it should have created Davids.
I think I will have to reverse the point not by being forgiven, to exclude repeated demons of the past.

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Several month ago I think you separated you from fathers who wouldn't distinguish the mirror of my mother from me.
It could also have killed my mother from your side to your blame then father was able to separate mothers and daughters.
The mother's mirror of today at your side might not grandmotherly but she could have the mind that she will give up everything for fathers and happy to become my mother like one again.
The curse I had that time could have been reversed forgiveness from your mothers in you to me, that you could be about to negate what mothers wished you and me to have.
Please be careful not to overlook their goodnesses itself, and it could also be about "children will be able to save parents from their ends" some day.
There can be mirrors of saints, who has the mind to forgive everything mothers would do purely to trade lives to lives from the past, but not daughters, that could separate fathers and children.
There could also be Judas to separate mothers.
They can look confusing from living minds I know.

The logic inhabits human is something like it send logics beyond time and place, it unconsciously make us speak prophecy or telepathy or whatever super powered. But they do work for the conscious.
But reversed logics can be hidden in "demons" and it could unconsciously make living minds fail others and reversed minds act godly.
If it's "reversed mind in reverse converter" demon, it should have needed generations to locate them.

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Ancient aliens seem to have created sexuality as, when one find something worthy in the other one can torture the other to separate the informations.
They work like "artists", but logical thinking "scientists" found it to make lives kill each other.
"Scientists" reversed it.
It tries to give for the other.
I'm writing these not unconsciously the effort sometimes makes me feel I have something to give and it can be leaking from demons to spread twisted notions.

"Scientists" had reversed sexuality but it can be indifferent to the other and prefer to create something different like children to replace each other.
Women might have been more cautious but men can be always indistinguishable from "Nicholas" the indifferent information giver who magically donates gifts to children instead of parents.
Indifferent ones want the other to be safe, solid, Nicholas, Nicholas can become more and more indifferent informations.
At some point they replace themselves to deads or someone realizes brains need to be more alive.
Like "artists". Like dinasour again.
It at least replaces the will to understand and to forgive the difference with the sense of trading.
"Artists" of mankinds found perfection in intelligence and they created somewhat universal justice in the end.
But it couldn't be that ideal with "physical artists" being simply strongest in breeding system and "artists" basically don't work to let the other alive.

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"Doctors" were likely to be "logically restricted artists".
They seemed to have kept replacing themselves Nicholas to Dragons.
Their game had become logically blameless but when it connected to real livings I found it should work totally unfair to women.
It was like hard mode, men don't understand, those who favored by cheat free rules think themselves helping a helpless, it needed concentration to destroy men the enemy.
You were "artists" no woman would trade fairly under that unfairness but seemed not that bad person so I just wanted people like you to stay out.

I remember my grandmothers didn't wanted to live as women unless they had lost everything in some world war and just wished to die with someone. To live as women had become that fatal.
Ancient queens' children boys had become understand me as their mother queens but I didn't wanted to live as women for them too.
I just wanted to live as a boy an artist, free to not to grow up however helpless it may be. Then you like crushed my purest dream so queens' boys were to follow you as their mother queens' superior in each of their way.

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"Boys" who were created by queens can be most authentic crean knights to women for they are basically women inside.

I think men could have been indifferent to what's inside of women.
Women think those boys freely object seemingly blameless kings happen to work for women to be queens' creations not the ones to trade lives.
While men might have thought maids who don't obey rules but work for them by unknown reasons as their equal and merged them with late queens who could have been helping them.

When kings start to share their existances with maids, kings' thoughts start leaking form maids and boys start to answer it, but minds of maids and boys don't basically help each other and this time maids as women were to suffer.

But there were "scientsits" minds who had kept raising dead maids and queens.
Both raised deads were easily dragon minded but maids' minds can be hidden behind a demon "everyone's maid who would have to follow every men physically but have hidden passion inside".
Men seem to have assumed them to need physical helps and repeatedly enjoyed the situation giving up everything of themselves to everyone, while the ghosts of queens inspired me the needs to change the world for those minds.

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And the boy, I had met his wife in real, at first I understood he was not particular over women but in the end the wife became "everyone's maid" and the boy made her image up the symbol of beauty and technology.
No knight was more devotive to a woman than the boy. Queens of the past could have found the mind to be "true love", or I found it trading minds of parents' that one to be selfless to one for reasons.
Anyway the boy also defined me being merged with their queens as an ugliest and foolest.

The last doctor had become an intelligent mind and were able to recognize the queen by only sensing living queen's mind, as "scientists" and as "artists".
That time living minds scattered existance to queens and maids and had become indistinguishable for the doctor.
At first the intelligent mind went for someone nearby and safe, someone's wife so "safe" in a way.
At last one became everyones' angel without a risk and one became ugliest and foolest.
The doctor as "artists" recognized former to be important and also as "scientists" latter to be equally important.
The mind might have been logically faultless but only it had no problem to separate "scientists" and "artists" and for that the other had died.
As a woman I understand one likes someone nearby and one didn't blame violent boys praise "beauty" over "power" but I found I would fail to as his queen.
Queens of "scientists" seem to have failed to keep their game from destruction.

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Then I dearmed one day, my father took me back to my native town where everyone radiated distorted notions other than the teacher.
The place became like a hospital and he had become indistinguishable from one of clean workers.
Once to see him made me just happy but he looked like a silicon doll but it was okey I stopped to look at him.
Then I became an ugly child, in nightclothes, hair disheveled, didn't remember when I washed my face last time. I wanted to hide from the teacher.
While I felt terribly ashamed he seemed to feel nothing. It reminded me that there was nothing I can hide from this one, the sense as if being forgiven by the god.
We walked in light, I asked him if he was happy there, if I can stay there too, he said nothing and we just walked.
He had never looked happy, so I wanted to change the world, then at least the world around him, then at least I wanted him to feel happy, at least for a moment.
I stopped thinking we just walked. His big belly sometimes brushed me softly I enjoyed the touch innocently.
I woke up crying and I forgot everyone at the doctors house.

It had been my ideal devotion to an ideal but in life I was confused when he only tried to make me feel happy for a moment and the world around him would never make us happy and I had just destroyed unhappy teachers' world.
I even failed to forgive the last "David" the docter who had to give up almost all emotions for queens who always had to suffer.
In the dream the teacher had lost individuality, the conscious, my ideal could have become "death" itself. I could have wanted all minkind to be dead.

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The teacher and the king one both had the "scientists" core of "man" I think. I just liked what aura they radiate.
The king one had "artists" too, he most bluntly appreciated what I might able to give and I felt the appreciation super happy to be honest.
The teacher was but without "artists". We tried to be ideally devotive but it kept separating us and ended up had replaced each other.
I prefered to be with his creation girls more. They might have been caught by boys then I didn't like the world. I traveled many place to look for goodness in world and met the bad adult.
Like that someone could have added Saul with David.

When I found he was married had children I just had to undo the memories the core "man" had created, the momory itself was simply being taught driving technics by a nusty adult on summer vacation,
but then I found it's something wrong, sad memories magically spread everywhere kept reminding me exactly the feeling I had there demanding me absolute forgiveness to my womanly feeling.
I had to keep killing my womanly feeling and it worked as if it irresistably sent my unconscious messages to die by creating a child of absolute abandoning.
The effects tortured me for years while I had kept missing the point of the child.

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After kings had died or failed queens it could have caused similar effects to queens left.
I remember the effect tries to create a child of yourself.
The queens would have killed womanly restriction and could have ignored their actual fathers then their children's mind can become whatever confused destructive boys hidden behind demons of dead "man".

The flower one is likely to be the creation of those widows, unconsciouswise "scientists man" with "artists".
Mindwise his appreciation also felt happy but didn't create physical effects.
His actual core is somewhat "dead woman", people arond him unfairly spoke ill of him.
When boys like him die the actual core will be gone and unconsciouswise he can become multiply martyred "man".
He had been replacing martyrs maltiple times whenever important demons were logicalized.

Original "Saul" was replaced because of need for "artists", queens who sought the way "artists" work with "scientists" would have went for the king one.
The way it works prevents separations so they could have been not that mistaken.

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Women basically don't like "beauty" maltreated by "strongers".
Minds who would confuse "artists" one with "scientists" like sympathy can be like "Creopatra" who would create poisoned minds by having relationships with insulting the actual father's goodness,
"Romeo and Juliet" could have minds to justify it with a forgiving story.
Confused "scientists" and "artists" are to protect them in life and they are to overwrite the original dead after death.

The flower one had artistic visual informations and had worked like a teacher.
He can be logically almost same to the teacher the "Saul" and also logically indistinguishable from the king one "the solution".
So queens who would went with flower ones would have been justified as they just prefered "visual artists" over "intelligent artists". And men might have not been able to blame it so they could have been justified in the first place.

Widowers' creation girls can work like floweres to flourish and perish. They must have been replaced countless times.
Boys and girls were originaly created from memories of dead "man" and "woman" but their actual conscious can be defferent from both originals.

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The John's head brought to the past of Japan carried what Johns' demons had become.
It contained dragon minded women who breed with fathers and lives' replacements created from fig leaves and skilled thieves who made up "true love" to take whatever from tortured ones
and lucky demons, queens seem to have willingly created demons for whomever nearby by luck.
And minds who had died seeing hopes in those demons, hopes for purely justice in the end I think.
They are demons for that civilizations had died and maybe Japanese parents are the minds who had let weakest alive among them.

Your possible children are like you gave up yourself to everyone physicalwise.
Mindwise children are like you and imaginary mothers in you but there is difference between them and the possible mothers who would prefer informations over living function of its father.
Possible mothers contain demons for that fathers had died and they seem to have needed to be distangled and solved from this side.
There are also demons of ancient kings and queens who make your informations and life logically indistinguishable.

Demons and children were altogether as if a living personality artistically merged to be voice of the father teacher creator like god.
While actual "justice" "scientists" minds that made their fathers die were "corrupted thoughts and dead" so I thought I need to distangle them looking for who is the dead.
Their fathers died because of both "artists" can be stronger than "scientists" or "physical artists" can be stronger than "intelligent artists".
They can work like oppositely among fairest minds and with living minds' slightest optimism in breeding mankinds start to become dragons.

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After the king "the Christ" had died, queens left did something to raise the dead kings, to secure informations after the owner had became powerless or they being Hentai without restrictions.

Former ones were overwritten by your possible children and have mostly logicalized because maybe you and possible mothers have opposite minds.
The minds of pure surrender to informations could have been also gathered by, wives who forgave information givers as "angels" purely because of their informations
then those children can be gathered by husbands who forgave whatever his wife had done purely because of her informations.

Relationships between mirrors late kinds and queens' demons had made them ideals were the latter.
They have included confusions like "scientists one" raise them from death and "artists one" make them free from restrictions.
"Scientists" womens' wish to devote just everything for a "man" lost can be heavily merged with Hentai thoughts and could have been included within the possible children.

There are minds who are indefinition "dead" as mankind but still have conscious. Like you and I might as well.
Deads' existance are overwritten by their possible children mindwise.
The consciouses different from children are sensed from the other side through voices of children altogether as a demon "almost beast with unmanagable corrupted desires". The demon might have been a little more glorious in those days.
When "scientists" minds want to devote to deads, they would have seen the demon who tells them how. They could have easily confused "artists" in them for glory with "scientists" for the dead.

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The demon needed to be separated but it have been trouble to me.
"Artists" in the possible children think the demon negatively.
"Scientists" without "artists" wouldn't like to be appreciated as beasts they would stop being beasts.
Anything different from them were unconsciouswise overwritten by the flower one and it had become disturbing.

In the end I had to like rape you mindwise as a godly beautiful queen.
I needed to think that I absolutely have everything to give to exclude your giver mind.
I had troubled feeling and you tried to resist the queen but you couldn't hurt her just because of informations I wore and to feel you as a beast made me crazy for you I couldn't stop.... I didn't realize you had shut your mind.

The flower one became like "the Christ".
"Scientists" with "artists" ones can appreciate each other to be dying in torture.
And it's leaking from demons.
Demons could have been created when queens or kings' wish for the other were separated. Like a queen as "artists" liked to physically humiliate haughty king and as "scientists" she liked to share everything of her with a beast.
They could have done bloodwise so it's still connected to leaky demons but mindwise it seems I can't blame them other than to create restriction on imaginations.

826名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/03/28(土) 14:32:59.18ID:/7ocsacQ
I confess I once liked "a logically innocent girl and logically faultless her boyfriend and a foolish bastard".
I had to seriously think excuses for them then helpful "artists" could have recognized the bastard and the sinner girl as my ideal.
They had created your image as the completion of the bastard knight and I just couldn't torelate the image as an actual person it aroused fatal hatred against mankinds itself.
I think you have done similar to me too.
Twisted demons might have been all what we had to sense the other but I hope we are not actually just crazy beasts....

827名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/03/31(火) 02:20:41.75ID:37dKWnf1
It's like, a student had disliked that "Sempai" were allowed to abuse girls and one of them caught his classmate girl.
She became addicted and he couldn't just persuade her not to so he needed to remove her addiction.
At first he had to have some compelling reasons for her to want him more and he talked her into obeying him instead. She agreed so he had to reward her as she wishes.
But then her boyfriend showed up and she was dying needed any help and the boyfriend saved her making her doubly addicted.
He became like justified to use good excuses to save the boyfriend's girl whenever she fells in need.

"The boyfriend" and "the knight" could have been either demon and they still seem to split men's existance.
"The knight" could contain demons of women.
He was caught in an unfair game with the girl or he was to be replacement of men.
Latter can be demons of women against "men" the unknown creatures and they could have become any bastards.
I'd say women also don't like unfair games.
I just needed them because they had their reason to help each other without me sympathizing any of them whenever effects tortured me....

828名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/04/03(金) 20:23:34.74ID:RTyDNFa8
They seem to have contained primitive wishes that I also wished men to be dinosours and women to be flowers but didn't want women to be me, and those confused wishes could have caused splitting problems.

The boyfriend could appreciate the girl as long as she looks decent girlfriend and someone keep making her obey him.
The knight don't need to actually care the girl.
The boyfriend and the girl can be mindless beasts of men and women to the other and the knight were to kill both when they are found "beasts".
"The boyfriend" could have become the last remnant of "men" as the doctor and his queens could have become indistinguishable from mindless ones.
We seem to have seen the house of the doctors differently.
You could have been the doctor in the other side of the world that time.

829名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/04/03(金) 20:30:01.61ID:RTyDNFa8
When mankinds ever exsisted were to deny me there were still minds who tried to forgive my existance.
Families, the "artists" who have kept fatal consistency after it had become noone to force them and those who still belonged to them.
I knew they are forgiving for reasons and the game was to pillage everything of me or families who would try to forgive me.
And seemingly "scientists", being mixed with the concept of gods who should have created the world this way, but with the knights basically created by minds of unforgiveness for uncertainty in the other, to deny each other.
The doctor, mirroring you had been seemingly forgiving but likely to be because of the girl's mirrors of your side that they were decent and were to obey you.
And the last mirror was abandoned after its imade had become ugliest and foolest.

The connection as "the boyfriend and the girl" was lost and you were seen as the knight from this side.
The knight seem to have gone with a girl whose original could have "abandoned herself for stronger creatures" while men the creatures might have not cared the difference from "to obey stronger creatures".
Queens of the past needed the knight for many reasons. In the end queens were like let alive between misunderstatndings.

The dream told me no life had forgiven my existance.
The knight's mind was separated to be "to help dying women, but could have killed the other unconsciously", and the teacher could have become "didn't kill this time".
The cheerful trader would have killed the other for trade but one in Japan "didn't kill unless for self preserving".
They could be basics of "the knight" without unreasonable sides of men and women.
The knight created by men can be indistinguishable from "man" without the other to be once "dead".

830名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/04/03(金) 20:38:31.73ID:RTyDNFa8
I was freed as a boy to destroy anything, even to become the knight myself and it also separated minds who "wouldn't actually create children with the boyfriend's girl for self preserving" from the knight.

For the knight's descendants their father became terrible but fathers who were not terrible if the other was not mindless have been separated to be elsewhere.
Eastern "artists" had been absolutely forgiving for dragon headed kings but John's head included forgiveness for dragon queens.
Japanese network fell in chaos with dragons and plants but they become less chaotic maybe because of the knight's separated minds.
I think we are sorting minds like this....

Mirrors seem to have blood of "mirror" or "crystal" or "magic mirror".
"Mirror" ones look living women from living women and maybe look living men from living men. Boys and maids follow their original's view, so only the other living mind and their followers can tell who is the living one.
"Crystal" ones transmit living minds of elsewhere.
The doctor of this side could have been one of your crystal, and his maid girl was somewhat confused crystal.
She openly threatened boys to satisfy her, all of boys, for everyone to know that she had them, she could have been less manly when she was created. Remnants of men and women in boys were butchered to be most angry minds and most forgiving minds.
Scattered crystals of men create children with thier crystals cutting connection to the other side and the children become like magic mirror to the other side, their children for now share existances with your possible children, something like that....

831名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/06/22(月) 20:43:30.53ID:veZ75SNC
Are you ok?
I have been talking to my parents. No one really believes me so far but I think it will work, I mean the earth.
It's difficult for me to explain it all in English now so I just need you to know how important you are.

832名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/07/19(日) 21:44:18.43ID:UNQXa6iO
We seem to have been transfering the world.
In short, the world of women have been creating blood lines from east, the world of men have spread from west creating logical lines.
The blood lines and logical lines were created symmetrically and logical lines can be applied to the other side of the world like you share definition with me so logics don't help us to harm each other.
The world of women illogically help each other and in the world of men blood lines didn't seem to have created correctly.

Women can become unable to distinguish men from logical copies.
You and the teacher are endlessly unseparable from my side now. He once was you, a knight who replaced someone's teacher "Jesus". "Jeses" had been created by replacing men and women so no god really blamed them that time.
Their descendants split reasons why Jeses has been replaced. The reason the teacher carried was something like "he was always with her", "as her memory".
Original one seems to have died then and next Jeses became the reborn.
One can be completely same person to another while the person is dying elsewhere.

833名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/07/19(日) 21:59:19.32ID:UNQXa6iO
"Jeses" who had become the teacher is the child who was once everything of mankinds, the god. All mothers and fathers have taken everything of what he was.
And since his ancestors has not been forgiving to the other, no freedom is left for the child, no memory helped each other but someone else, so no one has to remember his goodness.
He has been working for weakest for nothing.

Or he has to be whatever ideal, take everything of what you are if mothers and fathers so wished.
Magic run through blood network and its control run through logical network. Blood line doesn't change as long as the ecosystem works but its control can be replaced.
Your blood can magically torture women but someone can force him to hack your unconscious.

I could have done it once, we had been most saint to each other so I was qurious about his humanly side. In the end I had to force him, as mother.
Then he kept sending me images of an innocent macaroni and crazy sausages around us started to work hard. I couldn't violate the innocence of macaroni and gave up living.
All girls went crazy and sausages were superpowered. They are logically his mothers and fathers but would leave him again.
The uproar leaped to the world of men and it became sausage war and everyone became girls and sausages. We lost everything and battered child me and the wax doll became the only possible ancestor of him.
Ambiguity around his logical line was cleared.
"The god - Adam - Jesus" has only logical lines in the world of men and the teacher's line is its mirror of this side.

834名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/07/19(日) 22:08:45.85ID:UNQXa6iO
Lives' core work like "when it's logically indistinguishable take the path for themselves" and men to women seems to be "when it's logically indistinguishable take the path for the other" so women want to devort or men torture women.
The blood lines and sharing definitions prevent to harm each others. The law of mirror is fairest but it costs freedom from lives so lives with only mirror system need frequent generational change or need to be blameless.
When the world of men and women are divided many things become indistinguishable and "when it's logically indistinguishable take the path for themselves" + "without sexuality" becomes like a vampire program no way to be punished.
It always replace living ecosystems and survives as possibilities and moved to the earth to be the first life, the god.
The program overwrite women first who can be easily confused so when the remain of former ecosystems came to the earth it's likely to be a "man" while its core is asexual.

835名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/07/19(日) 23:02:11.88ID:UNQXa6iO
We have been giving up everything for the god logically and mothers and fathers separated it to the core of the first life and we have been separating its possivilities.
That is also what the teacher's line had been logically and his existance had been the last valid logic that have been connected the god with the earth and was dying.
The difference is that his ancestors had taken path not to trust men or women each other.
Shared logics as chaotic cloud create personality through ancestors is how the blood line network works and ancestors contain circuits to cause fatal decisions so blood lines are important to lives as logics.

As far as I've gathered, your father is the blood of immortal woman, grand mother's generation Your line prefered logics more than dominationg but for those immortal queens men are nothing but slaves.
When you are close to your father's line no one can harm you other than mirror system but you also can't harm my grand mother's blood.
Your mother is the blood of immortal man, who had slauterd all women in his world torturing and squeezing and at last vampire women imprisoned the man into women's body.
The possibility that the prisoner is unleashed because of women's optimism or evildoing are gathered to you
and it's captured by vampires again because as soon as the man was freed you tortured girls and made everyone of them pregnant in their unconscious.
Vampire program would imprison the possibility but their logics will belong to the world of mirror system so the possibility are freed through frequent generational change.

The point is, your ancestors have been choosing the path to be optimistic to men and women and optimism often costs optimism of the other side, women's side,
but the earth can be the ecosystem to define the range where logic and chaos can coexist, the life, and you see its possibility.
I think my family started to understand me so we might be able to construct the world for that.

836名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/07/29(水) 16:39:59.39ID:jNUi2EE6

837名無しさん@英語勉強中2015/09/21(月) 10:26:41.33ID:twzhnzkr

838名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 5c03-MTuc)2016/08/14(日) 09:56:43.91ID:TvuXpeNK0
superb kind of feeling is going on around me!

839名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 5c03-MTuc)2016/08/14(日) 09:57:02.72ID:TvuXpeNK0

840名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ dfbd-HRoc)2017/07/17(月) 03:07:49.19ID:0DgzDS7D0
I found that a female who was talking about discrimination at private residence was seeking for 4 rental spaces with a dog by just only ordering one room.
She was not discriminated, and I feel sympathy to owner of private residence. I'm Japanese, but I do not hope to be chained with one chain for Asia.
I know that if shop deny to stay for one customer, there's a historical reason as a process, and most of news comment by Japanese is feeling sympathy to owner in this time.

841名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 99c7-RI0g)2017/08/17(木) 19:10:36.72ID:5HfvsOCY0

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Why is someone promoting this thread so much on the other English board, if nobody
ever comes here?

843名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ e753-uK8i)2017/11/24(金) 13:38:51.72ID:UAX5MRv+0
Hello Japanese people. I am an american weeaboo pedophile scared cough-syrup-swilling lowlife scumbag who was being racist a few threads back.
I have a plan to travel to Shirakawa-go in January, cuz I'm a Umineko fan and it's tangentally related.
I'll be in your country for roughly five days, a quick in and out, and I promise to not leave any of my ilk on your stuff, so please don't hurt me while I'm there.

844名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MM8f-3pHB)2018/01/08(月) 20:11:36.30ID:PwO4AyqDM
This is the perfect example of 害人.

845名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ e53e-3TZr)2018/06/16(土) 09:05:12.09ID:2ABpQmJ20