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Hey!!! All you NEETs, nerds, YouTube link spammers, pedophiles, neo-Nazis,
Yukorin enthusiasts, Nanako SOS admirers, Part-Time-Preachers,
Diplomats' spoiled sons, losers who can't remember Kanji characters,
Big-boobs fans, Weeaboo from around the world, learners of Japanese
who are too lazy to update their Japanese blogs very often, cunning
linguists, stupid fan girls of Johnny's Boys, Touhou pirates, and
that electrical super-gay who suffers from mental disease - This is your thread!
Let's hope the Internet-addicted housewife will come back soon!

We all wish for permanent world peace!

452ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 02:23:41.68ID:Dkg+F2njH
Just for reference for anyone who might want to know .. this is the TV.

453ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 02:28:57.84ID:Dkg+F2njH
Well I guess the website says it weighs about 24 kg. Not sure how I had the strength to pull it up and put it on the stand. I guess this is like the time I swam more than about 250m across a Japanese river in Kanto and had to be rescued ..

454ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 02:36:32.82ID:Dkg+F2njH
How did this happen?

Well ..

Story time.

So I was walking somewhere in Kanto after losing basically all my stuff except my passport.

I lost my jacket but suddenly the weather was very warm so it was not too bad.

Walking along (there were some weird things that happened here so I'll skip that part for now .. but I think I was so hungry and thirsty I was absorbing energy from other people. I usually picked the fat ones though.)

I eventually ran into a man there. He said いいてんきね。。

He said a phrase I heard before: ゆっくりしっててね。Well I suppose that's a saying from Touhou, and trust me I spent more than about 2000 hours listening to Touhou.

But he asked me something like since the weather is nice, it feels like you could even go for a swim.

I said maybe tomorrow.

He laughed.

But then I saw the river, and it looked like the (very big) boat heading this way knew I was about to do something, so it turned out.

Then I swam .. with shoes on.

455ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 02:38:54.65ID:Dkg+F2njH
I made a typing mistake.

That boat *turned* around, as if it knew I was about to do something.

I didn't want the boat to turn around for nothing, so I jumped.

456名無しさん@英語勉強中 (USWW 0Hab-FFHb)2018/01/20(土) 03:08:18.15ID:Yd4u4hSyH
Get away!Fucking multipost wanker!

457ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 03:16:27.25ID:Dkg+F2njH

Oi, to the gallows with you.

458ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 03:57:23.83ID:Dkg+F2njH
I command my body, which the same as commanding the entire universe ..

459ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 03:58:35.77ID:Dkg+F2njH
which is*

One of my strong signatures is making this kind of typing mistake. If you see this signature, you may find me.

460名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW d5bd-q/KO)2018/01/20(土) 04:17:43.81ID:eXS9IxpK0
Don’t be rude. ゆえ is saving this thread.

461ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 04:24:38.57ID:Dkg+F2njH

I save Japanese old woman crossing the street by shining a laser into the Chinese driver's eye, causing him brain damage and death. His car is used for military bomb exercise.

462名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW d5bd-q/KO)2018/01/20(土) 04:37:08.21ID:eXS9IxpK0
Chinese are nemesis for the world peace.

463ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 04:43:55.78ID:Dkg+F2njH

I have said this twice basically.

China, Russia, Black people, no good.

Luckily, Chinese are killing each other at breakneck speed.

Chinese women now can't even product milk, and basically all the milk powder there is fake and poisoned. They probably need to spend $3,000,000 on a child just for milk powder.

464ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 04:48:41.20ID:Dkg+F2njH
Because China is so backward, it has affected their bodies. Men can't produce sperm, Women can't make milk for the babies. And the women demand millions of dollars from the men which they don't have. It is far worse than Japan.

465名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 23a3-7i+s)2018/01/20(土) 04:50:24.13ID:Qg8jtC+10
I can't understand why you've thought this article is important.
It just says he changed his view after being advised by more conserevative
Or you're impressed by the detailed description regarding alleged expletive

Anyway, may favorite news sites are BBC and the New York Times. The latter is doing very good job exposing many issues.

466ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 04:59:38.83ID:Dkg+F2njH

Basically from what I remember, Trump is basically behaving like crazy person. He reminds me of how I change my decisions all the time.

I am always changing, and he always change everything at the last minute. People never know what he is going to do, just like I don't know what I am going to be doing maybe even 5 seconds from now.

I remember at a time where America was not doing so well, the only news site that didn't seem to collapse and become low quality was Washington Times. I think at that time even the New York Times became degraded.

So this is why I have strong impression of Washington Post.

The British news site that has the strongest impression on me is The Guardian ..

I read Nikkei Asian Review and Financial Times when I need a Japanese perspective or even just something Japanese to read.

When China piss me off I watch China Uncensored on YouTube

This is also British anti-China YouTube channel:

That video there is where I learned about all the milk powder smuggling, and my mom confirmed to me it was because Chinese women now can't make milk.

Personally I never ate any milk powder when I was an infant. But I think I remember learning to walk was incredibly hard for me.

467名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 23a3-7i+s)2018/01/20(土) 05:11:14.58ID:Qg8jtC+10
I have relatively conservative views even though I like the New York Times, and I also like I like his unpredictability.
So we have different opinions.

468ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 05:14:01.50ID:Dkg+F2njH
I have a suspicion that China might actually be controlled by Russia. The whole communist thing was Russia's idea.

469ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 05:16:13.48ID:Dkg+F2njH

As long as I am listening to this Japanese music basically everything is ok.

It would be boring if there were no mysteries in the world.

Though I have a feeling our opinions are more similar than you think.

470ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 05:38:42.34ID:Dkg+F2njH
Everything Samsung we buy always has a serious fault somewhere. Probably enough is enough ..

471ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 05:57:56.27ID:Dkg+F2njH
In a recent very hardcore Samurai game (Koei Tecmo), there was a long journey that resulted in killing the British Queen's eyes in the end.

I completed basically all the main story missions, and well a good number of side missions. This game was played by me during a very critical time ..

The last 2 chapters of the story were 2 sieges on Osaka. At first I didn't understand what was going on, but I remember it may have been people from Osaka who scared the shit out of me back in April 2015.

472ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 06:00:24.64ID:Dkg+F2njH
The irregular movement of people who were probably Osaka people (Osakans?) scared the bloody crap out of me. This was April 2015, in Japan. That night I thought the sun would never come up again ..

473ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 06:02:30.72ID:Dkg+F2njH
However, before I deleted my account, I met some Osaka people on "HelloTalk" and I was not scared of them any more. I was able to see the cute side of them.

474ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 06:03:45.77ID:Dkg+F2njH
To be very precise, this last encounter with Osaka people occurred probably maybe within the past 37 days.

475ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 06:10:18.15ID:Dkg+F2njH
Why do I always mention Osaka?

Well, maybe story time again ..

My dad's only brother, who is younger than him, went to Osaka with his wife before 2004.

In 2004 when our family visited China, we stayed for about 2-3 days in Osaka. So basically Osaka is the first time I went to Japan.

I remember many people had blonde hair and I never saw that many pretty girls in Canada or China, or even on TV.

The distinct thing I remember about Osaka from what I've seen recently is that they are Japanese.

476ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 06:21:37.12ID:Dkg+F2njH
That uncle I mentioned in my last post is no longer in Japan. His wife was unable to find a job I believe after graduating with her master's degree in Japan, so they went back to China.

Their child though was born in Japan shortly before they left.

That's Dong Yu, the one I mentioned in an earlier post (I can't be bothered to look for it now, just use CTRL+F "Dong Yu" or something.)

That's the series of posts I made explaining the origin of my name which seems to be ゆえ at least for now.

Dong Yu says he misses me, though it's hard to imagine since the last time I saw him was in 2011 (when all of this started) and he was I think not even in kindergarden ..

477ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 06:25:39.66ID:Dkg+F2njH
Ah, I hate having to pause this music and wait for the anxiety to come back before I continue playing it ..

This is not normal anxiety. This is Japan-depravity anxiety. No one has an anxiety even remotely similar to mine.

478ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 06:30:22.59ID:Dkg+F2njH
I need Japan, and I have a strong feeling that Japan needs me.

Will I be able to accomplish anything regarding this without having even a direction or goal?

Well, to be honest, I have already accomplished more than I thought was possible, and some of my wildest dreams have come true.

479ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 06:36:28.14ID:Dkg+F2njH
To be honest, I think this is just simply Separation of Anxiety. When me and Japan get separated, we both get anxiety. That's all there is to say.

480ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 06:37:05.85ID:Dkg+F2njH
Separation Anxiety ****

Always make mistake in most critical moment. auisdfsuirgggi

481名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウアウカー Sa21-UumK)2018/01/20(土) 06:56:17.82ID:6N0qIVENa
I really need a girl friend because I want to have a sex.

482ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 07:01:23.72ID:Dkg+F2njH

I hope you become happy. Basically, I want Japanese to be happy. When I see happy Japanese, it makes me happy.

483ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 07:06:06.42ID:Dkg+F2njH
I have something I want to write here, maybe it is just so that I can come back and look at it if I forget.


I believe in English we say the expression "pay attention". This is the same for US and UK English ..

This expression is interesting because usually the only other time we use the word "pay" is basically with money.

So attention can have value, like maybe money, maybe.

Personally my attention is pretty hard to get and hold. I've never seen anyone harder to satisfy than me so probably my attention is the most valuable currency of all.

So when I pay attention to Japan, I am actually paying a lot of very valuable currency.

But Japan helps me back. It is mutually beneficial.

484ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 07:12:43.51ID:Dkg+F2njH
Of course, my relationship with Japan is not a business relationship. It is a nonspecific relationship. There is no way to describe this relationship at all, which I strongly believe.

485ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 07:29:08.90ID:Dkg+F2njH
Wow, I have had this Japanese steel cylinder basically touching my asshole for so long I barely feel it anymore. But without it I feel much worse.

Yes I wear the tights and the cylinder when I am sleep. And yes I also listen to the music when I sleep.

486ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 07:31:31.24ID:Dkg+F2njH
And yes, I have very good quality sleep. Remember that time I slept so good I forgot how to walk and my body was basically dead?

487ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 07:49:38.77ID:Dkg+F2njH
Hmm, I notice if I don't pay attention to something, it can seriously wilt.

488ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 07:55:53.43ID:Dkg+F2njH
Well, on the Gamers Nexus Youtube Channel (Gamers Nexus is probably my favourite non-Japanese PC hardware news organization).

Well on that channel


There is basically a list of related channels .. these are basically the best PC hardware news channels, so you can select for yourself if you wish.

I don't know any Japanese news program that provides information about PC hardware, well at least not ones that speak English or simple enough Japanese that I can understand .. I guess subtitles could maybe help

Well what I wanted to say is ..

I like to read Gamers Nexus article instead of video.

489ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 08:00:36.23ID:Dkg+F2njH
You can see various picture of case in article.

My favorite is Obs. 500D.

490ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 08:19:26.66ID:Dkg+F2njH
I feel like I forgot to give important info.

My first name in Chinese (Yue) has same pronounciation as moon.

491ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 08:22:26.93ID:Dkg+F2njH
Hmm I am getting pictures of ろり and already I'm starting to be bored ..

492名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ab4b-PnwZ)2018/01/20(土) 08:25:33.56ID:PpXxXtRb0
      r;ァ'N;:::::::::::::,ィ/      >::::::::::ヽ
.      〃  ヽル1'´        ∠:::::::::::::::::i
       i′  ___, - ,. = -一   ̄l:::::::::::::::l
.      ! , -==、´r'          l::::::/,ニ.ヽ
      l        _,, -‐''二ゝ  l::::l f゙ヽ |、 This is not your personal blog.
        レー-- 、ヽヾニ-ァ,ニ;=、_   !:::l ) } ト
       ヾ¨'7"ry、`   ー゙='ニ,,,`    }::ヽ(ノ  Write it on a back of a leaflet.
:ーゝヽ、     !´ " ̄ 'l,;;;;,,,.、       ,i:::::::ミ
::::::::::::::::ヽ.-‐ ト、 r'_{   __)`ニゝ、  ,,iリ::::::::ミ
::::::::::::::::::::Vi/l:::V'´;ッ`ニ´ー-ッ-,、:::::`"::::::::::::::;゙ ,
:::::::::::::::::::::::::N. ゙、::::ヾ,.`二ニ´∠,,.i::::::::::::::::::::///
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::l ヽ;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ /
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::! :|.\;::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ /

493ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 08:26:57.28ID:Dkg+F2njH
Well after more searching I found the Legendary picture. I guess if I get bored I just look at that again.

494ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 08:35:38.91ID:Dkg+F2njH
Well I am dancing in my white transparent thigh band tights with a solid steel cylinder from MISUMI

between my goddamn buttocks in very close contact with my anal sphincter and I think this is working against the bore dom ..

495ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 08:42:33.00ID:Dkg+F2njH
Jesus Christ .. Crisis Averted .. '('

496ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 08:47:21.59ID:Dkg+F2njH
So basically what saved the world just then was the Legendary picture .. I already had multiple copies of it in my phone but I almost couldn't find it ..

497ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 08:50:09.34ID:Dkg+F2njH
Perhaps this was the reason why I received that picture yesterday .. maybe this is Steins;Gate or Haruhi Anime and my future me is helping myself.

But I think I will use a more interesting world structure than that .. for sure ..

So basically the future doesn't exist unless it's experienced, at least right now.

498ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 09:02:40.87ID:Dkg+F2njH
I can't find who sent that picture

Anyway, I give up.

I want drink something .. I'll add maybe 0.1g of green tea to this water.

499ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 09:18:33.96ID:Dkg+F2njH
I think what I could have done was just eat a goddamn instant noodle.

500ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 09:21:50.12ID:Dkg+F2njH


501ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 09:42:48.65ID:Dkg+F2njH
I think if I was in Japan boredom would be an issue. All I have to do is stand near a Japanese person.

502ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/20(土) 09:43:22.82ID:Dkg+F2njH
Would not *** be an issue omfg