Chat in English (chat in English) part 205

1hi (ワッチョイ 9f15-w8hF)2018/01/08(月) 19:04:21.29ID:lEGSuzJX0
how about my cookie from >999 ??

2ゆえ (CA 0H85-JHka)2018/01/17(水) 10:23:03.44ID:zRAAAt+eH
Upon close inspection, the first post in this thread seems better than the other thread ..

3ゆえ (CA 0H85-JHka)2018/01/17(水) 10:44:29.31ID:zRAAAt+eH

I gave up on becoming a doctor.
I gave up on finding a job.
I gave up on finding a girlfriend.
I gave up on chemotherapy.
I gave up on useless medication.

Now I think I'll give up on all hard thing ..

4ゆえ (CA 0H85-JHka)2018/01/17(水) 11:11:47.15ID:zRAAAt+eH
Is it possible for Japan to release PC games maybe on something other than Steam by Valve Corporation? I feel like Japan is paying a 30% tax for basically nothing ..

5名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アークセー Sxbd-plQP)2018/01/17(水) 19:53:12.76ID:KVwDbi9jx
are the people in here foreigners or Japanese people?

6名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アークセー Sxbd-plQP)2018/01/17(水) 19:57:02.09ID:KVwDbi9jx
chemotherapy? wait, what? you have cancer?!

7ゆえ (CA 0H85-JHka)2018/01/17(水) 22:57:08.14ID:zRAAAt+eH

I was diagnosed with cancer .. but I do not think they understand the nature of cancer.

It was rectal cancer with pulmonary lesions.

8名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 7dbd-jusK)2018/01/17(水) 23:19:42.11ID:d3VhFtbw0
You will die from cancer.

9ゆえ (CA 0H85-JHka)2018/01/17(水) 23:20:43.25ID:zRAAAt+eH

That's funny, do know how many people tried to kill me but couldn't?

10ゆえ (CA 0H85-JHka)2018/01/17(水) 23:22:32.13ID:zRAAAt+eH
It's like I die in my sleep. When I wake up, I can barely move and muscles, and can barely even walk, maybe even forgot how to walk. It's funny actually.

11ゆえ (CA 0H85-JHka)2018/01/17(水) 23:24:29.08ID:zRAAAt+eH
I sleep so dead I forget how to fucking walk when I wake up .. now that's real sleep ..

12ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/18(木) 06:46:37.30ID:9P5EOfljH
Guys, I heavily suspect I like British English more than American English.

Somehow I can speak British English.

American: Hello, my name is Tom. Nice to meet you.
British (England is the Tokyo of UK): Greetings, my name is Margaret Whitewood. It's a pleasure meeting you. Fancy a cup of tea, if you feel you are up to this task?

13ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/18(木) 07:41:45.30ID:9P5EOfljH
American: My name is John, and I'm a software developer.

British: My name is Matt, and I program computers to do work sometimes.

14ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/18(木) 20:08:33.83ID:9P5EOfljH
When I woke up today everybody was acting fucking pathetic. Oh woe is me, you bloody peasants can't do naught without me.

15ゆえ (CA 0H01-hYQh)2018/01/19(金) 11:05:33.31ID:qvnpurTyH
Why the fuck am I getting contacted by job recruiters.

I haven't applied for any jobs in about 3 years.

Now, a job in Japan, now that would be some thing .. but I'm not lifting a damn finger unless I feel like it.

I was rejected from Rakuten in April 2015, so basically I'm doing nothing.

My plan is to have no plan. I'll be the eternal kodomo .. after all, the next step after growing up is growing old. The next step after that is death.

So basically I have no plan and no goal. The future is unclear. But a clear future is a sure way to chaos. If you know all the future, what's the point of life?

So I sit back and enjoy my Nihon steel touching my asshole.

16名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ e53e-3TZr)2018/06/16(土) 08:41:01.13ID:2ABpQmJ20