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Hey!!! All you NEETs, nerds, YouTube link spammers, pedophiles, neo-Nazis,
Yukorin enthusiasts, Nanako SOS admirers, Part-Time-Preachers,
Diplomats' spoiled sons, losers who can't remember Kanji characters,
Big-boobs fans, Weeaboo from around the world, learners of Japanese
who are too lazy to update their Japanese blogs very often, cunning
linguists, stupid fan girls of Johnny's Boys, Touhou pirates, and
that electrical super-gay who suffers from mental disease - This is your thread!
Let's hope the Internet-addicted housewife will come back soon!

We all wish for permanent world peace!
Chat in English (英語で雑談) part 206

2名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMa7-xfTT)2018/04/13(金) 22:21:23.68ID:vkm3gyASM
Thanks and I am the no.1.

thank you for setting up the new thread.

i like friday nights.
it is ok to stay up late at night
and i don't have to care about waking up early in the morning to go to work the next day.

So what are you going to do this night? Watching TV?

online shopping and reading some english articles to find funny, hilarious things.
i have a small tv set but i rarely turn it on and watch tv programs.

What kind of shopping? Amazon shopping?

I just started watching LOST again. It’s been almost 7 years now... good memories...

yes, shopping on amazon.
i am usually hesitant to use amazon
as it deprives us of verbal, face-to-face communications when buying something...

i know LOST, though i haven't watched it.
i want to watch the first season of "24", was it first broadcast more than 10 years ago??

Buying on Amazon is the cheapest way to buy things! No need to go to stores, no talking to annoying clerks!

Why not sigh up for Hulu and enjoy free trial period and enjoy 24?


> i like friday nights.
> it is ok to stay up late at night
> and i don't have to care about waking up early in the morning to go to work the next day.



> >>8
> Buying on Amazon is the cheapest way to buy things! No need to go to stores, no talking to annoying clerks!
> Why not sigh up for Hulu and enjoy free trial period and enjoy 24?

I recommend Netflix the cheapest way of
enjoying videos.

I just woke up. What did I miss?

13名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 6f2b-DsFo)2018/04/14(土) 22:02:36.83ID:Df7uSrwd0
Waking up at three in the afternoon? You're a man after my own heart.

You also woke up at 22:00 pm? Let me guess, you are a male nurse or something? After night shift?

Sister site.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.


> You also woke up at 22:00 pm? Let me guess, you are a male nurse or something? After night shift?

Are you two guys 自律神経失調症?

No. I am just a night owl.

18名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMa7-xfTT)2018/04/15(日) 17:07:33.29ID:vyj7kaLQM

> >>16
> No. I am just a night owl.

Maybe gamer?

I’m kinda ocaasional gamer. I play bio harard series and dark soul.

20名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMa7-xfTT)2018/04/15(日) 21:43:49.15ID:cikgxi7MM

> >>18
> I’m kinda ocaasional gamer. I play bio harard series and dark soul.

Through the night?

21名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 4f12-3dxR)2018/04/15(日) 22:20:03.71ID:r8SR/Oi/0
I am an American. I hate the silly Japanese.

22名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMa7-xfTT)2018/04/15(日) 22:58:51.84ID:cikgxi7MM
Fuck off.

"bio hazard" and "dark soul"...these phrases sound negative to me.
aren't there positive titles in game industry?

24名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 138d-LJHW)2018/04/15(日) 23:55:29.92ID:4R3LuzBA0
I'm worried about the recent talk of America and TPP. Didn't the President sign the presidential thing to get out of TPP permanently on his first day?

In Japan, when the current ruling party (LDP) was an opposition party, the party members were opposing TPP.
One of them even said "Those who push TPP are traitors."
Then once his party became the ruling party, they started to push TPP, and this very same politician wore traditional Japanese clothes and signed the thing in New Zealand.
You can tell that this TPP is pushed by some really ugly people. The media are also totally controlled in favor of it.
This country is currently in a very sick state. (or has been for 20 years, but I think it's getting worse)
Almost all political parties, bureaucrats, media, business federations etc have become one big rotten cult where no one listens to the few ones with conscience.
And there is nothing I can do about it.

I am not American so I mostly refrain from talking about their politics, but I admire the people and the President for getting out of TPP and fighting the monstrous establishment. (the so-called globalists)
I don't know what kind of pressure the President is getting, but I hope he doesn't become like the above-mentioned politician.

Look them up on Youtube. They look so fun and make you want to play them.

I guess you're american guy.
Why you're interested in TPP?
I think people like you have no interest to
TPP usually.

Sister site.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

28名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3be-uvGR)2018/04/16(月) 13:02:47.89ID:0Xa/7gUJ0

29名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3be-uvGR)2018/04/16(月) 13:11:00.19ID:0Xa/7gUJ0
the word of "biohazard" is originally used to show alertness not to leak biolabo's products (such as DNAs, cells, creature, )
to outer space. so doent have negative image.

30名無しさん@英語勉強中 (BH 0Ha7-XjMo)2018/04/16(月) 17:29:37.31ID:0Tys5T2+H
I liked TPP
it was a good metal gear solid game

31名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ff81-lYCp)2018/04/16(月) 19:31:20.35ID:/N1HJoR50
I have a question for you guys. It's about listening comprehension.

Deer Hunter finale (a videoclip lasting only three seconds)

Without even knowing the context of the movie, after simply listening to that
particular three-second videoclip, all the English native speakers would agree
that the woman in the above videoclip did say, "It's been such a GRAY day."
She can't have said "GREAT day." Am I right?

Yas. They are cheap but can you eat them up alone?

today i knew "idk" is an internet slang and it refers to "i don't know".
i took a small one step forward to brush up my english skills...

34名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 13c1-Mqc2)2018/04/17(火) 01:55:38.90ID:GIBSEIGD0
I have no idea why you are talking like the current US president is the best leader in the world. In my view, he's just another sneaky self-centered bastard.
Just as everyone was becoming suspicious of his underlying ties with Russia, he dared to bust some of the Russian guys from his party just to prove his innocence.
He's now building the wall at the Mexican border while threatening to withdraw from NAFTA if he fails to do so.
One time he couldn't think of any way making a profit out of it and leaves, never looking back on other countries, then he reconsiders it when there might be.
I'm not quite sure what's truly behind his actions, but he'll do anything that works for his own best.


36名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMa7-xfTT)2018/04/17(火) 15:11:09.23ID:RGV0P/QZM

> today i knew "idk" is an internet slang and it refers to "i don't know".
> i took a small one step forward to brush up my english skills...

What about a.k.a.?

37名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMa7-xfTT)2018/04/17(火) 16:17:51.96ID:RGV0P/QZM
The new facebook group "chat in english"is available!

I'm not >>24 but want you to ask who is the best leader/president in US. Is there anyoone?
The country US is deeply related to JP. that's why these countries have to go together in several scenes, ex, economical ploblems etc.

I don’t fave facebook anymore. Facebook has become a place for people who want to brag about thier fabulous lives.

40名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMa7-xfTT)2018/04/17(火) 16:50:36.08ID:RGV0P/QZM

> >>37
> I don’t fave facebook anymore. Facebook has become a place for people who want to brag about thier fabulous lives.

Further more explanation'bout the situation please .

do you decide what you will do during the upcoming golden week?
climbing a mountain? playing nintendo games? going out with a girlfriend?
i intend to practice driving a car at night.
it seems that you should be far more careful when driving at night,
because your vision is really limited compared with daytime.

Make sure you take a road which is familiar to you

43名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMa7-xfTT)2018/04/17(火) 23:56:16.79ID:hmUEa1kbM
I have heard about such course of HONDA.

44名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMa7-xfTT)2018/04/17(火) 23:59:05.87ID:hmUEa1kbM
It's depend on matter when do you in a day drive for solving your concern.
So,can't choose any road.

I’m going to work out eveyday.

46名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 138d-LJHW)2018/04/18(水) 01:26:07.96ID:LxUy7F9g0
Regarding the economic relationship with the US
President Trump has been complaining about trade imbalance, and here is what they should do.
They should order Japan to expand the domestic demand. This is also what we need but can't because of the cult.
This way America would sell more stuff to us, and we would be in debt to them for saving us too.

And I want them to order it now, before Abe gets taken down.
It's what Abe was supposed to do when he took office but couldn't implement because of the cult. So I'm sure Abe would be glad too if America ordered it.
Now is the best time to do it since the headquarters of the cult, the Ministry of Finance, is in turmoil due to some huge scandals.

Which country would you go to live?

As for me, I'd like to live in NZ or Costa Rica.

whoa, everyday?
you must be good at self control.
take care!

i heard about sexual harrassment scandals in the us one after another just a few weeks or months ago.
now in japan, sex scandals of higher-ups continue to be disclosed and lead to their resignation...
these facts imply that most people have an interest in others' sexual lives or styles to some extent, don't they?


> As for me, I'd like to live in NZ or Costa Rica.

Why Costa rica?

Because I can speak Spanish and it's the most democratic and the most livable country in Latin America as I've once worked in Argentina dispatched by a Japanese company. Many of the retired Americans live in this country.

Sounds so interesting.
I have heard that learning spanish in U.S
is so cheap and high quality.
Is that true?


Sister site.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

I got summer vegetable seedlings from a local home-improvement store today.

56名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ff8d-Mp6C)2018/04/19(木) 22:06:44.30ID:Yrf5xQ3R0
Someone said he hates summer vegetable curry, but I like summer vegetable curry. Tastes good and probably nutritious.

i wonder until when i should take medicine to stop sneezing or runny nose caused by seasonal flower powders.
around the end of next week?

some of my friends nag me about how badly their noses and eyes get ichy around this season of an year.
although i try to be compassionate of them most of the times, i never really get it. cuz i dont have pollen allergy
and when they saw through that im not taking it seriiusly, they get pissed at me for not understanding their feelings and crap, like how the hell should i know?

Are you an old guy? Because many of them don’t have it.

great, i just pissed off another pissy allergic faggot

61名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/20(金) 16:48:17.65ID:CfEq2OO0M

> great, i just pissed off another pissy allergic faggot

Put out the annoying words.

62名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MM47-BoQL)2018/04/20(金) 19:32:25.88ID:VAw8qbVqM
I pity for those who don’t like vegetable curry...sad life...

63名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b3be-TA9h)2018/04/20(金) 21:36:37.05ID:9yWh4J2I0
                       />、                レ1、
                      __人j⊥=-‐――――---‐'ヽミ=- 、__
                   ,. '´  ,. -----――‐‐ ' ´  厂`ー‐‐一'´
                 ,.イ´     ,ィ            /
               ,. '´,r- 、   //!          ,ィ′
             /、    ヽ∠r,彡′      _,r‐くミ|
            /r。, l      !  `′     ,. '´   ヾ!
           /::-‐ヘノ     ノ    ,.rュ‐<
          /‐-_-、_)     ノ  __,.ィー┬一'
          `,.フr'´ ___,.ニ='´‐ '´  ヽミミ!
           ̄ ̄    ∩彡 ⌒ ミ∩ヾ_j
          −=≡  ヽ(´・ω・)/   Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh i got amerjackkkkkkkkkk
         −=≡    (    /
          −=≡   ( ⌒)
           −=≡  c し

I can't Speak English(^^
English tell me(^^

65名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ff8d-Mp6C)2018/04/20(金) 23:06:49.16ID:0IKfNrr60
I think China is invading Hokkaido.
What should I do?

Nothing. Let them take Hokkaido.

67名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ff8d-Mp6C)2018/04/20(金) 23:24:45.18ID:0IKfNrr60
Why? That's dumb and unfunny.

I don't think so. In a global and liberal society, people of any nation have the right to buy land.

69sage (ワッチョイ 3a98-wGau)2018/04/21(土) 01:16:37.50ID:QbnaIUfz0
It's possible should could have meant to say "great" but didn't make the T sound when speaking.

70名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ff8d-Mp6C)2018/04/21(土) 10:42:25.33ID:8+TiWRpG0
I'm quite sure there is a law that prevents China (or any other foreign country that doesn't allow it themselves) from buying our land.
For some reason Japan isn't applying it in this Hokkaido's case. I think that's the situation.

71名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ff8d-Mp6C)2018/04/21(土) 11:31:43.87ID:8+TiWRpG0
Then there is (or was, I'm not sure) also this issue of Japan paying ODA to China even after they became a superpower. I wonder if it's still true.
There seems to be a lot of smelly issues between China. I'm thinking about stopping eating Chinese food in protest.
I heard sui-gyoza is the real Chinese gyoza and yaki-gyoza is a Japanese food. So I can keep eating my favorite food while protesting against China-pandering.

72名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b3be-TA9h)2018/04/21(土) 11:34:20.05ID:sjDZcCsc0
avoid chinise foods?? that is inevitable thinking that the garlic is made in china mostly.

it's a sunny day today.
tomorrow will also be sunny.
how about your life? do you live a sunny life?

i feel nervous when i think about how to live after both of my parents pass away.
apart from enjoying the internet i have several hobbies and i am employed
so i think that i will just do what i can do then.
but still i can not stop myself from feeling nervous.

75名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b3be-TA9h)2018/04/21(土) 12:00:11.26ID:sjDZcCsc0
filled with PM2.5.

76名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ff8d-Mp6C)2018/04/21(土) 12:21:36.87ID:8+TiWRpG0
Are you saying you are a vampire or something?

77名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b3be-TA9h)2018/04/21(土) 12:25:26.39ID:sjDZcCsc0
you mentioned gyoza, right?

78名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ff8d-Mp6C)2018/04/21(土) 12:33:42.18ID:8+TiWRpG0
Oh I got it.
Most of products we purchase today are made in China, so obviously I can't boycott all things that come from there.

79名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/21(土) 13:30:52.48ID:HDWVIQlAM
What's the hobbies?

80名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b3be-TA9h)2018/04/21(土) 13:33:40.88ID:sjDZcCsc0
my hobby? well,,, messin around with my chimpo...

It's a nice day to go out to a beach.
But unfortunately beaches are filled with plastic garbages.
In many countries plastic straws are being banned to save ocean.
On the contrary, awareness toward plastic garbages in Japan seems relatively low.
It is estimated that the weight of plastic garbages in ocean outweigh that of all fishes combined in the near future.

BBC and CNN are continuously covering this story. But I haven't seen such stories in Japanese TV.
Perhaps, this is due to people living in Tokyo area are not aware of this problem because beaches there are not scattered with the garbages.
This may be one of the problems of centralization in Japan.

82名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/21(土) 13:35:59.93ID:HDWVIQlAM
Sister site.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

83名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/21(土) 14:12:43.20ID:HDWVIQlAM

> my hobby? well,,, messin around with my chimpo...

No.l don't ask you.

84名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/21(土) 14:19:52.52ID:HDWVIQlAM
The medias in japan is so crooked as losing such justice.
Maybe you don't know that.

85名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MM47-BoQL)2018/04/21(土) 15:14:11.34ID:n8DX0m32M
My hobby is to cleaning. It’s really therapeutic

86名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ffc1-HQJO)2018/04/21(土) 15:49:54.97ID:nsm1BVpY0
This is merely a suggestion, but if you are serious about it, why don't you go there and take a couple of pictures then post them on Twitter?
Once the users recognize the situation as bad, I'm sure the things'd get viral there real soon. They just love poor animals and degraded environment.
This may take you some efforts, but at least it'd be much better compared to you just raising the awareness at a dumpster like this.

That sounds a valid idea.

A number of images are circulating around the Internet.
Okinawa prefecture creates a site dedicated to this issue.
Some of the coastlines facing Sea of Japan is becoming like this.

Fortunately, there are momentum to tackle this issue on a global scale. This problem is not just about environmental destruction but it could lead to human health issues when these garbages break down to microplastic.

This estimate is astonishing.
>More than eight million tonnes of plastic enters the world's oceans each year

Eight million. It's a staggering number. In the end, those plastics could enter food chain.

89名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ffc1-HQJO)2018/04/21(土) 18:38:01.54ID:nsm1BVpY0
That's worse than I expected. Especially that last part, I'm not much of a health freak, but eating small plastics without even being aware of it sounds awful.
And it's from Okinawa? Geez, I've only been there a couple of times, but had no idea THAT Okinawa known for its beautiful seas being like that.
You see, the real problem is that no one checks out city official page, wish they uploaded them on Twitter or IG.

90名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ff8d-Mp6C)2018/04/21(土) 22:01:11.89ID:8+TiWRpG0
I heard Chinese people don't like yaki-gyoza. How can anyone in their right mind not like yaki-gyoza?
No wonder China is invading Hokkaido. They are not in their right mind.

Fried ones are the worst. That’s for sure.


> Fried ones are the worst. That’s for sure.

Then,What gyoza is good for you?

everyday i use "キレイキレイ" by LION to wash my hands, when i come back home.
i can not remember any competitors' products (by kao, p&g, unilever etc)
so キレイキレイ might totally dominate the medicated hand soap market in japan.

Baked ones>>>> Boiled ones>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>poop = Fried ones

I use store brand one like eon

oh i didn't think about such private brands.
イオン's PB hand soap may also be manufactured by LION!


> >>92
> Baked ones>>>> Boiled ones>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>poop = Fried ones

Baked one?
What kind of product is that?


> My hobby is to cleaning. It’s really therapeutic

Don't make other one feel so bad for
your cleaning habit.

I mean 焼き餃子.

I get it.
Have you ever heard about rounding

101名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/22(日) 02:12:51.73ID:BzxkNnTj0
I didn’t know what that is so I googled it. They do not look appetizing at all...somehow

102名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウアウウー Sa47-XCYK)2018/04/22(日) 12:22:13.06ID:YIibXsnTa
I want to learn English so i have came here

103名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/22(日) 14:53:55.90ID:z1gEJyZrM

> I want to learn English so i have came here

Don't hold back to speak.

104名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/22(日) 15:02:58.47ID:BzxkNnTj0
I want fuck today.

105名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/22(日) 15:04:50.97ID:z1gEJyZrM

> I want fuck today.


106名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/22(日) 15:08:37.86ID:BzxkNnTj0
What does that mean? “DIY”? Can you elaborate on it please?

107名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9a24-dgU2)2018/04/22(日) 15:39:07.32ID:LZKM5Wwh0

108名無しさん@英語勉強中 (JPW 0H86-pVyQ)2018/04/22(日) 19:18:02.15ID:8Rz/Bnk/H
Your anchor always refers to wrong place.
Does it happen only my environment?
Very confusing for me.

109名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ffc1-HQJO)2018/04/22(日) 20:07:56.51ID:QAOb7gMx0
No, it seems I do see the same way as you look.
His intended post numbers and the exhibited numbers always have 3-5 gaps in between.

110名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/22(日) 20:42:02.93ID:N0VrgdhMM

> >>105
> Your anchor always refers to wrong place.
> Does it happen only my environment?
> Very confusing for me.

It's freaquently seen on a rip using app.
One of the solution is to use quo rip.

111名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/22(日) 20:52:52.06ID:BzxkNnTj0
Today I encountered this fucking bad selfish driver which honked me.... hope he will be in an accident and die soon ><

112名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b3be-TA9h)2018/04/22(日) 20:55:40.34ID:jVMXDf+C0
just take photo of his car number.

This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

114名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 1a40-H+NZ)2018/04/22(日) 23:53:49.22ID:Wl347bEP0
this scum keeps claiming that shit is a sister site.

as you know that shit is irrelevant to this thread.
don't be deceived.

115名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/23(月) 00:00:59.60ID:4mP3kNh70
What kind of manko do you guys like?

116名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/23(月) 00:12:46.23ID:4mP3kNh70
Ahhhhhh why doctor Mike is so cute???


> this scum keeps claiming that shit is a sister site.
> as you know that shit is irrelevant to this thread.
> don't be deceived.

You're shit actually.
It's clear.


> What kind of manko do you guys like?

I don't like you.


> this scum keeps claiming that shit is a sister site.
> as you know that shit is irrelevant to this thread.
> don't be deceived.

The scum is you keeping posting from
United states.

This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

121名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/23(月) 18:01:37.03ID:4mP3kNh70
K-POP is really popular in Japan?

122名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ffc1-HQJO)2018/04/23(月) 19:36:08.06ID:JzUj3OjE0
They are. Every time I go karaoke, everyone sings their songs.
I don't listen to them so often, other than the very popular ones like from Big Bang, so when faced with them I'll be like "whaaattt?"

123名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/23(月) 19:58:20.21ID:tSZqOBHdM

> K-POP is really popular in Japan?

It's a shame but actually yes.
Especially high school girls loves them.
And don't know why.

124名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/23(月) 20:10:59.12ID:4mP3kNh70
What kind of friends are they? Koreans living in Japan?

125名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/23(月) 20:15:05.96ID:tSZqOBHdM

> >>122
> What kind of friends are they? Koreans living in Japan?

So many.
Japanese korean and New comer as learning japanese coming from Korea.
They almost all have bad attitude.

126名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ffc1-HQJO)2018/04/23(月) 20:20:09.46ID:JzUj3OjE0
Friends of my friend from junior high. I'm not a very close friend of them, when I hang with my buddy sometimes they are just there.
And some from nightclub are into K-pops too. Not the kind I usually I go out with tho.
I get the feeling that you don't like them that much, but I say you should listen to them just once. It's actually not that bad.

127名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b3be-TA9h)2018/04/23(月) 21:13:50.63ID:RdI+hQKy0
No one likes having a camera shoved in their face.
And it seems turtles aren't an exception.

128名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 3e33-HQJO)2018/04/23(月) 21:30:00.76ID:fN0P2Tia0
I don't remember how I made friends before

129名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/23(月) 21:38:49.58ID:4mP3kNh70
Are you teen or what?

I’m only tolerable to TWICE.

130名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/23(月) 21:39:25.60ID:4mP3kNh70
No need to make friends in this day and age. Thr interent is my friend.

131名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/23(月) 22:00:26.17ID:tSZqOBHdM
Take a look DVD at Tsutaya etc.
Full of Korean actors you would see.
Acually Japan loves Korea.
Tha't the fact.

132名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ffc1-HQJO)2018/04/23(月) 22:06:55.11ID:JzUj3OjE0
Where did you get that? I'm in my middle 20s.

That's fine. I'm not an advocate for their music.
Just wanted you to know that for your better understanding of other cultures.

133名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b3be-TA9h)2018/04/23(月) 22:11:41.75ID:RdI+hQKy0
just go gay crusing sauna.

134名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/23(月) 22:20:34.62ID:4mP3kNh70
I’m full and lying on my bed, wanting to eat some snacks but no motivation to go to the pantry nor 7/11.

it's been 3 or 4 years since i watched a movie last.
a number of masterpiece films should have been shot during this period.
i don't even know what the academy award winning movie (the best movie) is this year.

136名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/23(月) 23:02:15.10ID:JsYzdIwWM

> I’m full and lying on my bed, wanting to eat some snacks but no motivation to go to the pantry nor 7/11.

Everybody bascally so.

Should we hold a オフ会 on this thread?
What do you think about?

138名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/24(火) 03:41:00.80ID:NqUeBprv0
I don’t think so.


> I don’t think so.


140名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/24(火) 18:08:56.60ID:NqUeBprv0
Somebody would be killed for sure

141名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/24(火) 22:10:25.34ID:NqUeBprv0
Have you guys tried オフパコ?

142名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/24(火) 22:11:00.68ID:az+R+rGZM

> >>139
> Somebody would be killed for sure

No idea.

143名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/24(火) 22:44:19.70ID:az+R+rGZM

> Have you guys tried オフパコ?

Don't be so silly.

on weekdays, almost all the time have to be spent for my job,
including preparation of travelling between my house of the office.
this is really stressful and i feel i am going to be crazy.
how many more months/years i can continue to work at this pace,
even though i am not at a managing position...just an ordinary staff.

145名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW ffa9-xBcN)2018/04/25(水) 07:15:13.16ID:zOhM/DN60
Ate blueberry mafin morning bought @ Costco
It was so big but wasn't heavy than I thought

146名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW ffa9-xBcN)2018/04/25(水) 07:37:52.10ID:zOhM/DN60
Ate 2nd mafin(Chocolate)

147名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2b14-Mp6C)2018/04/25(水) 12:05:21.99ID:Aoh5KOZ00
TWICE is a group which consist of five Koreans, three Japanese and
one Taiwanese.
It usually releases both Kerean and Japanese songs.

148名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スップ Sd5a-GOyS)2018/04/25(水) 14:11:43.44ID:tvvn7ax+d
Cal Ripken Jrさんが写真4件を追加しました。

12時間前 &middot;
“I am very saddened by the news of Sachio Kinugasa’s passing.
He and I shared an approach to the game we love, but for me,
the friendship we shared was so much more valuable.
Mr. Kinugasa was a great man and I was honored to call him my friend and the respect
I have for him is immense. My condolences and thoughts are with his family, friends,
and the wonderful baseball fans throughout Japan.” - Cal Ripken, Jr.

149名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/25(水) 14:28:56.21ID:Qa2ZdFEkM

> >>129
> TWICE is a group which consist of five Koreans, three Japanese and
> one Taiwanese.
> It usually releases both Kerean and Japanese songs.

Smells like leftwings.

150名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/25(水) 15:22:26.91ID:7CCE8HK30
2 Costco muffins? That’s crazy... I like the chocolate chip one.

151名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/25(水) 15:37:09.07ID:Qa2ZdFEkM

> >>145
> 2 Costco muffins? That’s crazy... I like the chocolate chip one.


152名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMff-CcJI)2018/04/25(水) 15:42:31.70ID:Qa2ZdFEkM
You're very good at english.
So,l don't think you're such ordinary stuff.
What's the fact?

153名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ffc1-HQJO)2018/04/25(水) 17:55:13.56ID:M10XGA190
Oh, is that what that was about?
This whole time I thought it was some kind of clever lines where he meant he only listens to songs that worth listening to at least twice.
Thanks for the clarification.

154名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ db81-2YhV)2018/04/25(水) 18:17:51.64ID:Pyjb7gKp0
I ate muffin flavored with chocolate 2 times since this morning, so I must become fat.

How about this expression?

155名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e3bd-BoQL)2018/04/25(水) 22:46:55.27ID:7CCE8HK30
Well, you have not gone there?

156名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/26(木) 00:03:01.24ID:M+Ba3pQN0
Instant yakisoba noodles from Maruchan is the best.

157名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/26(木) 03:08:17.16ID:M+Ba3pQN0

I feel the word since is odd.

There are a lot of bad english school
around the country teaching american

This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

161名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-gDCi)2018/04/26(木) 10:22:32.35ID:vrLr2Xph0
I hate when japanese people pronounce Costco like “コストコ”.
The correct pronunciation is more like “カスコゥ”

162名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9325-9PK1)2018/04/26(木) 13:24:13.38ID:1ekV6qFR0
There are so many loan words that are pronounced significantly differently.
Vitamin is a typical example. Who says ヴァイタミン in Japan?

163名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/26(木) 16:58:49.26ID:M+Ba3pQN0
Like vagina?

164名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW d16b-Ycl1)2018/04/26(木) 17:05:16.75ID:ocCyZIQ90

> I hate when japanese people pronounce Costco like “コストコ”.
> The correct pronunciation is more like “カスコゥ”

I hate you.

165名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW d16b-Ycl1)2018/04/26(木) 17:06:18.16ID:ocCyZIQ90

> Like vagina?


166名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/26(木) 18:09:39.14ID:M+Ba3pQN0
Costco and IKEA are so lame...

167名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/26(木) 21:11:46.36ID:MdrVYMAEM

> Costco and IKEA are so lame...

Yes.Not cheap enough.

168名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 21be-ec78)2018/04/26(木) 21:24:35.03ID:8CQGOIBb0
why are you using multi hosts?
are you a troll?

169名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 898d-c97c)2018/04/26(木) 22:25:36.48ID:Pl+49pec0
Yes he is. Persistent shills like him have greatly reduced my motivation to come here and use English, and consequently, to learn it.
Also I've heard a rumor that some English 業者 are engaged in these activities and gorioshiing English on internet and elsewhere, so I've been telling people not to buy those shitty 教材 and lessons.

170名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/26(木) 22:37:18.06ID:M+Ba3pQN0
Oh... I learned the new word “shill”

171名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/26(木) 22:47:16.08ID:M+Ba3pQN0
I’m eating a bag of potato chips from calbee. Did hou know the size increased 25 % more right now?

the size of a piece of potato chip has increased by 25%,
but the total volume of potato chip contained in 1 bag might be the same as before, right??

173名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/26(木) 23:08:11.98ID:M+Ba3pQN0

since i knew that you don't necessarily have to actually touch your ic card on automatic ticket-checking machine
when passing through it at a station or in a bus (just letting your card be placed near such a machine, it reacts normally),
i tried not to touch my card on the machines and let them react normally.
but it needs a bit of technique...within 1cm above the screen??

oh the total volume has increased by 25%!
that's a news to me.

176名無しさん@英語勉強中 (JPW 0H6b-YLZM)2018/04/26(木) 23:15:14.61ID:HA132YatH
Why did you do that?

some ojisans slap their ic cards like suica or pasmo or ikoka or manaka on the macines like spanking.
other ojisans place their cards on the machines' screens too softly but way too long,
which i think is like a sort of molesting.
so, in short, the way you place your ic card on machines represents your sexual attitude or tendency.

178名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/26(木) 23:21:02.37ID:M+Ba3pQN0
My local drugstore called ウエルシア sells the chips at 58 yen today. I got 6 bags.

i don't know, but i guess i am just fond of doing what other people don't do.

180名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/26(木) 23:25:02.33ID:M+Ba3pQN0

181名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 89c1-pzuD)2018/04/27(金) 00:54:17.86ID:XlUlH+LQ0
And girls wonder why there are too many of men's got a thing for spanking their asses, while the answer is right there at everyday commuting.

182名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/27(金) 01:04:03.12ID:VLAqDGKZ0
I’m making 辛ラーメン right now. Actually I’ve wanted to try the Korean spicy noodle from Samyang. But I can’t find them in stores.... so I substitute it...


> >>167>>139>>165
> why are you using multi hosts?
> are you a troll?

What is multi hosts?


> I’m eating a bag of potato chips from calbee. Did hou know the size increased 25 % more right now?

I have heard a shortage of poteto.
Is that solved ?

185名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/27(金) 04:58:00.58ID:VLAqDGKZ0
Yas. That’s why they are doing this 25% volume up campaign as a sorry.

186名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2b81-PW7w)2018/04/27(金) 17:13:30.38ID:5gKN/pSY0
Everybody can make the chips from potatos by cooking oil.

187名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/27(金) 17:21:35.29ID:VLAqDGKZ0
Making chips from scratch is such a waste of time. Why not buy them at combini?

188名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2b81-PW7w)2018/04/27(金) 18:43:14.84ID:5gKN/pSY0
Why not buy them at combini?

Why not buy them at convenience store?

I think that it's more interesting to create chips by cooking oil than buying it in convenience store.
If there is no such a time, many people may buy it in convenience store.

189名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/27(金) 19:19:46.17ID:+0N1vq4/M

> >>184
> Yas. That’s why they are doing this 25% volume up campaign as a sorry.

It's apologize .

190名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 21be-ec78)2018/04/27(金) 19:24:06.14ID:hQa1CgPG0
just disappear multi poster.

191名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/27(金) 19:38:11.21ID:+0N1vq4/M

> >>189
> just disappear multi poster.

You have to be lost.

192名無しさん@英語勉強中 (JPW 0H6b-YLZM)2018/04/27(金) 20:32:19.36ID:3YU2Soe9H
You must be the one who enjoy cooking.

193名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/27(金) 21:26:08.16ID:VLAqDGKZ0
I cook but I don’t make fried stuff like tonkatsu because getting rid of used oil and cleaning the oily kitchen are annoying like gaijins!

194名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 21be-ec78)2018/04/27(金) 21:52:28.40ID:hQa1CgPG0
cover alminium sheet around the fire.

58 (yen) multipled by 6 (bags) gets you only 348 (yen)...that's a good deal.
i know ウェルシア, they should have steadily gained more and more market shares in the industry.
i feel that it's funny drugstores sell goods other than drugs like potato chips.

196名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/27(金) 22:38:06.15ID:+0N1vq4/M
I have never seen ウェルシア.
Where could I find out?

197名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/27(金) 22:53:45.84ID:VLAqDGKZ0
So many small drugstores became ウエルシア years ago. Now we have only ウエルシア、サンドラッグ、マツモトキヨシ....

198名無しさん@英語勉強中 (JPW 0H6b-YLZM)2018/04/27(金) 23:06:28.75ID:3YU2Soe9H
There are ツルハ、マルト where area I am living

sounds like japanese mega-banks.
drugstore companies may have repeated mergers & acquisitions to try to survive in the industry...
i also see スギドラッグ or ドラッグセイムス in the everyday life.

let's google it!

201名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MM45-x1HS)2018/04/28(土) 00:11:18.20ID:DC505EQ1M
This is my first time to hear “ドラッグセイムス”. The name is so lame though...

202名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/28(土) 00:26:15.97ID:8bTXU/nUM

> >>195
> So many small drugstores became ウエルシア years ago. Now we have only ウエルシア、サンドラッグ、マツモトキヨシ....

I have a debit card of any shop.

203名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/28(土) 00:36:23.78ID:LwxyG6Fe0
You mean “rewards card”?

204名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/28(土) 00:36:25.97ID:8bTXU/nUM
You can buy a bottle of coffee at very cheap price in such drug store.
You know?

205名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/28(土) 00:43:01.71ID:LwxyG6Fe0
I don’t drink coffee so I didn’t know that.

206名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/28(土) 01:09:39.58ID:8bTXU/nUM

> I don’t drink coffee so I didn’t know that.

Fuck off.

207名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/28(土) 01:11:56.67ID:8bTXU/nUM

> >>202
> You mean “rewards card”?

I just remember it now.
It's ココカラファイン!
The members card of there has debit card

208名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2b8e-XMtE)2018/04/28(土) 07:17:40.19ID:dpbdPxEr0
I prefer caffeine pills

209名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スップ Sdf3-x7ck)2018/04/28(土) 12:57:06.30ID:PqhqdxQNd
My sister who studied abroad said when she hear drug store, the store sells real drug like cocaine.

According to her native uses pharmacy instead.
We (Japanese) don't think like this.

Japan has a lot of such example.

i practiced driving a car with the beginners' marks (called "若葉マーク") put on both the front & the back of the car.
1 thing i noticed is that drivers of moderately priced cars or professinal drivers tend to drive behind my car,
making enough space between us.
on the other hand, drivers of german cars, sports cars and toyota's clown drive their cars just behind mine
so that i feel nervous and much pressure when noticing them.....afraid to put the brakes on.

212名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/28(土) 22:28:03.06ID:LwxyG6Fe0
Today I went to Eon and parked my car and then got out of my car, I immediately senced the familiar smell in the parking lot.
I was like “Oh... this season has come like every year...”

Yas. Smerm smell! I blame some tree in the parking lot. What kind of trees are they?

213名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/28(土) 22:37:12.57ID:LwxyG6Fe0
Sometimes I enjoy hitting the brakes when some baka drivers do 煽り運転 to me.

214名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 89c1-pzuD)2018/04/29(日) 00:10:15.26ID:vtUqtGof0
I never understand why some people won't leave enough space between the cars.
It's not like being right behind them will buy them some time. Why do they even risk it?
And to think of them believing that driving that way somehow threatens others and expect for them to give in a way to themselves is utterly ridiculous and immature.
What if a cat or a person jumps in from nowhere and they will have to make a sudden stop? Do they think they could stop too before bumping into them? That's impossible.

215名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/29(日) 04:05:47.24ID:cx9J9fcd0
Ban White people in Japan!!!!!


> Ban White people in Japan!!!!!

Wherever are you coming from?

Everybody what do you think about
Do you use google home or something?

218名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 89c7-so8B)2018/04/29(日) 11:20:22.62ID:u5Pjf5UP0
There used to be a traffic slogan that says " semai nippon sonnani isoide dokoeiku"
If literally translated, it goes as follows: " A small Japan, where are going in such a hurry?"
I can come up with a couple of reasons why some drivers don't want to leave a lot of space between the cars.
First, I think it has something to do with Japanese society's code of conduct.
Puncuality is one of the most important people have to abide by in our society.
So that in the morning, for example, if you oversleep, you tend to feel pressed for time to go to work, which leads to reckless driving.

Well it's too long to read, so I'll stop halfway....

219名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 89c7-so8B)2018/04/29(日) 11:41:04.80ID:u5Pjf5UP0
Well, it's a vague question.
In my opinion, AI has been just a very convenient tool for us human beings so far.
But after the so-called singularity point, we might fall in a place where we are treated as its salves.
Anyway, nodoby knows what will happen next.

220218, 219 (ニククエ 89c7-so8B)2018/04/29(日) 12:03:57.38ID:u5Pjf5UP0NIKU
There were a few typos in my writing, but I don't feel like correcting them lol
I rely on your guessing ability.

221名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ Saa3-Ycl1)2018/04/29(日) 15:08:10.48ID:FwqeN8wbaNIKU
This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

222名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ Sadd-QIl8)2018/04/29(日) 17:09:58.24ID:nh5KgGqTaNIKU
Shut up. I'm Japanese but I love White people as I got back from US to Japan over the age of 30. I'd completely been used to the Western culture. I'd rather ban Korean people who are brainwashed by false religions.

223名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ 89c7-so8B)2018/04/29(日) 17:29:05.12ID:u5Pjf5UP0NIKU
False religions? What are those?
I've heard that Koreans mainly believe in Confucianism, Buddhism, and Christianity.
Some Japanese may not regard Confucainism as a religion, it is wrong that they think so.
what annoys me about Koreans is their falsified historical views which stems from their government's anti-Japan education.

224名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエW a17f-+mNk)2018/04/29(日) 18:58:44.54ID:LJPL7Py20NIKU
Having no friends and living alone, I think there's nothing left for me.

225名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/29(日) 19:46:05.43ID:cx9J9fcd0NIKU

“agreed to move”
“Agreed to move”

Perfect example of what rewriting history looks like. This is why White people should be banned around the world.

226名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエWW 81be-QIl8)2018/04/29(日) 20:31:33.88ID:q5UTU9vf0NIKU
I think Confucianism is a cult and established in order to protect interest of a government, so any country influenced by this cult lacks for real democracy, and equal opportunities. In fact, Japan and Korea have ageism, and hierarchical structure between the young and aged people, which is why I hate Confucianism imported from Korea.
On the other hand, the Christianity which is spread throughout Korea, is not the Christianity indeed. This cult forces involuntary marriage, and that is one side of Korean society which lacks for freedom of choice in life.

227名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ 89c1-pzuD)2018/04/29(日) 21:29:41.11ID:vtUqtGof0NIKU
I'm so well aware of being punctual about everything here, who wouldn't? while the actual truth is they are not saving NONE of their time in doing so, and the worst part is they don't even seem to realize that.
Let's suppose you are on a highway and don't see so many of the cars around you, then it'd be more reasonable as long as you won't get caught with speeding.
However, driving in so hurry on ordinary roads would be almost meaningless because of all the traffic lights and the way they're working, only the risks accompanying with their thoughtless acts are real.

228名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ 898d-c97c)2018/04/29(日) 21:50:21.73ID:AwkXZGrL0NIKU
No one gives a fuck if Koreans have freedom or not. That's none of your business.
These morons are so stupid and boring, blabbering about the same thing they were blabbering about 10 years ago.

229名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ 89c7-so8B)2018/04/29(日) 22:10:51.77ID:u5Pjf5UP0NIKU
Are you a person from abroad? Your assertion made me evoke a lot of questions I'd like to ask you.
Maybe Confucius came up with the idea " so-called the order of seniority" in order for political leaders at that time to maintain social order.
but I don't understand how the concept is related to " real democracy"
First of all,I'd like you to explain about what "real democracy" is like.
Democracy is a political system in which sovereignty resides with the people of a ceratin country if they carry out the system
And at least, in Japan ,to exert their sovereign right, anyone is qualified to get the right to vote when they become 18 years old.
Thus, in my opinion, democracy has nothing to do with the order of seniority (tyoyo no jyo.)
Ageism is a kind of discrimination and the word should be used when someone suffer a disadvantage from the difference of age.
The idea " the order of seniority" just puts emphsis on your mental attitude toword the elderly.
That's why we celebrate " respect for the aged day" as a national holiday

230名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/29(日) 22:58:01.54ID:cx9J9fcd0NIKU
Why are you guys so good at writing English???

231名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 81be-QIl8)2018/04/30(月) 02:32:16.24ID:onGEw9tI0
Respect towards the aged can often lead to keeping the aged at a distance. I'm now around the age of 40, but I'd like to make more friends with younger guys.
I don't want the respect towards me, but I only want people to regard me like the same as young guys.

232名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 81be-QIl8)2018/04/30(月) 02:34:53.48ID:onGEw9tI0
I'm Japanese, brought up in the US for several years, and I'd got back from California to Japan.

233名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 81be-QIl8)2018/04/30(月) 02:48:38.64ID:onGEw9tI0
I think democracy has something with seniority system because it affects the equality of opportunities, and that is the basis of democracy. In fact, in Japan it's difficult to change jobs around the age of 40, even if I desire to get the same salary as the young people do, even if I have enough capacity to carry out the job, and even if I want to be a civil servant.

234名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/30(月) 02:54:31.22ID:8z2a2TE3M

> >>229
> I'm Japanese, brought up in the US for several years, and I'd got back from California to Japan.

Welcome back.

235名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c91d-q0rK)2018/04/30(月) 02:55:13.64ID:7v4LKYJj0
Can I post here from my gaijin IP?

236名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/30(月) 02:59:42.18ID:8z2a2TE3M

> Can I post here from my gaijin IP?

What is that?

237名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c91d-q0rK)2018/04/30(月) 03:06:07.78ID:7v4LKYJj0
IP is short for Internet Protocol address, last time I tried to post on some Japanese chan all posters outside of Japan were range-banned. Anyway, why are you even learning English for? Just curious

238名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 13e5-8TvS)2018/04/30(月) 03:32:26.77ID:JjZBadAW0
Everyone be careful, this poster may have shown this thread to a group of Japanese learners on the website known as 4chan.

239名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c91d-q0rK)2018/04/30(月) 03:33:45.13ID:7v4LKYJj0
that was some other guy

240名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/30(月) 03:57:20.38ID:T6UJ6fzE0
Are you gaijin?

241名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c91d-q0rK)2018/04/30(月) 04:48:36.53ID:7v4LKYJj0
Yes I am, I'm not American though, I learned English as a second language too

242名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 93a3-9PK1)2018/04/30(月) 05:43:18.03ID:CavyDY+00
Welcome to 5ch. But be careful to a person that comes sooner or later and begins attacking you just only because you are a foreigner.
It is better to use applications to filter such commences.

By the way, I started participating in Reddit, where I can get to know the writing styles of native speakers that are vastly different from such as newspapers.
It is similar to this site in many aspects but it seems more addictive due to Karma. I feel more relaxed to write in this site because I don't need to be afraid of being downvoted. This site is free, for better or worse.

243名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ db5f-pzuD)2018/04/30(月) 09:00:05.95ID:/nlfsjwL0
>White people should be banned around the world.
So you prefer black guys? hum...

244名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/30(月) 10:50:48.45ID:JAoCC08jM

> >>236
> IP is short for Internet Protocol address, last time I tried to post on some Japanese chan all posters outside of Japan were range-banned. Anyway, why are you even learning English for? Just curious

No.I am learning I am forgetting unwillingly.

245名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/04/30(月) 10:52:39.71ID:JAoCC08jM

> >>237
> Everyone be careful, this poster may have shown this thread to a group of Japanese learners on the website known as 4chan.

Why slould be carefull?

246名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/30(月) 21:13:07.24ID:T6UJ6fzE0
Sperm smell eveywhere at this time of the year!

the dramatic political change of north korea has made me feel bewildered and even scared...
i can't tell what's happening next and how it will affect my humble, ordinary life.

248名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/30(月) 23:50:56.03ID:T6UJ6fzE0
The two Koreas will be unified and then they will demand more asserive apology and comensation money over the haitorical issues from Japan.

249名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/04/30(月) 23:52:11.21ID:T6UJ6fzE0
I want a hard long gaijin dick.

250名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 71bd-QIl8)2018/04/30(月) 23:59:14.76ID:2BVuxqG00
Why? I've also heard that some people say it smells like cuttlefish as well as in Japan.

251名無しさん@英語勉強中 (即位 MMf5-Ycl1)2018/05/01(火) 00:18:01.88ID:u4rJO7ubM0501

> Sperm smell eveywhere at this time of the year!

Fuck off stupid.

252名無しさん@英語勉強中 (即位W c1bd-x1HS)2018/05/01(火) 00:29:03.09ID:lK1rJdtB00501
That’s true.

What kind of trees are they? Everywhere sperm smells recently...

253名無しさん@英語勉強中 (即位WW 71bd-QIl8)2018/05/01(火) 00:50:21.30ID:ijy8TICp00501
Chestnut trees, but when the flowers bloom.

254名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c91d-q0rK)2018/05/01(火) 01:13:48.24ID:uEO8dzKn0
Many people on 4chan don't like Reddit because the karma system forces everyone to have the same opinion and not be offensive and so acts almost like a self-censorship.

255名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c91d-q0rK)2018/05/01(火) 01:14:32.65ID:uEO8dzKn0
But 4chan is mostly shit too, plus it uses eay too many slang which wouldn't even be understandable to native speakers. What topics do you discuss on Reddit anyway?
Also it's good that you're reading if you're not reading for at least one hour a day you will never learn English and might as well commit sudoku

also why was it nagasugiru? I didn't even write that much

256名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c91d-q0rK)2018/05/01(火) 01:15:28.95ID:uEO8dzKn0
oh, you have to format your posts by yourself. What kind of retarded bullshit is this? It's 2018 for fucks sake

257名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 89c1-pzuD)2018/05/01(火) 03:28:20.06ID:GD4PRhxG0
I think that's for spam prevention.
And one more thing, at an inactive forum like here it's kind of customary to enter "sage" in your email section to avoid frequent bumps and other threads going to archive.
By the way, where did you know this place? Are there any more guys like you watching here without posting much?

258名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c91d-q0rK)2018/05/01(火) 04:03:50.57ID:uEO8dzKn0
somebody asked on djt (daily japanese thread) on 4chan if the Japanese have the same thing for English and somebody posted this

259名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 53f6-tZUI)2018/05/01(火) 04:35:23.79ID:bHG9XtGW0

260名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ db5f-pzuD)2018/05/01(火) 07:10:15.00ID:Jc5h/dCH0
the thread here is so slow. it is hard to maintain a conversation like this.

261名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9324-9PK1)2018/05/01(火) 08:38:13.99ID:J3aUQtzz0
It's due to the time difference.

I like to discuss subjects relating to languages and politics.
I need to be very careful to read between the lines in the site to the extent that I've never done here.

英語で雑談 has reddit subre.

263名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/05/01(火) 21:55:17.97ID:lK1rJdtB0
I don’t like GW because of those stupid holiday drivers and annoying familes with small kids in stores. They are literally everywhere!!!!

Nothing worse than annoying fucking kids!

264名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 71bd-QIl8)2018/05/01(火) 22:24:06.52ID:ijy8TICp0
So I'm away from Japan during GW every year.

265名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/05/01(火) 22:41:45.52ID:lK1rJdtB0
You must be rich enough. Super expenive during GW right

266名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/05/02(水) 00:29:27.58ID:ZOrBxmdD0
How can I get good-looking rich white gaijins?

take it easy.
those annoying little kids will eventually support japanese social welfare system,
and partially help you live your life after your retirement.
at the age of child-decresing society, each one of them should be valuable for us adults.

268名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c91d-q0rK)2018/05/02(水) 00:45:12.75ID:Dk/hkend0
post your boypussy

269名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/05/02(水) 02:28:18.16ID:ZOrBxmdD0
I’m allergic to kids. No thanks!

270名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 89c1-pzuD)2018/05/02(水) 06:45:16.63ID:hacJUUuF0
When you go shopping, every now and then you see these kids running around at a shop like an unleashed monkey.
Some people find them adorable, but I hardly think so.
Surely watching YOUR kids having fun is one thing, but when it comes to seeing some brats of other's playing? that wouldn't be fun at all.
Honestly, when girls say they like kids, I don't believe them.
Think they can only say that either because they don't have one around, or are just trying to impress on some guys that they are cool with kids.

271名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 93a3-9PK1)2018/05/02(水) 08:01:24.79ID:eD7TdOcI0
There are many foreigners who want to ask questions about Japanese. Several sites provides places for such questions but each site has shortcomings: too strict codes or low quality answers.
I wonder why foreigners coming here do not ask such questions. This site is so free that it could attract rubbish.
But at the same time it is highly likely that wrong answers will soon be corrected by other people. This will be an ideal place for Japanese learners.

272名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c968-PW7w)2018/05/02(水) 09:20:22.42ID:4vhW6xp/0
What was your object in saying that?

273名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/05/02(水) 14:52:53.07ID:ZOrBxmdD0
Right now some annoying kids are playing outside my house, actually in the road. What kind of parents are they? I mean allowing kids to play in the freaking road? Fucking yutori parents...

I wish we had a “child detector”. I heard that in the States, sexsually convicted criminals can be detected on a map on the Internet. Wish we had the child version of it so that we can avoid fucking kids as much as we can.

274名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ d1e0-so8B)2018/05/02(水) 16:56:35.15ID:eUQB3DKk0

275名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウアウエーT Sa23-q0rK)2018/05/02(水) 17:13:10.36ID:izABCxLua
You have an excellent command of English.
It's amazing.
I can understand what you mean as followed:

Some kids are playing loudly on the road just in front of my house, making me annoyed.
I wonder in what kind of discipline they are being raised.
Why do their parents allow them to play on a bustling road?
These parents belong to the so-called "yutori" generation, or those who were educated under the relaxed education policy.

276名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/05/02(水) 17:20:48.70ID:ZOrBxmdD0
Thanks for your proofreading. Much apreeciated.

277名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/05/02(水) 17:30:32.72ID:ZOrBxmdD0
Are you gaiiin by any chance?

278名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウアウエーT Sa23-q0rK)2018/05/02(水) 17:43:50.54ID:izABCxLua
No, not actually.
I don't think there are many non-Japanese speakers on the 5channel online forum.
In the same vein, I assume all users are Japanese speakers, whether they are gaijin or not.

279名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/05/02(水) 22:54:44.01ID:ZOrBxmdD0
I’m back from gym and grocery shopping.
You know what? I was taken aback by annoying brats at Eon because it’s past 10pm and parents are supposed to bring those shit-smelling kids to bed! The Yutori parents...

Well, people say “like father, like son”...right?

280名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW c1bd-x1HS)2018/05/02(水) 23:05:21.29ID:ZOrBxmdD0
I’m eating chips from 湖池屋 this time.
Did you know 湖池屋 is doing this campaign “じゃがいも復活感謝祭” just Calbee is doing the same thing.

I think Calbee ones are my taste.

281名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c91d-q0rK)2018/05/02(水) 23:12:58.34ID:Dk/hkend0
chill out there, Japan doesn't need anymore serial killers

on 4chan we have enough Japanese to answer our questions about the language

282名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 898d-c97c)2018/05/02(水) 23:35:42.45ID:IJCSSfNb0
I don't like cheap potato chips much. I mostly eat chipstar. But it is expensive so I rarely eat it.

283名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/05/02(水) 23:39:59.39ID:9o2JTxQPM
> >>275
> Are you gaiiin by any chance?

Are you a sniffer?

284名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMf5-Ycl1)2018/05/02(水) 23:44:33.13ID:9o2JTxQPM

Their parents are the ex left wing activist.
So,Your idea is quite right in that meaning too.

285名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 898d-c97c)2018/05/02(水) 23:58:13.01ID:IJCSSfNb0
I said there is a rule that can stop Chinese from buying our land, but I might have confused it with some other matter.
Also I thought I would be ok with just eating gyoza and ditching other Chinese food, but I forgot about mabo-dofu.

286名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2af6-vH5I)2018/05/03(木) 00:56:43.72ID:PMwFRr2n0
I want to go home.

287名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/03(木) 01:03:50.70ID:IipXdG640
I admit that chip stars are nice.

288名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/03(木) 01:04:53.98ID:IipXdG640
I like 青椒肉絲 by the way.

289名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/03(木) 01:05:16.70ID:IipXdG640
Are you still working or what?

290名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW bbbe-4WaF)2018/05/03(木) 02:23:07.42ID:8MQo/ZZa0

i eat rameeeeeeeeeeeeeenn

291名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/03(木) 02:39:36.80ID:IipXdG640
That’s not even ramen anymore, dude.

292名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 8a24-K8ez)2018/05/03(木) 04:37:59.91ID:3Q3rCBxZ0
What's the object? lol

293名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 27c1-a7mP)2018/05/03(木) 10:10:15.40ID:0Xd0hyaS0
Ramen always reminds me of the memory where my friends and I are drunk so badly that some of us throw up outside the restaurant in the middle of eating,
busting out the place like they just saw their long gone grandfather alive.
And I bet some of you guys can relate to this type of story as well.
I'm just so grateful of the fact that I myself have never messed up like that yet.
Once I stand out in the public doing something juvenile like that, I can't shake that off my head for a while for sure.

294名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 8a24-K8ez)2018/05/03(木) 12:13:22.15ID:3Q3rCBxZ0
Oh, I didn't know that 4chan has many Japanese users. Are their explanations good?

Anyway, Reddit is a good resource for us Japanese to be familiar with the variety of writing styles. Some people write really good sentences, sometimes it seems to excel the level of newspapers.

295名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/03(木) 18:24:44.54ID:IipXdG640
Ugh I hate it when gaijins mix cursive and block letters!!! Should be illegal!!!!

296名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ caa8-bmQX)2018/05/03(木) 19:05:09.66ID:DvlK/cIa0
I think your command of English is excellent, very smooth, natural.
You seem to be able to express your thoughts in English as freely as if it is your mother tongue.

If you don't mind, may I ask you a few questions?
1) Are you Japanese? If so, are you a returnee child, so-called 帰国子女 in Japanese?
Or maybe you have an experience of studying abroad?
2) How have you become so good at conversational English?

I'm Japanese myself, a learner of English.
I have only a limited command of English and want to improve it very much.
If you have any advice for me, I'd really appreciate it.
If you think my questions are too inquisitive, you don't need to answer me.

Thanks for reading this.

297名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 278d-pRpi)2018/05/03(木) 23:06:28.00ID:PQk+UTdq0
Today is Kempo Day.

298名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/03(木) 23:11:08.65ID:IipXdG640
Chimpo day?

299名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ ab19-G8ur)2018/05/04(金) 00:46:27.73ID:QjHvPtyN0
yet. Chimpo day coming 25th century. Don't hesitate your hidden penis.


> yet. Chimpo day coming 25th century. Don't hesitate your hidden penis.

You.Hide yourself.

Hold back fucking stupid.
Don't fuck with us anymore.

302名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 27c1-a7mP)2018/05/04(金) 02:30:40.31ID:PbBOtLl10
That's so nice of you saying that, but actually my writing skill is very limited unlike you might think I am.
That being said, since you asked me so politely, I'll try my best to answer them.

1) I'm 100% Japanese, back in college I used to stay shortly in Canada for learning English though.

2) As for this part, there's not really a special technique or anything.
I just always read/listen VERY carefully to movies, passages, books and podcasts, etc. sometimes again and again.
As I was working on that, you may or may not notice there's a pattern they follow in most of their lines.
I analyze and learn them by words to words, rephrase them in my own words when writing. It's actually that simple.
Even when we speak Japanese, you can totally see that almost everyone follows the similar sentence structures, right?
Those ones that don't quite fit in them will sometimes sound a bit awkward imo.
Phrasal verbs (such as "walk down/stand up") and rephrasing & avoid using too many of the same words in one sentence also help you in this.

In conversational English, I think it's very important to pick out the words that's commonly in use, not some random words from your dictionary;
always remember you don't write in a literal translating way, because you can't be sure that they sound right.
Whenever you feel you can't find the right expression for your ideas, just look for another more natural way of saying them.
And most importantly, immerse yourself in English. Only this will nurture your sense of what's right or wrong.
Double the amount you see English everyday if you think your English is not good enough. (Personally I don't think you need to)

Your English is very good, so whatever you are doing now, just keep it up. Maybe that will get you to the point that you are going for there.
I think that concludes my little pieces of advice, I hope this will be of some help.

303名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 8a24-K8ez)2018/05/04(金) 06:10:30.47ID:Zqptd7VO0
This is the longest post I've ever seen here.
I like reading long articles especially in newspapers.

This is the one I recently found. It contains about "3000" words!!!

304名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ caa8-bmQX)2018/05/04(金) 10:11:20.61ID:DEA8u3yC0
Thank you very much for your answer! Your kind advice has struck home to me.
I’m 100% Japanese, too, and have never stayed abroad.
I’m learning English because I simply like to do so. But I sometimes feel very anxious about whether I am doing it right way.
I knew from your answer that your natural way of writing is supported by your great efforts and hard work.
This encourages me very much because if I keep working, it is possible that someday I might be able to write English freely and naturally like you do.
Thank you again for your kind and detailed advice. I’ll keep it in mind and keep studying. :D

305名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/04(金) 12:18:09.62ID:OwnQBpUW0
Fuck. Remember the annoying kids I talked about the other day? They are screaming and playing in the road at the moment. What bugs me most is that super loud noises this kid’s car thing makes by scratching the ground.

Fuck them. Hope a huge meteorite would drop on their empty-heads right now!!!!

306名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 8a24-K8ez)2018/05/04(金) 13:43:09.94ID:Zqptd7VO0
I always screamed until I got hoarse when I was a child.
Declining birthrate leads to intolerance toward children.

307名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW bbbe-4WaF)2018/05/04(金) 13:47:58.65ID:RD5vqpua0
got horsed?

308名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 8a24-K8ez)2018/05/04(金) 14:13:52.63ID:Zqptd7VO0
Are you talking about something obscene? Sorry, I don't like the one.

By the way, writing "recognizable" sentence is relatively easy but writing flawless and natural sentences is by far difficult.
The former can be likened to driving a car and the latter is almost identical to flying a plane.
I sometimes correct Japanese learners essays. Some of the advanced learners can produce almost error-free essays, still, those tend to be full of unnatural expressions so that I have to rewrite them from scratch.

I don't know how to achieve native levels in naturalness.

309名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MMcf-j75q)2018/05/04(金) 20:19:56.14ID:jRszA/x2M
Fuck unified Korean table tennis team!!!!

310名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 278d-pRpi)2018/05/04(金) 23:19:36.04ID:jnYXiMI/0
I remembered the movie Kimi no Na wa, which I watched on TV several months ago.
I think you would die too if a huge meteorite dropped there, which I don't mind.

311名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/04(金) 23:25:42.02ID:OwnQBpUW0
That over-rated movie is so lame....

312名無しさん@英語勉強中 (JPW 0H16-/ihs)2018/05/05(土) 02:20:36.86ID:Biyjm+uWH
What is your best movie ever?
I like "ガタカ"

313名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/05(土) 04:44:35.90ID:LOYCiSIW0

314名無しさん@英語勉強中 (コードモW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/05(土) 06:52:44.85ID:LOYCiSIW00505
Good morning!

315名無しさん@英語勉強中 (コードモWW 8aa3-K8ez)2018/05/05(土) 07:08:54.19ID:8/FjmJGw00505
Good morning!

I'd like to ask whoever writes in English on a daily basis about how to type on smartphones. I use gboard and voice typing. Is it the common way to write, or are there other better ways?

316名無しさん@英語勉強中 (コードモT Sa82-NrvC)2018/05/05(土) 15:15:24.00ID:Z1ufRFaUa0505
I has grown increasingly nervous as the Golden Week holiday season draws to a close.
It is always a difficult ordeal to return to work after a long holiday.
I am wondering what to do today because I have made the schedule vacant for the last two days of the holiday.
And today draws to a close...
Have a great day, everybody.

317名無しさん@英語勉強中 (コードモT Sa82-NrvC)2018/05/05(土) 15:18:22.24ID:Z1ufRFaUa0505
The word "has" in the first sentence should have been written "have."

318名無しさん@英語勉強中 (コードモW 6bbd-j75q)2018/05/05(土) 15:46:23.67ID:LOYCiSIW00505

319名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/05(土) 22:37:07.10ID:LOYCiSIW0

320名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMc7-+u6B)2018/05/06(日) 00:53:13.82ID:adf6WKaBM

> What is your best movie ever?
> I like "ガタカ"

I like argo.

321名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMc7-+u6B)2018/05/06(日) 00:55:58.63ID:adf6WKaBM
This thread get a lil bit serious recently.

That's nice for me.

322名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMc7-+u6B)2018/05/06(日) 01:04:00.84ID:adf6WKaBM

> Good morning!
> I'd like to ask whoever writes in English on a daily basis about how to type on smartphones. I use gboard and voice typing. Is it the common way to write, or are there other better ways?

I use google keyboard.
What's gboard?

323名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 8aa3-Eq9Z)2018/05/06(日) 03:53:57.97ID:hwnouwJk0
If I remember correctly, gboard is called google keyboard before.

324名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/06(日) 04:08:45.33ID:kRiwhY2o0
Fuck all gaijins in Japan!!!


> Fuck all gaijins in Japan!!!

Fuck you.

This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

327名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 0a47-yVpc)2018/05/06(日) 09:20:27.12ID:1vyFlqLI0
in this website...everyone is just tweeting, not chatting.

328名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 3f40-NrvC)2018/05/06(日) 11:03:11.00ID:6wL0GDk20
>What is your best movie ever?
I'm a gaijin, but I like japanese cinema a lot. My knowledge of it is quite limited, however.
Some of my favorite japanese directors are Yasujiro Ozu, Hiroshi Teshigahara and Masaki Kobayashi.
What do you guys think about them?

329名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 8724-K8ez)2018/05/06(日) 13:06:53.21ID:qCC4J/fu0
Umm, I don't know any of them...
You are quite familiar with old movies. Sometimes foreigners remind me how little I know about my own culture.

Now, I get addicted to Reddit. I spent hours reading and posting in them. This is no good. I should abolish this habit.

330名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 27c7-QU2X)2018/05/06(日) 13:42:19.90ID:1vlFfU2K0
If I remember correctly, there used to be a geek whose nickname was subject.
He would often visit here and posted ascii art a lot. It seemed to me that he suffered from some mental illness
I sometimes talked with him and he said he is from England.
I forgot almost everything he told me , but there is one thing which still sticks in my mind.
He said that he was a big fan of Ozu Yasujiro, and saw a movie entitled " Tokyo Monogatari" many times.
His remarks whetted my appetite for what's so appealing about it.

331名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MMc7-lavJ)2018/05/06(日) 14:11:56.94ID:QWyQCcLBM
Hi buddy
does anybody know nicer english school that costs us not-expensively in los angeles?
i thought it was in or nearby korea town possibly

332名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMc7-+u6B)2018/05/06(日) 18:30:24.68ID:af/N9e5dM
Why learning english in U.S writing in english?

333名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/06(日) 22:00:01.32ID:kRiwhY2o0
I hate it when I find out a partner doesn’t take care of pubic hair.

i thought i would rain tomorrow but it begins to rain now...
i don't want to go to the office while it rains.

335名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/06(日) 22:34:25.71ID:kRiwhY2o0
Why don’t you take a day off?

i do if i can but i have to go.
i hope no delay of train will occur tomorrow morning.

337名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/06(日) 22:58:14.50ID:kRiwhY2o0
Good luck. I’m going to Costco tomorrow to refill the gas.

thank you.
i remember that i once applied for a job at costco
but i failed the 2nd round of the interview.
at the 1st round of the interview, i also took several kinds of tests including english, mathematics etc.
i scored perfect for the mathematics but the english test devastated me...too difficult.

339名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/07(月) 00:28:49.60ID:bCtpqyl10
Gas is a lot cheaper at Costco than most gas stations, you know that?

The English test at Costco was too difficult? I thought it’s a piece of cake to get a job at Costco... apparently it’s not.

Anyway, have a nice week!

340名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMc7-+u6B)2018/05/07(月) 01:07:19.08ID:GD91JrL8M
Do you mean gas for autobile?

341名無しさん@英語勉強中 (トンモー MMc7-+u6B)2018/05/07(月) 01:08:10.50ID:GD91JrL8M

> I hate it when I find out a partner doesn’t take care of pubic hair.

What's pablic hair?


> >>326
> in this website...everyone is just tweeting, not chatting.

Then you make a chat.

343名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワキゲー MM96-yVpc)2018/05/07(月) 11:54:03.15ID:osohxEkEM
instead, i am here.


> >>342
> no.
> instead, i am here.

Why don't you tell me why?

345名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワキゲー MM96-yVpc)2018/05/07(月) 14:38:42.37ID:Cr8r9naQM
see >>327.

346名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 8a19-G8ur)2018/05/07(月) 17:10:26.01ID:FzxcQ4ux0
I got a job.

347名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワキゲー MM96-yVpc)2018/05/07(月) 17:15:14.84ID:fsLLwL6xM

348名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/07(月) 17:53:33.16ID:bCtpqyl10
What kind?

349名無しさん@英語勉強中 (JPW 0H16-/ihs)2018/05/07(月) 19:05:33.55ID:QF4TBnULH
You're talking to me?

350名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/07(月) 20:05:13.30ID:bCtpqyl10

whether it is fine or not, jr saikyo-line trains tend to not arrive at station.
especially at the akabane-station, the platform is so packed that
there are even passengers waiting in line downstairs.

352名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/08(火) 00:42:47.26ID:P4B+4lTS0
I heard that so many hentais ars on the saikyo line.

353名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 27c1-a7mP)2018/05/08(火) 20:00:32.27ID:emLA807X0
I used to often hang out with the girl who's had that 1st girl's personality and a bit from 5th one.
From her stories, she stalks her ex, she bears with any violence from her partner, she casually sleeps with almost anyone she likes, and so on.
I don't know if this has anything to do with those personality profiling, but sometimes I'm surprised to find out how they all turn out to have similar negative experiences like that.
Does this indicate that all girls, deep down inside, are subconsciously seeking for abusive relationships? Where do you stand on this, guys?

354名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW abae-lavJ)2018/05/08(火) 21:44:42.99ID:6S8a5t010
so many Hentai ass???
Oh what a crap I get you are a fucking phyco chasing the ass

i go to a specific barber shop.
when i visit the shop, i usually request to have my bangs cut moderately.
but one of the staffs working there cut my bangs slightly too much,
no matter how many times i request him to have my bangs cut moderately...

356名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/08(火) 22:23:27.98ID:P4B+4lTS0
Thank you for introducing yourself. Scum

i think that how much money you have paid into your ic card like suika, pasmo or ikoka is
a piece of important personal information.
so, i feel uncomfortable if the amount of money i have paid into my card is clearly shown
on the monitors of those automatic ticket-checking machines placed at the exits or entrances
of stations when i pass by them and touch my card on them...
of course i can understand it helps you know how much is left and can be spent.

mother's day & father's day are coming soon this month.
it may be good for you to think about how to give your parents a big smile on these special days.

359名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワキゲー MM96-yVpc)2018/05/09(水) 00:05:34.01ID:1ylwkf27M
i think the history of cards is important information, but the amount at the moment of tapping is not so important or worth being protected.

360名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/09(水) 02:26:41.55ID:MCpSD8Ga0

361名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 1ebb-+u6B)2018/05/09(水) 07:48:52.75ID:pkSXYIBb0

> >>354
> Thank you for introducing yourself. Scum

Why scum?

362名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 27c1-a7mP)2018/05/09(水) 19:06:04.78ID:ApaWzCGJ0
Maybe it's an elaborate ruse by the railway companies taking advantage of how Japanese always worrying too much about other's eyes and make people buy their deposits more often than necessary. The funny thing is it's totally working for me...

363名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/09(水) 21:38:11.35ID:MCpSD8Ga0
Fuck the gas is getting expensive...!

but putting more money into your card than necessary would be better than being blocked
by the doors (?) of the machines because of lack of money.
that high-pitched alarm sound is really embarrasing,
especially when there are a lot of people around you.

i remember that my former boss gave me an interesting advice for effectively learning engish.
that was "don't look up an english word or phrase in a dictionary. if you do it, you can't keep up with native speakers' speech or writing rate".
about 10 years have passed since she gave me the advice but i still look up english words sometimes.

366名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6bbd-80IO)2018/05/09(水) 23:35:31.28ID:MCpSD8Ga0
She is baka

367名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワキゲー MM96-yVpc)2018/05/09(水) 23:36:41.03ID:xVwxmGMlM
this is not true because there is no reason for JR to collect the deposit money more. the deposit is a kind of debt of their balance sheet.

368名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 7dc1-uwJI)2018/05/10(木) 01:15:52.58ID:hgO06DdZ0
You're right. I don't like getting caught up in a situation like that which is why I always refill the card as soon as I notice the stored money gets less than 2000 yen.
With that precaution I still had to go through the same kind of humiliation when I failed to place my card on that reader properly and the gate blocked me off like I was trying to get a free ride.
Now I have to get nervous every time I use them all thanks to that stupid gates.

I barely know management theory, but besides the balance sheet or all the other technicality, we actually have to spend our cash and they get the cash, I think that's all that counts for me here.


> i remember that my former boss gave me an interesting advice for effectively learning engish.
> that was "don't look up an english word or phrase in a dictionary. if you do it, you can't keep up with native speakers' speech or writing rate".
> about 10 years have passed since she gave me the advice but i still look up english words sometimes.

Does she do what in place of such looking up?


> Fuck the gas is getting expensive...!

You should get a diesel one.

371名無しさん@英語勉強中 (JPW 0H2b-Y4OB)2018/05/10(木) 19:33:41.99ID:eKdFgWdYH

372名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/10(木) 21:50:57.07ID:vLM8Ckxa0
This guy’s English is always fucked up, dude.

373名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 05ae-NqC6)2018/05/10(木) 22:44:38.28ID:eV9qKC3s0
As you were
How it sounds this guy speaks English is awful Is that so much more natural huh?lol
Aint you going to spend your fxxxin' time for your headcircus??????????haha

374名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 05ae-NqC6)2018/05/10(木) 22:46:16.50ID:eV9qKC3s0
And for another tip,
Dont you use English slangs that make you look a fool

375名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 05ae-NqC6)2018/05/10(木) 22:55:05.59ID:eV9qKC3s0


376名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/10(木) 22:55:23.78ID:vLM8Ckxa0
Too many ? make you look a fool


377名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 05ae-NqC6)2018/05/10(木) 23:02:43.97ID:eV9qKC3s0
What is "Too many?" as what you wrote?
Okay Do Understand that you're elementary either and Of course I am.
But please get a grip on yourself and do not be aggressive to any of us by writing like >>372


> This guy’s English is always fucked up, dude.

Your head is fucked up actually.

379名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/11(金) 00:20:44.20ID:NG/RZYdc0
Look who’s talking! Are you Korean or something?

380名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/11(金) 00:29:14.98ID:NG/RZYdc0
Why are you so edgy? Are you having your period? lol

381名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 7dc1-uwJI)2018/05/11(金) 01:37:05.07ID:6jxkjy+W0
>>365, >>375
I agree with her.
For concrete/objective nouns like "apple" "dog" "tower", it's for our best just looking them up,
but when it comes to very abstract notions such as "confirm" "associate" "take", dictionaries would be rather counter-productive.


> >>378
> Why are you so edgy? Are you having your period? lol


Let’s make a discussion.
Should we,unnative speaker of english ,need to get correct pronounce
,grammer,spelling etc?

384名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ a3a8-BsV1)2018/05/12(土) 01:26:18.06ID:MraZ59qc0
I think it is extremely hard for non-native speakers of English who started learning it at a certain age or older
to acquire native levels of naturalness in it.
Even if our English is not perfect, it would be all right if we can get across our ideas to a person
who we are talking to or writing to.
Still, I think it is important for us to try hard and improve our English so that we can communicate better.

385名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/12(土) 02:20:20.14ID:nILAr9va0

This gives me a food for thought.
Maybe I should call the police everytime I see white gaijins in Japan. They are detrimental.

Look at the end of the video! Ugly white crying face ;)))))

just like some people, i wonder why there is no single national holiday in june in japan .
i think that politicians should look into proposing a bill to set up the new national holiday in June.
the next national hoiday is "marine day", no less than 2 months away from golden week...

This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

388名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2340-CK3D)2018/05/12(土) 08:54:32.75ID:H4l3eKAE0
this jerk has kept deceiving people for several previous threads.
that shit is not a sister site at all, in fact completely unrelated to this thread..

what is more, this jerk tried to lured people here to suspicious offline meeting
in a previous thread.
now you understand how fishy the jerk is.



389名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 7dc1-uwJI)2018/05/12(土) 14:24:00.86ID:u8mayRY80
Is she even listening to others? That woman shooting the video clearly said "having barbecue in this park is not against the laws",
and the guy also reiterated they knew it was fine to barbecue there, they had been living there long enough to know that well, but she didn't seem to understand either of them.
I can't help but noticing that she was just deliberately being deaf to anything that was contradictory to her beliefs. Well, I'm not surprised, because racists are just a bunch of morons.

And you know what you are doing right there shouting for "no gaijins/whites in Japan" bullshit is not different from that woman in the video.

390名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/12(土) 16:49:25.98ID:nILAr9va0
Ugh white gaijin wanabee...

391名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 7dc1-uwJI)2018/05/12(土) 18:32:04.12ID:u8mayRY80
What the hell are you talking about? Just because I'm defending them doesn't mean I worship them. I'm just rightful about the things that need to be mentioned.
If you don't like them so much, why are you speaking English in the first place? And in case you don't notice this at this point, you should know that you've been self-contradicting yourself and being ridiculous here.

392名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ f581-OvDT)2018/05/12(土) 18:53:55.21ID:/dAiHADU0
I wonder why you express gaijin however it's foreigner.

393名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 05ae-NqC6)2018/05/12(土) 20:01:51.51ID:X9pmMvOc0
it just seems depending on people
if you call foreigner gaijin as a japanese to the other, you don't hate them at all because you're childish
just behave awkward and pretend yourself cooler you know
it's not a big deal let go of it

394名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/12(土) 20:44:53.18ID:nILAr9va0
Let me guess. You are this kind of person.

395名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 7dc1-uwJI)2018/05/12(土) 21:46:53.27ID:u8mayRY80
Must be hard to go through your life with that level of retardation.
You are literally too naive to discuss about any topic.

396名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 7d8d-bFqk)2018/05/12(土) 23:01:26.91ID:oIVfXRst0
I'm tired of both the mental gym Korean and the morons that keep responding to him in a boring way.
Gaijins like Igirisujin and Stinky American would handle him with ease and humor.

By the way, I agree that 害人 are detrimental and should be deported.
If I was living in a foreign country and the Japanese there were acting like 害人, I would expect them to be killed by the local people and also fear for my own safety.

a supermarket near my house offers limited kinds of ice cream,
which they think are very competitive in terms of price, compared with their competitors.
i am not against their sales strategy but even so, i expect them to expand their offerings.
i want to eat ice cream by minor manufactures too.

wide range of ice cream...

It depends on the location of a shop.

399名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スプッッ Sd03-jyZI)2018/05/13(日) 00:38:49.64ID:vzwWePh5d
I have trying learn the english again. what should i do at the first.
Anyway, My grammars are broken.
But just I found something good application “Anki”. It isn’t “Aniki”.
also English grammar in Use for Anki has been distribution for free. This is so fantastic!!
please fix my sentence, if you have feel something is wrong with them.


> I wonder why you express gaijin however it's foreigner.

And why he hates such gaijin speaking english?


> >>369
> 農場のおばはんが英語学習のアドバイスくれたで
> 「辞書とかでフレーズとかいちいち単語調べてばっかやとあたしらと話すときに出てこねーぞ書くときもそう」
> あれから十年くらいたったけど時々調べてまうなあ
> ニュアンスを勉強しろってことだよ
> パズルじゃねーよってこと

Fix your bad attitude,

402名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/13(日) 01:32:25.12ID:nYQsE8l60
I agree! Some people are too aggressive here!

403名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スプッッ Sd03-jyZI)2018/05/13(日) 13:43:10.11ID:vzwWePh5d
It is what it is. In generally a ton of the typical Japanese are aggressive on an online.
We never couldn't see the face each other.
But if we must to make faces public by the legal duty when we have using the Internet, they’er will have gentlemanly behavior.

404名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/13(日) 18:53:42.51ID:nYQsE8l60
Raning cats and dogs outside. No motivation to go ouside. I wish someone will do some errands for me.

This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

Human rights in uglyでいいですか?

407名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/13(日) 22:28:05.54ID:nYQsE8l60
Human rights for even ugly whores too!!!!!

408名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/13(日) 22:36:05.54ID:nYQsE8l60
Recently I realized how fun Reddit is.


410名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM43-NqC6)2018/05/14(月) 08:12:23.48ID:8LK7YE3FM
I just tried to make things simplified baby


> >>407
> ありがとうございます
> whoresって娼婦の意味っぽいですがここは必要でしょうか?
> ブスの権利ならどうなるでしょう?

In english please.


> 「ブスにも人権を」って
> Human rights in uglyでいいですか?

English please.

I little bit feel that this thread has a fewer user than before.

414名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ATW 0H0b-kHLv)2018/05/14(月) 15:17:10.37ID:HV4vnMzXH
I have hardly called gaijin or foreigner when I describe about people from other countries. In my opinion, there is no difference between the two words.
Does the word “gaijin” sound exclusive whereas “foreigner” doesn’t sound exclusive? It does sound exclusive also. Gaijin just means foreigner in Japanese. The nuance is also totally same.
To me, both words sound a sort of cold and unfriendly and because of this reason I tend to abstain from using them and choose another word instead.
The better version of gaijin or foreigner might be “international person”, “non-japanese people”, or just “people from a different country”. I recommend that you guys use these words.

415名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/14(月) 15:23:55.25ID:yPxYTVvP0
>The better version of gaijin or foreigner might be “international person”, “non-japanese people”, or just “people from a different country”. I recommend that you guys use these words.

Too long....

416名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ATW 0H0b-kHLv)2018/05/14(月) 15:35:12.73ID:HV4vnMzXH
I understand that, but generally polite expressions should be longer than casual words. This inconvenience can apply to japanese language also. 外国の方 or 海外の方 is longer than just saying 外人, right?
We just need to torelate it and get used to it.

417名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/14(月) 16:09:09.95ID:yPxYTVvP0
Well, still I conitune to call them “gaijin” or “害人”. Maybe “外国人” if they are nice people.

418名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ATW 0H0b-kHLv)2018/05/14(月) 16:13:45.17ID:HV4vnMzXH
As u wish. I dont give a shit

419名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/14(月) 16:34:05.80ID:yPxYTVvP0
I don’t give a fuck as well

420名無しさん@英語勉強中 (JPW 0H2b-Y4OB)2018/05/14(月) 19:35:33.03ID:4EXrT3vLH
Please gimme your shit

421名無しさん@英語勉強中 (US 0H89-P7e1)2018/05/14(月) 20:00:02.49ID:444P0U3sH
I prefer "gweilo"


> Recently I realized how fun Reddit is.

Don’t you know that we have 英語で雑談 in Reddit too?


> Please gimme your shit

You’re bullshit Mr.abnormal.

424名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 231e-uwJI)2018/05/14(月) 20:29:20.73ID:e5BgMLFy0
I found that the only people who are really sensitive about the word "gaijin" in Japan are those who just moved here and haven't quite adjusted to the culture yet.

425名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/14(月) 21:27:25.42ID:yPxYTVvP0
Or just whinny whites which came to Japan and never discriminated agaist back home.

They are the worst.

426名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 7dc1-uwJI)2018/05/14(月) 21:39:17.70ID:fBR8dzMg0
In many other countries, people of multiple ethnicity are very common and because of that, locals will no longer bother to address them "foreigners" imo.
Additionally, people overseas would most probably find the word derogatory and offending since it almost implies that they are basically not the part of their community even though they strongly believe they are,
and sometimes people use it on purpose to set themselves apart from them, I assume.
On that note, Japan is a relatively unique country. When addressing someone a "foreigner", most people here don't mean to offend them nor reject their presence by calling so.
It's a shame they don't take that as we meant them to be, I guess it's one of the most important things to take note beforehand for anyone to come visit Japan.

427名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/14(月) 21:52:43.52ID:yPxYTVvP0
The link please?

428名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/14(月) 22:12:06.79ID:yPxYTVvP0
I’m eating popato chips again... ugh so good but feel guilty after eating it

different people have different viewpoints and everybody is ok in this thread.
this thread will go on and on in that way...


> different people have different viewpoints and everybody is ok in this thread.
> this thread will go on and on in that way...

Very agree!


> I’m eating popato chips again... ugh so good but feel guilty after eating it

Yesterday I went to a Seven eleven.
And realize the fact that there has a lot of seems nice snacks.


> >>285
> I like 青椒肉絲 by the way.

Hummm .
Sounds nice,

This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

434名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9df7-Zf5t)2018/05/15(火) 09:42:40.75ID:QJGZCIf10
A question for the native Japanese speakers: what is your interpretation or feeling of 〜ている verbs?

In English, 〜ている is taught as the continuative form (歩いている = walking) and the form for the result of a state change (知っている = know, as in "I know"),
but from what I know about Japanese grammar, my intuition is that this form isn't any different than the use of 〜て as a connective form (座って食べる) and いる, as in to exist.

What do you think of this intuition?
Do you view utterances such as "食べている" as a single word or two words (or maybe even three)?
If so do you feel いる has any semantic meaning or is it purely an auxiliary verb like ます (食べます) to you?

Somewhat related but can there be ambiguity in meaning between a resultant state and continuative action?
For example, can "パンを食べている" mean both "(I) am eating bread" and "There is bread which has been eaten"?

食べている is one word.
In dialog 食べている is equall to 食べてる.
You pronounce 食べてる in only one breath.

436名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ a3a8-BsV1)2018/05/15(火) 14:19:31.50ID:wSksHxBO0
I have no expert knowledge of Japanese language. So what I say is only a guess.

> this form isn't any different than the use of 〜て as a connective form (座って食べる) and いる, as in to exist.
I have never interpreted 〜ている like that, but come to think of it, yes, your intuition could be right.
When written in a kanji form, いる is 居る, meaning being present somewhere.
When we are eating, we are eating and at the same time we are present at a place where we are eating.

> can there be ambiguity in meaning between a resultant state and continuative action?
> For example, can "パンを食べている" mean both "(I) am eating bread" and "There is bread which has been eaten"?
Yes, I think there could be ambiguity as you say.
But normally, when we say "パンを食べている", it means "(I) am eating bread."
As for your second interpretation, "There is bread which has been eaten", we will say "パンを食べてしまっている" in that case.

437名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 2324-js4U)2018/05/15(火) 14:44:39.95ID:qEXCKLTW0
歩い+て+いる I'm walking
て: auxiliary connective
いる: auxiliary verb that implies a continuative action.
This can be applied to 食べ+て+いる: I'm eating.

ます: a polite expression
This just means "I will eat".

て:auxiliary connective
いる:auxiliary verb that implies present state.

As this shows there is no ambiguity between a "continuative action" and "present state".

パンを食べている clearly means I'm eating bread. I don't think it has any other meanings.

438名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 2324-js4U)2018/05/15(火) 15:07:06.60ID:qEXCKLTW0
I think the difficulties for learners of Japanese language arise from dictionaries. Even some Japanese native speakers find it difficult to search exact explanations in Japanese Japanese dictionaries.

And English native speakers tend to analyze phrases quite grammatically. This is not common for Japanese.
I think few people, if any, pay attention to grammatical structures so sometimes it is difficult for Japanese native speakers to explain it grammatically.
I think this is quite opposite to English native speakers. I've heard that they analyze grammatical structures in English on a daily basis.

439名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 2324-js4U)2018/05/15(火) 15:22:51.83ID:qEXCKLTW0
Reviewing my own sentences make me feel sad...
I wish I could write more natural sentences...

440名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/15(火) 15:35:05.80ID:ug2ReKLt0
Fuck the Japanese launguage. Why is that English did not become the official launguage when Japan lost WW2?

441名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 3d24-Ayji)2018/05/15(火) 15:52:14.80ID:6C/0KUCJ0
Both English and Japanese have their own distinguished advantages.
And learning other languages itself has huge benefit to our brain.

442名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW a57f-vCZ+)2018/05/15(火) 17:23:23.10ID:BroS5KJf0
Japanese has its own beauty.
Plus, if we forget Japanese, we lose access to our cultural ancestries.

443名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ a3a8-BsV1)2018/05/15(火) 17:51:43.61ID:wSksHxBO0
As an example in which パンを食べている can mean "There is bread which has been eaten,"
I've come up with this kind of dialogue.


(situation: The doctor asks the nurse if the patient has eaten the food.)
doctor: Has the patient eaten all the food?
nurse: He has eaten bread, but he has left fruit.

444名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 3d24-Ayji)2018/05/15(火) 18:17:05.31ID:6C/0KUCJ0
What are you saying?


> Fuck the Japanese launguage. Why is that English did not become the official launguage when Japan lost WW2?

Fuck you.


> Both English and Japanese have their own distinguished advantages.
> And learning other languages itself has huge benefit to our brain.

What kind of benefit is that?

447名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MM89-obfm)2018/05/15(火) 19:04:40.55ID:znNFRrkuM
Fuck me please?


> Japanese has its own beauty.
> Plus, if we forget Japanese, we lose access to our cultural ancestries.

That's right.

449名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ a3a8-BsV1)2018/05/15(火) 19:09:11.71ID:wSksHxBO0
What I'm trying to say is that パンを食べている can have a meaning other than "I'm eating bread" in some situations.
As I have shown in the example in 443, パンを食べている can mean "Bread has been eaten."
In the example above, the patient has already eaten bread, he is not eating bread at the time when the conversation is taking place.


> >>445
> Fuck me please?

Don't want that.
Fuck yourself,

451名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MM89-obfm)2018/05/15(火) 19:16:49.79ID:znNFRrkuM
I want your fuck.


> >>450
> I want your fuck.

 Fuck you!

453名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MM89-obfm)2018/05/15(火) 19:33:28.02ID:znNFRrkuM
Fuck me hard like there’s no tomorrow!

as you grow up, you learn a lot of things both at school and at home.
the adults around you, i mean, the teachers and the parents teach and tell you a lot of things.
but how many of us were told exactly when to stop using your teethbrush, throw it away and start to use a new one.
i am sure it depends on each person the timing to change his/her teethbrush.
by the way i usually change mine before the brush gets curly.

455名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/15(火) 22:27:27.03ID:ug2ReKLt0
I’m sure yours is like

no way!
that toothbrush (at the left)'s almost gross!

457名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/15(火) 23:31:42.45ID:ug2ReKLt0
Apparently this toothbrush is someone’s boyfriend’s and his gf is confused about it and posted it online.

458名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW a57f-vCZ+)2018/05/15(火) 23:43:00.09ID:BroS5KJf0
Learning foreign languages, you can brush up your skills in coposing sentences.
I mean both your mother tounge and foreign languages.

459名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9df7-Zf5t)2018/05/15(火) 23:49:09.61ID:QJGZCIf10
Thank you for your insights.

It's interesting to me how 食べている can be viewed as a single word, and I wonder if such a view extends to longer chains like 待たされていました or expressions like 少しも or 誰か.

Also, feel free to ask me about my views on any English statements you may have;
I'll try to answer with how I feel about them, though my interest in linguistics may influence my answer to be more technical than the average person's.

460名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 7dc1-uwJI)2018/05/15(火) 23:55:05.66ID:1OMpSNC80
I think that いる in 食べている doesn't mean "to exist", it's much more like a part to show the state of your action, so if you put any required inflection to this, it could be something you've done (〜ました) or you are planning on (〜ます).

And you've got it right about that 〜て thing, it's just the way to connect two different verbs in one phrase. This doesn't serve any semantic purpose in a sentence.
As such, 食べている is made up of two major parts, your action 食べる, and いる to suggest this action is currently on-going.

461名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW a57f-vCZ+)2018/05/16(水) 01:19:19.15ID:NhFWpIa/0
>>443 Japanese here.
In my book, “食べている” consists of two verbs “食べる(て)” and “いる,” respectably in conjuctive form and end form.
Hence it has some meaning.

462名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 9b54-kHLv)2018/05/16(水) 01:44:02.59ID:KlPLy58J0

This has two meanings.
“I who like you”
“You who like me”
Possibly this is one of the most difficult part for japanese learner. You gotta understand its context

463名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 3d24-8rMr)2018/05/16(水) 12:05:03.09ID:sDRGC86z0
Some trucks automatically say: "Be careful, I'm backing".
This makes me perplexed.
Isn't it the drivers' responsbilities to be careful?
Why do I have to be told to be cautious about them? lol

Some people may consder this sententese constructed by three "single word" like this
but it's completly up to one's perceptin rather than the grammatical rationale.

464名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2325-8rMr)2018/05/16(水) 12:16:46.79ID:AK7SFmdp0
Umm, my explanation doesn't seem good.
I revoke my example sentense completly.
Ordinary people may consider 待たされて and いました as a single word respectively,
but again this is just an assumtion no one could say it definitively.

465名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 85bd-obfm)2018/05/16(水) 19:22:05.41ID:I9Bo1nRi0
White people and Christians are disgusting

i intended to fill a bathtub in my house with hot water at 43℃
but i seem to have forgot to turn on the heater.
the bathtub was instead filled with cold water.
i was about to weep in the bathroom to notice it.


> White people and Christians are disgusting

No especially you’re dIsgusting.

i wanted to get rid of some comic books to secure more room on the bookshelves in my room.
i would rather sell them than just throw them away as paper garbage,
so i made a request for the quotation on some website.
i am looking forward to hearing from them soon.


I guess Mercali is the best choice to take.

470名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/17(木) 00:24:56.10ID:EjZarbAI0
I’ve been practicing “minimalism” a couple of years now. Comics? No way! Just throw away!

What do you have beside you recently?

472名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/17(木) 00:42:49.20ID:EjZarbAI0
Bed, desk, laptop, a few pens and a scissors, some clothes... some people say my room is like a prison lol

473名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 69c1-KqYp)2018/05/17(木) 00:49:24.20ID:Zh/2IKfe0
After skimming through a couple of websites dedicated to explaining Japanese grammar, and apparently there's an grammatical terminology called "morpheme",
which is the smallest unit of given combination of letters that cannot be broken down to any smaller pieces.
To explain that, let me take your sentence as an example. 待つ ("to wait"), of course, the verb playing the most important role here, and される as する("to do") in passive form, and lastly, いました, that is います in past tense.
Each of these parts are delivering just the information as the speaker intended: any more omission or contraction would affect the entire meaning of the sentence.
As for the last two parts, される and いました, they don't make sense by themselves, because they are so-called "bound morpheme" which are dependent on another morpheme(s) thus couldn't be used alone.
Please note that this is just an opinion from this grammar noob, chances are some experts here and there will differ with me in lots of this,
but for now I think >>434 wanted to know that if we are even aware of these details when speaking Japanese, and clearly we, or at least I had no idea at all. How curious.

474名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 8924-T7sL)2018/05/17(木) 05:40:53.25ID:hOa1DS280
Seeing Wikipedia, morphemes refer to minimum components of words. Even "-ed" which makes past tenses is called morphemes according to some sites.
So I'm afraid that this is contrary to what the person wanted to know.

Some people may see 食べている as a single word. I can agree with that. When it comes to whether or not we can extrapolate it into 待たされていました, that will be a challenging question lol.
Frankly speaking, we have seen the words numerous times throughout our lives so we never try to break it down and analyze it to interpret the phrase. It's just automatic.

But I know the reason why the person asked the question. In English it is clear that 食べている is consisted by several words: "be eating" and we can easily detect that there is a present continuous tense.
In Japanese it seems more integrated as if it were a single word.

In conclusion, I think this analytic way of thinking grammer is unique to English native speakers.
Most Japanese native speakers have never spend their time analyzing grammatical structures in Japanese sentences. This is some kind of cultural differences.

475名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 8924-T7sL)2018/05/17(木) 06:25:13.74ID:hOa1DS280
Sorry, I misinterpreted your context.
You wanted to introduce the notion of "bound morpheme". It can provide a clue to consider this matter.
Technically speaking, bound morpheme also refers to suffixes like 的 of 圧倒的 so it cannot be a direct answer to this question but it is intriguing notion.

As this exchange shows, grammar in Japanese could be very technical and academic issues.
It's not something ordinary people care about.

This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

477名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW da24-T7sL)2018/05/17(木) 14:21:07.36ID:35/KJsN80
I'm not eligible to participate in the site.
Reading back >>474,475 dismays me.
It is full of grammatical errors and extremely redundant.
How can one write such ugly sentences. Unbelievable... I should study English before teaching Japanese.

Calm down calm down.

Fee for gas abnormally increase in such

480名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9aa8-36Ai)2018/05/17(木) 16:45:44.37ID:u1yWMUZp0
I think your English is superb.
Cheer up! Everybody participating in this site is making mistakes.
Even Kobo-Daishi sometimes makes mistakes, right? ;)

There’s miss or not isn’t concern.
What’s important?
It’s you can give and take of information or not.

482名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9aa8-36Ai)2018/05/17(木) 19:29:09.45ID:u1yWMUZp0
Yes, the important thing is whether you can give and take something by joining the site.
That's for sure. I totally agree with you.

483名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/17(木) 21:06:08.01ID:EjZarbAI0
I hate Mother Teresa. She is a real wicked bitch.

484名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/17(木) 21:13:38.44ID:EjZarbAI0
Did you know she belives that watching dying people is actually a beautiful thing? Even though she has so much money given by donations from all over the world, she didn’t give any painkillers to them.
BUT when she was ill, she went to America and got painkillers and superb treatments from great doctors.... what a hypocrite


> I hate Mother Teresa. She is a real wicked bitch.

I head that she’s a pshychopass like Gacy.

486名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/17(木) 23:36:47.95ID:EjZarbAI0
She is nothing but a liar. Hope she is in hell if there’s such a thing as hell

somehow, i felt like looking up a word "chat" in a dictionary and did it on a dictionary website.

chat1 /tʃ&aelig;t/ ●●○ verb (chatted, chatting) [intransitive]
1 (also chat away) especially British English to talk in a "friendly" informal way,
especially about things that are "not important"

having seen this, i am beginning to think that i should care more about what i post and how i post it in this thread.

hmm, it's interesting and i

488名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/17(木) 23:48:56.07ID:EjZarbAI0
Mother Teresa is a bitch yo!

489名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 69c1-/w+O)2018/05/18(金) 02:28:30.81ID:/d3ud+NL0
>>474, >>475
Thanks to you I finally understand what he was asking, geez, my reading comprehension is terrible as always.
So he said that from a grammatical standpoint, 食べている should be seen as one word,
but he's got a hunch that there are more than two verbs in the word, 食べる and いる, and this て in the middle works as conjugation, making up a compound verb with that.
I agree with him. However, the word doesn't have meaning by itself, like you said, it's only there to indicate the verb's tense is present continuous.
Also, bringing up a morpheme there is off-topic you say, well, you are right and thank you for pointing out my misunderstanding. And I think your English is awesome, too. Don't go too hard on yourself.

490名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 19f7-04t6)2018/05/18(金) 05:49:04.26ID:82GVQXAO0
It's definitely interesting hearing how natives parse their own language, and I suppose the reason 〜ている verbs could be viewed as a single word is because Japanese doesn't have a very explicit way of marking word boundaries.
English has spaces but Japanese really only has particles and maybe hiragana kanji transitions and 連体形 verbs and adjectives to mark the start and stop of a word.

Studying the grammar of Japanese has helped me get a better understanding of why some constructions are the way they are, but it seems that it is causing me to think in a way that a native wouldn't.
For example, when I see "知っている" I see 知る in the 連用形 form contracted with て plus いる which, from what I gather in this thread, is different to how a native would see it.


> She is nothing but a liar. Hope she is in hell if there’s such a thing as hell

Collecting patients from all over the world do nothing to them.

492名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 05c8-Ewew)2018/05/18(金) 18:43:46.67ID:xk/y5h2i0
How come you carefully post a rip?
There's no reason of beting carefull in the sentenses of the dictionally.

493名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スッップ Sdfa-+lh3)2018/05/18(金) 19:06:48.10ID:ag/hrF7kd
tgif but i'm gonna study English tomorrow, and sit at Toeic the day after.

gonna be a boring weekend. omg

Soundrs so boring.

495名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スッップ Sdfa-+lh3)2018/05/18(金) 19:15:08.77ID:ag/hrF7kd
thanks for your comment. lol. after the exam, i am gonna go out with a friend of mine to offset the mess, though.

496名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 698d-RYnA)2018/05/18(金) 23:08:09.36ID:r7BVIQoD0
I'm sure you are going to meet her one day.

meet the hell!?


> >>486
> I'm sure you are going to meet her one day.

What do you mean?lol

it is said that lithium-ion rechareable battery somehow starts burning by itself,
so you mustn't keep away from it when it is used, i mean, when it is plugged into some outlet.
i am wondering what the root cause of this unexpected burning is.
and i bet a lot of people leave their batteries behind while they do something else without keeping an eye on them...

I think it’s a matter of quality of battery.
You can get a rechargable one at

Do you use Groupon in your city?

i am afraid i don't feel like paying daiso a visit to get a rechargeable battery...
luckily, i have never experienced my batteries or the other portable devices
suddenly starting burning by themselves.
i will intend to not be away when recharging them.

Daiso’s such battery is famouse for
it’s fault,

What’s interersting things nowadayrs
around you?

505名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9d06-y4d0)2018/05/19(土) 18:13:03.12ID:+F+1XYM40
This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

506名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 698d-RYnA)2018/05/19(土) 20:16:59.30ID:ZcQ+G4780
Would the admins take action if we reported him for advertising websites?


> This thread is nice.
> But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.
> That's ok if you don't come to the site.

Keeping away from you is very important
for everyone.
Get away fucking commy.

None of your bussiness.
Don’t bother other one.

Higher temp for the season is continuing.
Is that nation wide?

510名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 8924-T7sL)2018/05/20(日) 15:04:53.52ID:JfTksIIB0
No, it's cold in here, 18 degrees Celsius.

511名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/20(日) 15:12:47.40ID:SkC32vPo0
It’s 26.6 in my room!!







it sounds cool to live in a very tall, tower-like apartment
which are developed and built very often in recent years in japan (called タワーマンション in japanese).
but according to a resident of such an apartment,
you are not allowed to dry your clothes or futons at balcony, outside of your room.
it is because those things might fall down to the ground at a very rapid speed and injure (or even kill) somebody below.
i was convinced to hear this but i would feel disappointed if i couldn't let the sun dry my clothes or futons at balcony...
the warm sunlight is really comfortable.

516名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/21(月) 00:34:57.57ID:yLfcZWEg0
My cousin is a resident of タワーマンション. He said you don’t have to separate gabages at all like combustibes, plastic, can, plastic bottles, bin etc etc because there is a guy who is specifically doing this job like separating gabages.

oh it's definitely one of good points to live in tower-like apartment.
if you don't need to separate garbage, it's really time-saving
and it satisfies the residents' needs.
i believe that those who can live in such apartments tend to live hectic lives.

518名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/21(月) 01:36:43.66ID:yLfcZWEg0
But he’s lived in those places for too long, he doen’t have any idea how common people do on a daily basis. For example, he can’t do any gabage separation, he even didn’t know there is 燃えるゴミの日 and 不燃物の日 until recently.

Oh well he is one of those rich IT people, so he does not even know such things in the first place.

Where's privacy?

Actually is such tower really expensive
in rent a room?

521名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スップ Sdfa-+lh3)2018/05/21(月) 18:26:36.75ID:JESVql2Ed
how about the word high rise condo forタワマン?

522名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/21(月) 21:12:47.98ID:yLfcZWEg0
I hate all タワマン people. They look down on common people.

i imagine that those people are highly motivated, always look up
and work hard to reach a higher level of their professional skills.
they don't have time to look down on ordinary people, do they??

524名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 698d-RYnA)2018/05/21(月) 23:23:37.62ID:I0LS0feL0
It depends on the person, I think.

525名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 69c7-A9b3)2018/05/21(月) 23:39:58.86ID:mnEjriHY0
You may have what is called " hiruzu zoku" in your mind when you think highly of them.
Frankly, I care nothing for their life style. On the contrary, I would probably be a bit scared if I had to live in such a high rise.
That's because you can't escape from it once fire breaks out. Have you ever watched a movie titled " the Towering Inferno"?
It's so scary!!
Oh, that minds me, as the saying goes, " fools and smoke love hights"
It's a literal translation of " 馬鹿と煙は高いところが好き". I have no idea whether it gets across to foreigners.

526525 (ワッチョイ 69c7-A9b3)2018/05/21(月) 23:54:48.49ID:mnEjriHY0
correction minds → reminds  hight → heights

i want to talk with them about what they did to earn them enough money to buy such an outstanding skyscraper apartment.
or about why they decided to live in there or what kinds of troubles they're facing by living there or what their present goals are etc..
i don't have such a friend.

btw, my boss lives in a 2-story house and looks down on me almost everyday.
i am sick of it and i need to think about the countermeasures.

529名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/22(火) 00:44:11.40ID:1FlQl0e10
Put some 下剤 into his drink.

530名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ aebc-/w+O)2018/05/22(火) 06:28:09.87ID:pPJi4+Sm0
If you want to that kind of things, you should read books which they wrote.
Almost all things you want will get in books if you have the ability to read and figure out.

By the way do you all have an ability of
rapid reading?

532名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9d06-y4d0)2018/05/22(火) 15:03:43.14ID:j/JcQK0j0
I mean geting such rapid reading abilty
is especially in english difficult guessing.
What do you think?


> I hate all タワマン people. They look down on common people.

Without speaking english ...


> Put some 下剤 into his drink.

How about 青酸カリ?
No.I am not recommending you know?

535名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MM39-qXRP)2018/05/22(火) 20:12:03.98ID:YiL1jUpXM
Fuck all whites on this earth!

Volume of my hair seem to have gradually decreased in the past few years.
i am afraid to completely lose my hair so i spray hair-caring lotion on my head after taking a bath.
plus i stimulate my head skin by tapping the fingers on it.
i need to seek more ways that help grow my precious hair.

537名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 05be-1J17)2018/05/22(火) 21:33:35.51ID:lqNidlyz0
just take minoxidil

538名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/22(火) 21:39:49.42ID:1FlQl0e10
Just shave it and problem solved.

>>538 mean, it's time to say good-bye??

540名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 05be-1J17)2018/05/22(火) 21:50:08.23ID:lqNidlyz0
it is not the end.
it is the new beginning for you.

541名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 95bd-qXRP)2018/05/22(火) 22:07:03.05ID:1FlQl0e10
Some bald guys are hot though




> Volume of my hair seem to have gradually decreased in the past few years.
> i am afraid to completely lose my hair so i spray hair-caring lotion on my head after taking a bath.
> plus i stimulate my head skin by tapping the fingers on it.
> i need to seek more ways that help grow my precious hair.

Go to a branch of biotech buying a ticket at Groupon.

nobody wanted such a witty remark (誰が上手いこと言えと).


> >>536
> Just shave it and problem solved.

Same idea.
Skin head is a lil bit cool.

546名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW fa63-Endc)2018/05/23(水) 13:15:00.15ID:QHPzyymH0
Tough guys don't need hair.
Take Jason Statham for example.

Today I am on rainy day.
How's things going mate.

548名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 698d-RYnA)2018/05/23(水) 23:13:54.21ID:XIYYBCLY0
I've learned that 陳建一's mother was Japanese and his Chinese father was naturalized. I thought he (the son) was a master chef from 四川 or something.
But his father was indeed a master chef from 四川, so I wasn't entirely wrong. 四川 is the place where mabo-dofu came from, I believe.

I've only read about 1/8 of 三国志 and run out of stamina cause there are so many other things to study.
I must whip my ass and continue before I forget the story. 三国志 is a must read for all boys and men and I must finish it.

549名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 698d-RYnA)2018/05/23(水) 23:43:42.56ID:XIYYBCLY0
I should have read 横山光輝's manga version when I was a kid. Actually I remember reading it but didn't finish it.

550名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c1c1-HY9j)2018/05/24(木) 01:18:47.31ID:hjCoR7GX0
I once read it in elementary. (though I don't remember a bit of the story)
Since that and "Hadashi no Gen" were the only manga we could read on the school premises and the video game series 真・三國無双 was quite popular among us, I remember all of us were crazy about reading them.

an online article titled "deprivation of sleep is killing yourself and your career" is shocking for me.
it is full of informative advice and when i read it i thought that i must sleep longer hours everyday,
but i couldn't. i don't want to suddenly kill myself, because of lack of sleep alone.
i haven't contributed to my society in return for this or that.

just read it the article your saying. hahaa can't keep with their telling, liking coffee and cigarette.
well I agree with you. This article suggests alot informative info but I guess there's few people can keep doing what recommends lol.

まあ…we can't esacape from dying, its because our life interval is limited as you know.
And we know its difficult to achieve all things we want in our litited times. what's most important in our life is that always keep thinking purpose of ours and try to do our best.

553名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 59bd-70yo)2018/05/24(木) 18:58:18.11ID:bk/lodL00
This famous Japanese violist tweeted this the other day. Her child said to her “Why is that you gave birth to me because after all we all die.”

I thought it’s deep.

554名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c1c1-HY9j)2018/05/24(木) 20:23:03.75ID:hjCoR7GX0
What a spoiled cocky brat. He's not even lived long enough to know about any of this world but acting like he knew everything.
If I was the father of the kid, I would make sure to smack him in his breast-fed fucking fat face till he never mentions it again.

months ago, people talked about that innovative transparent milk tea by suntory.
but it doesn't seem to have sold well as suntory expected,
and the product is now being sold at about 50 yen (with 63% discount) at a nearby supermarket.

556名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c18d-Ockd)2018/05/24(木) 23:25:56.23ID:64A+fJJ50
For the one who was saying Abe is making Japan poorer, I recommend listening to 山本太郎.
He has wacky antics but seems to be learning about our economic problems from the right people.
Yamamoto constantly attacks Abe, so I think he's a perfect guy for the Abe haters to listen to.

What kind of economical theory does he have?

四川飯店 in Roppongi was closed down.

Where is a place english speakes live in near your home?

Actually 山本 has a strong relation to 中核派.
So, Ordinary people have to take care for his activity.

Take notice

I mean.

There was a miss.

562名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MMdd-70yo)2018/05/25(金) 20:18:13.27ID:fbHYBW76M
I want the new iPad, iPhone, eye glasses, bags, shoes, clothes, car etc etc

i don't have a smartphone and from time to time, i think about buying one.
iphone seems to be the most popular model in japan,
so i look into selecting another model like sharp's aquos or sony's xperia.
but i don't know which part or which function of those models is better than iphone...
i wonder if i should purchase iphone, to play safe.

564名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 39be-xd9a)2018/05/25(金) 22:18:44.98ID:hNykcBWI0
galaxy s9 is best.

565名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 59bd-70yo)2018/05/25(金) 22:22:11.17ID:BTaOdP7h0
iPhone is a safe choice because it’s easy to use and so many accesssories like case, charger etc

Why not buy an used one if you try it for the first time?

honestly, i would like to pass on a used one...
the official apple's warranty, does it come with a used iphone?
can i bring it to an apple store and request for the service?

i saw an amazon's kindle for the first time yesterday and was relly surprised at how small it is.
i guess it is smaller than even japanese novel in a cheap version (called 文庫本).
if the data of tens of thousands of books can be saved in that small device,
you can call it a walking-library.

568名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 59bd-70yo)2018/05/26(土) 01:09:49.67ID:/r70SF7k0
You can bring it to the apple store but pay some money. If your iPhone is covered with warranty, it’s free or small fee depending on your problem with it.

569名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c1c1-HY9j)2018/05/26(土) 01:49:15.86ID:HgCq+hT40
If you are going with iPhone, I really don't think iPhone 8 Plus would be your (or anyone's) best choice.
I have one myself, the device is so huge that sometimes I find it hard to "just" type when holding it one handed. And it also often slips out of my pocket as I get off of my car.
I watch movies a lot, so its wider screen comes in handy in that respect, but I promise most general users will eventually get sick of this unusually over-sized device.

570名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 59bd-70yo)2018/05/26(土) 20:40:18.44ID:/r70SF7k0
I’m glad I always stick to the normal size iPhone.

I love android.

572名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c18c-sUWO)2018/05/27(日) 21:05:51.01ID:bvr+a2cM0
There's another new 英語で雑談.

573名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 51ae-TUnL)2018/05/27(日) 22:02:59.79ID:CpccYZfa0
what is your recommendation? now i am using android but it will soon be worn out, and i am thinking of trying iphone series.
i don't watch much movies or videos with my phone, and i don't like to spend over 80,000 jpy for my device.

574名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 59bd-70yo)2018/05/27(日) 22:30:56.99ID:I6Iij8dr0
I recommend iPhone 8 in that case. A bit over yout budget but I’m sure you’ll like it.

are there any OS's for smartphones available other than ios and android?
i began to get interested in minor OS even though i think the actual OS i will choose at last would be ios or android.
my hands are small, so i believe the dimensions of iphone 8 would be a bit too large for me.

Get another Android keeing away form
That is the best way of living life.

577名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 6b4b-ZyTd)2018/05/28(月) 03:40:15.14ID:+/MMY4s40
I heard that Europeans can’t access due to GDPR.

578名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 51ae-YEeS)2018/05/28(月) 06:53:30.02ID:FLEwSxGc0
really? GDPR has already started from last week.
is there any guy watching 5ch from EEA countries?

579名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 59bd-70yo)2018/05/28(月) 08:32:54.65ID:6Fjaj5Q70
Are you Korean?

i am suffering from a stomach ache now.
i don't feel i am throwin up but i feel uncomfortable in the stomach.
i just took a japanese famous medicine 太田胃散.

581名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c1c1-HY9j)2018/05/29(火) 02:19:23.72ID:pdAKT39e0
Like >>574 said, you should try "iPhone 8", or "iPhone X", the newest model from iPhone series with its size slightly (but it's much better) decreased from the previous model
But, I don't know, it's just I've never seen anyone around me using neither of these models, so I can't say for sure that which one best suits your style of using.
Maybe you can just refer to the official Apple website to compare different models (in their size and each individual functions) with your own eyes, or try calling your local mobile phone dealer for their opinions.

Don't say that over and over.

This thread is nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

584名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 39be-xd9a)2018/05/29(火) 07:56:41.86ID:a+u6e/1e0
i dont like apple because they adhere to encompass their standard and apps and so on.
we dont like to use itunes, safari and thunderbolt connecters.
unless you have been obsessed with apples from your old days, you should use android phones.

585名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 39be-xd9a)2018/05/29(火) 08:09:33.42ID:a+u6e/1e0
just buy huawei phones.
that are cheap but i think you are satisfied.
because you questioned the priceness of new model iphones,
someone who recommend iphone8 should explain the cost is really competitive than other phones
and the worth to pay 80dollars exists specifically.


Take notice to spyware.
It's too dangerouse.

588名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ MMd3-Okpc)2018/05/29(火) 12:21:53.17ID:m+E1o6EcMNIKU
For what did you added such translation?

589名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ MMd3-Okpc)2018/05/29(火) 12:22:58.73ID:m+E1o6EcMNIKU
added → add

590名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ MMdd-70yo)2018/05/29(火) 19:58:22.72ID:KwU7myNZMNIKU
OMFG! Another gaijin in my gym!!!!

591名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエT Sae3-A8DJ)2018/05/29(火) 21:23:30.39ID:JStHXpuoaNIKU
what i wanted to say at that time is "誰が上手いこと言えと".
but you are supposed to post your comment in this thread in english,
so i posted "nobody wanted such a witty remark."
but at the same time i was concerned that i couldn't pass on my message to him.
that's why i added (誰が上手いこと言えと) at the end.

592名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ MMd3-Okpc)2018/05/29(火) 21:28:47.78ID:64k0lpQgMNIKU

593名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ MMd3-Okpc)2018/05/29(火) 21:39:49.82ID:64k0lpQgMNIKU
Have you ever seen gaijin a lot?
Why you speak eng?

594名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエWW 13bd-lVYt)2018/05/29(火) 23:27:43.00ID:7PdXK/T40NIKU

595名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエT Sae3-A8DJ)2018/05/29(火) 23:55:36.60ID:JStHXpuoaNIKU
a 90 year old lady seems to have driven a car and run over younger people one after another at an intersection.
she said she had recognized the traffic light was red but she had thought she could go without trouble, as no one was walking around there.
did she wear proper glasses? i can't believe the news.

596名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ニククエ c18d-Ockd)2018/05/29(火) 23:58:41.69ID:I83CRhkg0NIKU
Abe and co have decided to let in tons more cheap foreign labor to keep the wages low for the sick corporate fucks.
People in various positions have opposed it, but they ignored it. I've run out of patience with this shit government.

597名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 59bd-70yo)2018/05/30(水) 00:44:39.98ID:MyL0uhgK0
But still Abe and LDP are popular among certain people.

Get lost.Bitch.

599名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 39be-xd9a)2018/05/30(水) 01:02:02.85ID:Gf98Apz30
yes. iphone admitted included backdoor to their devices.

i guess i have taken a bit too much caffeine recently.
the effect of caffeine can last unexpectely long and if you drink a cup of coffee in the evening,
more than 50% of caffeine should remain in your body even after midnight...
i need to avoid drinking too much before it has a terribly negative effect on my body.

panty flash may have been one of desirable daily events for most men for a long time.
women provided their feminine attraction with it to men.
but after the 21st century got started, even men began to take part in panty flash
by wearing their pants only halfway, not pulling them up enough to their waists.
it is called "腰パン".

602名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c1c1-HY9j)2018/05/30(水) 22:45:55.83ID:CgzZeLpj0
Is that for real? I drink coffee almost every 3 hours. According to your information, I must be super freaking high right now.

603名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c18d-Ockd)2018/05/30(水) 23:59:58.60ID:8Rh+aWtQ0
That's mainly because other prime minister candidates and opposition parties are all trash. I think.
Aside from the cultist types, I don't think there are that many people who actively support them.

604名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/05/31(木) 00:17:12.17ID:3zASd4GX0
Looking at the Japanese politics, I always think that Japan has become one of those pathetic corrupt countries.

605名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM69-bxRM)2018/05/31(木) 00:29:24.24ID:ynBUnFozM

> Looking at the Japanese politics, I always think that Japan has become one of those pathetic corrupt countries.

It depends on idea of the tax payers.
You can speak english.
So,Maybe it's better to get away from Japan.

606名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/05/31(木) 23:15:06.07ID:3zASd4GX0
It’s been a crazy day!

607名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 798d-667V)2018/05/31(木) 23:55:51.88ID:PEpdsHlk0
There is always corruption. Japanese politics hasn't become corrupt just now.
But there is this thing called "dirty dove vs clean hawk" or something like that.

Around the 1970s or 80s or something, Japanese politicians had corruption but they were working for the country and things went well.
Since the end of the cold war and the collapse of the bubble, Japan has made efforts to get rid of corruption by building a cleaner system.
So the system has supposedly become cleaner with new laws, but politicians have stopped working for the country and become more mentally corrupt and filthier.
But since being mentally corrupt isn't against the laws, they are "clean", even if they are destorying the country.
That's what I heard somewhere, and it's probably true.

This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

609名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/01(金) 02:18:19.54ID:SE2DUKnb0
Fuck I have tons of stuff I need to get rid of

Recently this thread has not interesting rips.
Many think so.I guess.

611名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 798d-667V)2018/06/01(金) 23:53:30.81ID:RvtvfD4b0
I really recommend 山本太郎 to everyone. I find his antics entertaining.

612名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 798d-667V)2018/06/01(金) 23:59:46.42ID:RvtvfD4b0
The wages were finally going up at the end of the last year. But then they quickly try to stop it by taking in more foreign labor.
Our politics is definitely controlled by the ones who don't want our wages to go up. Not only that, they don't want our economy to recover.

613名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 652d-XI+T)2018/06/03(日) 00:48:52.69ID:EmiCxota0
I'm a gaijin currently in Japan for another two and a half months as an exchange student. Japan is great, I hope to return again.

Seeing all of these cute Japanese girls only intensifies my loneliness. Back where I'm from the amount of cute girls is 10% of what it is in Japan.
I've never had a relationship before... and I'm getting old. I hope that in the next 75 days I can meet a cute girl...
I know I will just have to leave but... maybe she will wait for me? How delusional am I?
Super delusional. I can barely speak Japanese.
Cute girls, please wait for me. When I return in a few years, I hope that I will not be too old looking..


614名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 652d-XI+T)2018/06/03(日) 01:32:50.35ID:EmiCxota0
Also I'm in the Kansai region if you want to use me as your English bitch.
I'm a white American.

615名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW d178-qcn9)2018/06/03(日) 15:36:17.25ID:WRkK35+M0

> I really recommend 山本太郎 to everyone. I find his antics entertaining.

Fuck you.
He'one of a friend of 中核派.
I mean terrorist kind one.

616名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW d178-qcn9)2018/06/03(日) 15:43:06.62ID:WRkK35+M0
Do you think Kansai has chance to be more liked to Tokyo by americans?

617名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 79c7-/C2z)2018/06/03(日) 15:44:32.65ID:w8HAl8UF0
I guess you can get a Japanese girl if you are so-called a WASP and have
so-so looks.
I don't know whether it was true or not, and what the current situation is like ,
but a rumor used to take air on the internet that Japanese girls were called " nikubenki 肉便器” which means whoever can get in bed with them as long as you are a white guy.
I think that's partly because most of them have been obsessed with Western culture,
partly because in Japanese society, there is not such a steady religious background as Christianilty that morality with regard to sexual relations has gradually changed After the War.

618名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW d178-qcn9)2018/06/03(日) 15:45:37.68ID:WRkK35+M0
Be more polite.

619名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/03(日) 16:10:59.67ID:Njhm23h50
Japenis girls are so easy.


> Japenis girls are so easy.

I don 't think it's that easy.

621名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 5dbd-jf1E)2018/06/03(日) 22:24:34.27ID:UBAKfIAl0
I hate those who blindly admire Japanese culture and it's government even if they are non-Japanese.
I'm so-called liberal, or leftist in Japan, and I know too many things in which Japan is far inferior to any Western country.

622名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/03(日) 22:43:55.05ID:Njhm23h50
Japan is getting weaker and weaker in so many ways. It’s doomed.

623名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 5dbd-jf1E)2018/06/03(日) 22:50:08.87ID:UBAKfIAl0
The prime minister Abe is idiot and scum, as he is stuck to the vested interests that bureaucrats have produced with their fossil regime.

624名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 798d-667V)2018/06/03(日) 23:28:45.45ID:fRsrOMv60
Someone once said that leftists vs rightists in today's Japan is like 3 year old toddlers vs 10 year old brats. I wholeheartedly agree with him on that.
Other countries are probably not much different, though.

625名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 798d-667V)2018/06/03(日) 23:59:54.18ID:fRsrOMv60
I really want the liberals (or leftists or whatever) in Japan to start learning liberal economics already.
It's liberals' job to counter the current economic policies and tell Abe to stop austerity, but 山本太郎 is the only one who is doing it in the opposition parties.
Liberal economists and such have been trying to educate these chimps about liberal economics here and there on the media, but there is no sign of progress at all.

626名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM9a-bxRM)2018/06/04(月) 00:35:01.93ID:p/RMVGbUM
This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

627名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 652d-XI+T)2018/06/04(月) 00:50:46.40ID:CrAwdhLg0
I want a loving and caring Japanese girl full of innocence and joy.
I don't want just sex! What the hell man!
It is hopeless my man. I can't speak the language. I have to train my Japanese ability. By the time I am good enough I will be out of Japan and back in America with the disgusting used up American girls.
I have not visited Tokyo but since I live in Kyoto I can say that the impression I get is that the stereotype about Osaka people is true. People seem to be friendlier to me in Osaka than in Kyoto...
I think maybe it's because the amount of dumbass tourists in Kyoto may have something to do with it.

628名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/04(月) 03:01:05.79ID:zKzPz5NH0
Kyoto people are the most hated people in Japan for sure.

What part of the character do you hatd?

630名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW d5be-MAwW)2018/06/04(月) 19:04:52.22ID:MpIHaWIO0
i took eiken 1st grade exam on the last sunday, which was fucking difficult.
so i need to forget about i.
anyway, i write "forever and more"at the composition part, is is subject to deduct?

631名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/04(月) 19:42:32.62ID:zKzPz5NH0
Eiken 1 grade is so lame and easy like Japanese girls

632名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/04(月) 19:56:39.15ID:PeqhK0yt0
Did you pass it?
And tell me your nationality.

633名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 01ae-lkdC)2018/06/04(月) 20:05:29.45ID:2D6On4390
You should just go to visit Eikaiwa club (english conversiation club) in Kyoto which holds periodic party or event.
You can find so many young girls interested in young white guys and English there. Usually the girl are normal students or office workers, not something like sluts in night clubs.

Other than that, manbe Meetup or Tinder will work well in you case.

634名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/04(月) 20:09:31.68ID:PeqhK0yt0
Your comment reminds me of a BBC article that wrote about people without having any relationships throughout their lives.
The article make clear the most important and simple thing: everyone needs love.

635名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW d5be-MAwW)2018/06/04(月) 20:11:24.87ID:MpIHaWIO0
but you are homo.

636名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/04(月) 20:14:20.51ID:PeqhK0yt0
You should be decent even in Anonymous forums.
Don't write something you cannot say openly in real life.

637名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/04(月) 20:18:22.69ID:PeqhK0yt0
>>636 is not directed at >>635 for precaution's sake.

638名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW d5be-MAwW)2018/06/04(月) 20:20:12.25ID:MpIHaWIO0
i know him about having toeic full marks, ant eiken 1st grade, and a tall gay who had engaged in athletics at high school.
but he is obssesed with stinky guys when he works out lately.

This is why he can’t even pass Eiken 1 grade because he thinks using derogatory terms is cool like elemetary schoolers lol

Eiken 1 grade is a piece of cake like even people with pea brain can pass it lol

640名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/04(月) 20:55:47.21ID:PeqhK0yt0
lol m_m orz

641名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9968-4Yr/)2018/06/04(月) 21:05:56.65ID:NdTc0rcO0
However you're proud of having a grade 1 of EIKEN, I wonder if you can make boast of it only here.
How about go to Reddit too?

642名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/04(月) 21:23:31.00ID:PeqhK0yt0
If someone want to boast about it they should get 700 or more in each section; especially you have to score full marks in reading section .

643名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9968-4Yr/)2018/06/04(月) 21:51:25.04ID:NdTc0rcO0
I wonder who you tell to.

644名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/04(月) 22:03:55.02ID:zKzPz5NH0
This is so あるある for Eiken 1 grade holders.

If your people like friends, coworkers or whoever know you have Eiken 1 grade, they somehow become so hostile toward you. What are they? They are jealous or what?

645名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/04(月) 22:12:03.28ID:zKzPz5NH0
I hope the Eiken association will add more difficult grades like “special 1 grade” or something.

646名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/04(月) 22:13:34.20ID:PeqhK0yt0
The person who calls it easy.

647名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM9a-bxRM)2018/06/04(月) 23:09:28.25ID:p/RMVGbUM

> I hope the Eiken association will add more difficult grades like “special 1 grade” or something.

I don't agree.
That's enough to make everyone shake head.

648名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 798d-667V)2018/06/04(月) 23:28:57.69ID:2B2vZmo10
This Korean 645 uses derogatory terms like >>619 all the time.
But when he encounters something he does not like, he uses his phone and makes a post like >>639 while pretending to be someone else.
He has been doing this for years.

649名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM9a-bxRM)2018/06/04(月) 23:44:21.15ID:p/RMVGbUM
Why can you figure out he's Korean?

650名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM9a-bxRM)2018/06/04(月) 23:45:27.80ID:p/RMVGbUM

> Why can you figure out he's Korean?

Miss and fix.
why → how

651名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/04(月) 23:59:13.45ID:zKzPz5NH0
I like the way you act like you know everything about me.
For the record, I AM NOT KOREAN. Oh, wait, are you Korean by any chance? Because I heard somewhere, Koreans always tell lies lol

652名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MMf1-bxRM)2018/06/05(火) 00:09:50.85ID:yR4l0MdWM
Let's talk about foods.

653名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 652d-XI+T)2018/06/05(火) 00:20:29.75ID:rJwCudh70
I am kind of shy but I guess I can try.

654名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/05(火) 00:27:27.08ID:6bRGXtp30
ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX
This person says the first grade is easy but will not tell whether or not he has already passed the exam.
I cannot understand the reason why he's running away from it.

655名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/05(火) 00:30:21.06ID:C3+rPZAh0
I passed it.

656名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/05(火) 00:37:39.31ID:6bRGXtp30
This is an intriguing story for the one who seeks love.

657名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/05(火) 00:45:07.71ID:6bRGXtp30
What's the point of just saying it without any proof?

658名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/05(火) 00:49:19.68ID:C3+rPZAh0
Ugh I uploaded it here years ago because people like you don’t belive me

Well even if I upload it here, you will say “it’s fake! You stole the picture somewhere on the internet!” So there’s no point in doing that.

659名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9924-fZvd)2018/06/05(火) 01:06:53.17ID:6bRGXtp30
I will not say it especially because it is before CSE 2.0 was introduced.
I'm only interested in scores based on today's criteria.
Anyway, I'm surprised by the fact that you stick to this thread for years.

By the way, where are you from?

660名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/05(火) 01:19:29.36ID:C3+rPZAh0
You mean it’s bad to hang around this thread for years? Some people are here for like a decade, greenhorn.

I took it before that system was introduced but I got CPE so my CEFR level is C2.

I was born and raised in Japan as you can tell from my English.

661名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/05(火) 01:25:12.84ID:C3+rPZAh0
Oh I heard that it’s so much easier to pass Eiken 1 grade after that system was introduced because the writing is more valued or something.

Is that true?

662名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW d5be-MAwW)2018/06/05(火) 06:40:20.27ID:Edr0875r0
yesterday was national cheese day.
have you taste cheese?

663名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 4581-4Yr/)2018/06/05(火) 08:56:25.45ID:jiq8h45c0
This article says that one guy weeps to have no experience of losing own virginity even if over 60 years old.

I'm more painful than the guy who has no sexual experience. Because I feel sexual power becomes weak while sexual desire is strong.
I've enjoyed sex with the woman for about 20 years. But now, I can't enjoy such a sex.
I wonder who understands my anxiety.Most virginity guy may be envious of me.
But, it's difficult for me to endure against the thing I can't have any sexual experiences in the future.

Thanks for hearing my anxiety, Aloe rina.

664名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 4581-4Yr/)2018/06/05(火) 08:58:15.53ID:jiq8h45c0
>>663 revise
This article says that one guy weeps to have no experience of losing own virginity even if over 60 years old.

I'm more painful than the guy who has no sexual experience. Because I feel sexual power becomes weak while sexual desire is strong.
I've enjoyed sex with the woman for about 20 years. But now, I can't enjoy such a sex.
I wonder who understands my anxiety.Most virginity guy may be envious of me.
But, it's difficult for me to endure against the thing I can't have any sexual experiences in the future.

Thanks for hearing my anxiety, Aloe rina.

665名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 798d-667V)2018/06/06(水) 00:31:22.59ID:xnJRUlhS0
I've been attacking Abe, but Abe probably doesn't want to obey the Ministry of Finance cult.
Last year he did make some statement that austerity would kill our economy.

Not only him, but Aso too.
Aso is the current Minister of Finance and he has been acting like a complete henchman for the cult.
But around in 2011, before the election, he was basically anti-austerity.
He was saying that ending deflation completely and getting the economy recover should be the first priority.
The video of this talk can still be found on the internet, I think.

Both Abe and Aso were opposite of the policies of the Ministry of Finance.
So why are they both obeying the Ministry now, even though they are the elected ones?

to be continued

666名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 798d-667V)2018/06/06(水) 00:35:45.25ID:xnJRUlhS0
I think Aso might even have said that consumption tax should be frozen. I might check it later.

i was thinking about robert de niro's famous line "i am alone, but i am not lonely." in the movie titled HEAT,
which was first released in mid 90's (so most of the participants in this thread might not know the movie.).
his line must imply a lot but i am not sure if i can understand what he meant in the movie...

668名無しさん@英語勉強中 (BH 0H71-lVjS)2018/06/06(水) 01:40:46.48ID:rV59MEEhH
That was a good movie

669名無しさん@英語勉強中 (テトリス Sd7a-2fLq)2018/06/06(水) 18:55:24.63ID:x6QR1KOnd0606
my wife passed away years ago. my kids are all grown up. i don't love any particlular women.

i am alone but i'm not lonely at all.

670名無しさん@英語勉強中 (テトリスW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/06(水) 19:03:50.33ID:hIe1DwU100606
We all die and become ashes after all. Why are we living in the first place?

671名無しさん@英語勉強中 (テトリスW 65bd-DTMX)2018/06/06(水) 21:37:44.12ID:hIe1DwU100606
After I die, I want my body and all my stuff to be burn to ahses...

672名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ fabe-XI+T)2018/06/06(水) 22:27:48.36ID:mO3AnXTK0
Tonight I went and walked down Kawaramachi street in Kyoto. I didn't buy anything (aside from some ramen) I just enjoyed the atmosphere.
I made sure to count the amount of cute single girls. Not too many, most with boys. I guess cute shy girls are not out doing things at a place like that.
Where in Japan are those kinds of girls? Please let me your best gaijin friend know. Before it is too late.

673名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スプッッ Sd73-mCcc)2018/06/07(木) 07:57:46.06ID:9XaLJUITd
it's already too late. you are done, pal. i recomend you leave japan ASAP.

674名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/07(木) 21:13:26.69ID:sIDBbfnt0
Fuuuuuck I want three cocks in my pussy, ass and mouth right now,

675名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c9c1-X4KX)2018/06/07(木) 21:56:21.59ID:VbTT03200
Go the fuck back to your shithole country now before you start attacking some random girls you run into in the street.

676名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 13db-abwI)2018/06/07(木) 23:35:15.20ID:8XNvkT1i0
do you know the Pokemon duel which is smartphone application?
it’s the most enjoyable game I have ever played in my phone.

how can I stop using my phone as a game software.
please help me or beat me by playing with your high skill of games,especially Pokemon.

677名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/07(木) 23:40:06.44ID:sIDBbfnt0
Speaking of Pokemon, some crazy fans still gather a local park near my house to play some Pokemon go battles or something? They usually come by car and pull over and occupy roads. Kinda annoying

678名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW e111-zuA9)2018/06/08(金) 01:14:29.14ID:uWk19tDl0
Where do u live?

This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

680名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/08(金) 17:26:51.82ID:2buwOJkg0
Take a guess. I’ll give a candy if your answer is right.

681名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 5363-DmeT)2018/06/08(金) 17:38:24.35ID:Pzn9LYOj0
I've had a headache since I woke up.
So I hate the rainy season.

682名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/08(金) 18:14:27.34ID:2buwOJkg0
No need to wash my car in rainy season. I like it.

683名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 13a3-Mbiw)2018/06/09(土) 10:26:47.43ID:5TGm7FJF0
Some people are wondering the order of learning Japanese: katakana, hiragana and kanji in a certain site.
It is clear that you should learn hiragana at first.
Katakana is only used for loan words so it is not a high priority.
After you master hiragana, you start learning basic kanji.
I'd like to reiterate the importance of hiragana because Japanese sentences can be written by it.

684名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 13a3-Mbiw)2018/06/09(土) 10:28:04.19ID:5TGm7FJF0
correction: "all" Japanese sentences

685名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9bbc-0/U1)2018/06/09(土) 11:33:52.57ID:00vacT9F0
After rainy season over, summer vacation will come soon.

686名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/09(土) 11:45:41.05ID:jW58I8XO0
What will you do during summer holidays?

687名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9bbc-0/U1)2018/06/09(土) 16:11:40.04ID:00vacT9F0
I will do try tree climbing and sleep on the blanch of big tree. I had found a big tree about 30m high.
very big tree. there are coming many birds, I want to sleep with among them.

688名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b1be-Jh0/)2018/06/09(土) 16:13:45.45ID:zL12jJdC0
crows screw up your eye balls.

689名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9bbc-0/U1)2018/06/09(土) 16:33:38.23ID:00vacT9F0
It is located in the high mountain forest. there are living no crows. every bird is small.

690名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/09(土) 17:52:55.94ID:/bZITnDy0
How can I marry Minase Inori?

691名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/09(土) 18:17:00.83ID:jW58I8XO0
Nohara Misae?

692名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9bbc-0/U1)2018/06/09(土) 19:12:11.88ID:00vacT9F0
Why do you want to do so?

693名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/09(土) 21:56:21.73ID:jW58I8XO0

694名無しさん@英語勉強中 (JPWW 0H05-8HKR)2018/06/10(日) 00:32:49.71ID:P9WKb/tVH
Is this 廃屋パーティー?

695名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/10(日) 00:34:44.50ID:uIDTdXIB0
Gaijins especially white ones always throw away garbages. Me thinks it’s a gaijin’s 汚部屋.

i heard a thunder booming in the distance yesterday.
it startled me.
i couldn't remember the last time i heard a thunder earlier this year.

a famous fashion designer kate spade seems to have commited a suicide.
even most successful people like her have so big a trouble that they end up killing themselves, don't they?
i thought she appears clever, kind and talkative, by looking at her pictures on the internet...r.i.p.

698名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM05-8HKR)2018/06/10(日) 01:03:48.33ID:zcsVLPPPM
This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

699名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM05-8HKR)2018/06/10(日) 01:04:52.90ID:zcsVLPPPM
It depends on person,

700名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スフッ Sd33-x2t7)2018/06/10(日) 02:00:44.31ID:ueLlJfK5d
plain and readable sentences.
very nice.

701名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/10(日) 02:47:22.48ID:1TdjnSRE0
Because I love her.

702名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウアウオーT Saa3-0/U1)2018/06/10(日) 05:00:39.22ID:TS6HYKPYa
Do you mean this girl?
In that case, just ask her out!

703名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/10(日) 08:02:48.43ID:1TdjnSRE0

704名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/10(日) 14:12:24.75ID:uIDTdXIB0
She looks slut.

705名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9bbc-0/U1)2018/06/10(日) 16:42:19.38ID:bf5ChQoB0
She looks nice, but does she know what you love her?

706名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/10(日) 16:43:51.37ID:1TdjnSRE0
She is a pure maiden.

707名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9bbc-0/U1)2018/06/10(日) 16:44:26.27ID:bf5ChQoB0
Why do you love her?

708名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/10(日) 16:50:38.60ID:1TdjnSRE0
Because she has a nice personality and is cute, she's perfect.

709名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/10(日) 17:07:29.20ID:uIDTdXIB0
What if she has a loose manko?

710名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b1be-Jh0/)2018/06/10(日) 17:08:29.09ID:5T5v2bZT0
suppose his chinko is huge.

711名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/10(日) 17:09:22.53ID:uIDTdXIB0
Oh, she is shemale?

712名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/10(日) 17:17:34.67ID:1TdjnSRE0
I will love her no matter what and she is 100% female.

713名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/10(日) 17:26:08.74ID:uIDTdXIB0
Even if she is enjoying having sex with other guy right now?

714名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b1be-Jh0/)2018/06/10(日) 17:32:18.49ID:5T5v2bZT0
your ID is DT
take care only yourself not others.

715名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/10(日) 17:36:42.47ID:1TdjnSRE0
There's no way that would happen, but even if it did I would still love her.

716名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b1be-Jh0/)2018/06/10(日) 17:38:26.67ID:5T5v2bZT0
just google the word,

717名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM05-8HKR)2018/06/10(日) 17:45:50.77ID:zcsVLPPPM
What a mess.

who is she?
She's not showy but attractive.

718名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/10(日) 17:54:21.37ID:1TdjnSRE0
She is an idol seiyuu.

719名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/10(日) 18:14:47.99ID:uIDTdXIB0
I read somewhere 声優 fans are all hentai.

720名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ e181-n2kC)2018/06/10(日) 19:41:37.43ID:S4PYWL5D0
"声優" writes voice actor in English.


However DT is good, DT exactly expresses cherry boy in English. You know it, don't you?

721名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9b87-K/AT)2018/06/10(日) 19:53:24.24ID:mFRTONLp0
Let's talk about this real mother fucker.

722名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/10(日) 20:12:18.32ID:uIDTdXIB0
I have to go to renew my driver’s licence this week. Fuck

723名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ e181-n2kC)2018/06/10(日) 20:20:43.55ID:S4PYWL5D0
Good luck

724名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/10(日) 20:54:29.04ID:uIDTdXIB0
Thank you.


> I have to go to renew my driver’s licence this week. Fuck

Then,Throw that away.

726名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/10(日) 23:52:04.46ID:uIDTdXIB0
I need it as an ID.


> I need it as an ID.

This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

728名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ e181-n2kC)2018/06/11(月) 00:42:33.20ID:8T92ISVz0
While the BBS site you introduced isn't bad, your way of introducing may be bad.
By the way, I've posted in your BBS site.

729名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/11(月) 00:45:27.70ID:yI5aHl9U0
I only dream about cuddling and holding hands with her.

Thanks indeed.

This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

732名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b1be-Jh0/)2018/06/11(月) 10:52:41.27ID:kiBMT9nH0
this thread lacks hentai topics lately.
let us sprinkle hentai particles.

733名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c9c1-X4KX)2018/06/11(月) 19:38:27.92ID:j6y7oLqn0
We all always talk about hentai-ish stuff, we should at least take a break from speaking of them in English.

Oh, by the way, tonight I'm thinking about fapping to some nasty busty anime girls, got any recommendation?
Any stuff focused on sadistic domination or a naive girl fallen prey to good-skilled guys with blackmailing and ends up having fun doing it with him kind of story-line would be the best ones to get off to.

734名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 9b87-8HKR)2018/06/11(月) 22:29:51.63ID:FgKqdLIT0
Let's get the new thread stated!

>>708 are not very interested in her skills to play some role as a voice actress?
didn't you analyze anime series like ごちうさ or ダンまち?

we can see the world take a small but definite step away from nuclearization tonight or tomorrow.
i am looking forward to knowing about the outcome of the talk between donald trump and kim jong un.

737名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/11(月) 23:25:16.60ID:qpqRdeNX0
Life is so boring.

I guess this meeting is the new U.S enpire in Asia.

let's try to think about a way to make it more funny, shall we?
there must be clues in your daily life.
what about a hentai world somebody talked about above in this thread?

740名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/12(火) 00:23:38.62ID:9zp8Mlu90
I am, I love those series.

741名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/12(火) 00:34:36.94ID:R+H7RtH80
I want something thrilling in my life. I wish I was an professional asaasin or something. So cool right?

i'm glad to hear that.
i happened to find her MV of 夢のつぼみ on youtube and was impressed.
i instantly purchased and downloaded the song at the itunes store.
i am not a big fan of her but it's a nice song.

743名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b1be-Jh0/)2018/06/12(火) 10:33:05.60ID:OYw5yqcv0
go to shinkansen and attack people.


> >>739
> I want something thrilling in my life. I wish I was an professional asaasin or something. So cool right?

You're psychopass.

745名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/12(火) 13:56:03.77ID:R+H7RtH80
I love assasin characters in video games. So cool.

746名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/12(火) 15:59:14.24ID:9zp8Mlu90
I want to join her online fanclub, buy her goods, and go to her events; but I cannot do so from America, so I'm sad. She's the only human being I like.

747名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MMd5-OWkY)2018/06/12(火) 16:39:42.04ID:pYwwU7lQM
You are sad thing.

748名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MMd5-OWkY)2018/06/12(火) 20:14:52.22ID:pYwwU7lQM
My favourite asassin character is Heidern in KOF.

749名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 512d-6FEG)2018/06/12(火) 23:14:30.69ID:6ObPNzcR0
Yeah it's me, that virgin gaijin again. Today I felt like I was more positively accepted by the Japanese I ran across in the streets, even girls.
All I had to do was take off my glasses? Are glasses a loser symbol in Japan?

Okay, one time I was on a crowded bus. A really cute girl kept pressing herself into me as the bus turned and twisted. Eventually it became so forceful that
I couldn't contain myself. She must have felt it but she made no move to step away. She kept doing the same thing over and over.. and she wasn't bothered either.
That hentai enough for you? I imagine it is an everyday occurrence to somebody.

750名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW e181-3qIO)2018/06/12(火) 23:40:47.89ID:kRwlZq520
you are scared...crazy...

751名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/12(火) 23:52:12.08ID:9zp8Mlu90
Lucky sukebe.

didn't she just sleep while standing beside you?

one of the lucky sukebe events is panty flash as you know.
but some kinds of underwear make you feel embarrassed such as thongs.

only human being you like?
you must be exaggerating.
i hope you can attend the event where you can actually see/meet her, someday.
until then let's jully enjoy a wide variety of internet contents featuring her!

754名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW e181-3qIO)2018/06/13(水) 00:35:57.32ID:tn85GtRe0
She couldn't sleep beside you because your dick had become erection.

755名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/13(水) 00:36:56.10ID:3PC562320
This thread has just become a hotbed for hentai as always.

756名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ b9de-JR/1)2018/06/13(水) 00:46:14.60ID:hKRLo4fh0
Not exaggerating, I don't even like my family.


> This thread has just become a hotbed for hentai as always.

The hentai is for geek when you speak

758名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MMd5-OWkY)2018/06/13(水) 15:14:25.44ID:xCtZzEl+M
I got the transparent coke. Worse than I thought. Will never purchase it again.

759名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW b1be-Jh0/)2018/06/13(水) 15:16:16.72ID:voskMUwE0
this is it. sooo transparent.

760名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウーイモ MMd5-OWkY)2018/06/13(水) 15:25:30.25ID:xCtZzEl+M
Y think it’s funny?

761名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/13(水) 19:37:13.96ID:3PC562320

762名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/13(水) 20:02:00.17ID:3PC562320
Are you guys excited about world cup? I hope Japan will lose and lose face

763名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/13(水) 20:06:22.45ID:3PC562320
Why Christians are all vicious like Muslim terrorists? Christians should be nuked so peace will come

764名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 51bd-OWkY)2018/06/13(水) 20:09:37.82ID:3PC562320

Koreans should be put to death camps with Whites.

765名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM33-8HKR)2018/06/13(水) 20:15:47.45ID:WDg18gnEM
This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

766名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM33-8HKR)2018/06/13(水) 20:51:46.90ID:WDg18gnEM

> Why Christians are all vicious like Muslim terrorists? Christians should be nuked so peace will come

You're mayor of simpleton.

767名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 1981-z9k/)2018/06/13(水) 23:14:12.38ID:zrpOIwJv0
I'm amazed by the thing you can read the future.

i wonder why coca cola has developed such a product.
being transparent is on trend?
i can not see a strong point to be welcomed and make money anywhere in the product.

769名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ c2be-3AAK)2018/06/14(木) 00:09:21.99ID:CslTUjTe0
My Japanese friend, the word in English is paranoid, not scared.
Also it's no secret that the Japanese are curious about foreigners.
Sometimes I get smiles. Sometimes I get frowns. Or just plain stares.
It's okay. I stand out cause I'm WHITE.
No the bus girl was awake! I swear! Someone did fall asleep on me on a train.
She was a little older and not cute. It was kind of embarrassing, but who cares?

770名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 31be-BfiI)2018/06/14(木) 00:12:28.52ID:QEBz+X0o0
yes. transparent has been on trend recent years such as transparent yogult drinks and so on.

771名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2e81-5G4M)2018/06/14(木) 11:15:56.44ID:IA4JnJbr0
This must be the strategy by the drink maker using SNS & TV media.
The people uses SNS frequently, and if one product is recommended from 'friend', they will try to buy the product.
When this phenomenon has spread, the product becomes popularity.

772名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/14(木) 13:39:50.82ID:4ZQ/mVKQ0
Christians are true terrorists.

773名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 35de-5Kgj)2018/06/14(木) 13:53:02.29ID:Jqy5ulHX0
I want to go on a Disney date with Inorin on a rainy night because she likes Disney and hold hands with her while sharing an umbrella.

774名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2e81-5G4M)2018/06/14(木) 14:52:52.59ID:IA4JnJbr0
If hope so, you had better to go to Disneyland with her.

775名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 3d78-P6JK)2018/06/14(木) 17:35:03.57ID:/301sVJi0

> this is it. sooo transparent.

The transparent ones were very hot in this thread a few monthes ago.

776名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/14(木) 17:56:00.01ID:4ZQ/mVKQ0
Fuck World Cup

777名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スプッッ Sd0a-NTMt)2018/06/14(木) 19:16:34.35ID:isjB2Liad
Hi I like unko💩

778名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 71c1-/RsH)2018/06/14(木) 19:44:28.02ID:c0M7h7He0
Wow this place is like the diary of a hopeless 5th grader on his puberty.

779名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 4e90-l+4g)2018/06/14(木) 20:25:04.80ID:efbFG29n0
Eww is the american creep gonna keep attention whoring in this thread?? So fucking annoying...

That person didn't mean "paranoid crazy", he meant "scary + crazy", or more accurately, "deranged creep".

Stop assaulting women on the street. Nobody wants you. Not here nor back in your country. Get a clue already.

780名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 3d78-Xpms)2018/06/14(木) 20:25:56.99ID:/301sVJi0

> Hi I like unko

just get away!

781名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スプッッ Sd0a-NTMt)2018/06/14(木) 20:37:14.15ID:isjB2Liad
Hey wait wait! let’s eat unko together!

782名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 81bd-Hvr/)2018/06/14(木) 22:05:45.01ID:Ha4IuWZe0
Take a shit and eat it as soon as possible

You're bullshit.

if i could have a chance of shaking hands with kim jong un or donald trump
my hand would be shaking...

785名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/15(金) 00:06:57.05ID:ct32qrsJ0
Japan should lose at world cup. Finger crossed!

You get lost!

This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

788名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 9553-1uCq)2018/06/15(金) 05:15:08.08ID:jygYtCft0
Hello Friends!

I stumbled upon this website and am trying to figure
out what the heck it's all about. Apparently this is just
some text based chat website or something? I hope to
chat with several of you over the years that I'll be alive
long enough to learn from you all.

789名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 3d78-Xpms)2018/06/15(金) 14:46:39.58ID:vYPRHYxp0
Here is only a local message board.

790名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ e53e-3TZr)2018/06/15(金) 18:06:00.20ID:YxHL1PXn0


791名無しさん@英語勉強中 (スッップ Sd62-6REC)2018/06/15(金) 19:28:44.05ID:mlg2Ekswd
mng: FGIF
now: TGIF

So many kusogari and kusomanko in my gym. They want to gain some muscles or lose soem weight for summer?! Too late!

793名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM62-Xpms)2018/06/15(金) 22:27:40.39ID:HLfIOrebM

This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

i felt a bit delighted when i noticed my post had been copied and pasted in another thread of another board
which is totally different than the one where i had originally posted.
it means someone really found and read my post.
it was an indirect connection between people via internet...

795名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 4224-MuFE)2018/06/16(土) 15:06:30.56ID:7GciK3+w0
I'm surprised by the speed at which English native speakers read.
Sometimes I help Japanese learners by spending long time writing explanations like 30 minutes or more.
After I posted that comment, they immediately say: "thank you, I got it!" even though it was long and detailed explanation for me. I assume they can read three or four times faster than me. I hope I can reach that level sometime.

796名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 35de-5Kgj)2018/06/16(土) 15:08:00.74ID:9LXGkBrR0
How do I stop downloading shitty mobage just because my favorite seiyuu is in them?

797名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/16(土) 16:08:40.92ID:+YqxPM2K0
Destroy your phone with a hammer.

798名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/16(土) 16:21:26.93ID:+YqxPM2K0

799名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 4225-MuFE)2018/06/16(土) 17:57:43.06ID:zU+FZ78J0
ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt
What motivates him?


801名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/16(土) 20:11:25.93ID:+YqxPM2K0
It will solve all tour problems.

802名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2e81-5G4M)2018/06/16(土) 20:43:43.38ID:Y3IoaBWD0
Your brain has been broken already.

803名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/16(土) 21:26:53.86ID:+YqxPM2K0

What a mess!

805名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 458d-m0US)2018/06/17(日) 02:40:52.07ID:3oh7rmuE0
I checked Aso's video from 2011. He was definitely the opposite of the current economic policies.
He said what is important now is NOT fiscal reconstruction but to end deflation completely and get the economy back on track.
He pointed out the stupidity of worrying about government bonds and inflation in the current situation.
He also talked about the importance of public investment in the current situation.
And then, AFTER getting the economy back on track, we should start thinking about tax if really needed, he said.

From what I heard, Abe was the same with Aso's stance.
Apparently Abe published a book before the election in 2012, and what was written in it is basically the opposite of what the government has been doing after the election.
Monetary easing is probably the only thing that has actually been done properly.

Something is fundamentally wrong with our politics. It seems that some groups of unelected people are deciding everything.
I understand that not everything can go as planned before the election, but what the current government has been doing is like the total opposite of what they were saying.
When it becomes this bad and crooked, it has to be addressed and corrected.

to be continued

806名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 42a3-MuFE)2018/06/17(日) 05:55:38.18ID:LLCiNAm+0
I'm afraid no one will read it.

807宇野壽倫(青戸6-23-21ハイツニュー青戸202号室)の告発 (ワッチョイ 42bd-4y5i)2018/06/17(日) 09:24:47.73ID:ySGBfMLL0
宇野壽倫「文句があったらいつでも俺にサリンをかけに来やがれっ!! そんな野郎は俺様がぶちのめしてやるぜっ!!
賞金をやるからいつでもかかって来いっ!! 待ってるぜっ!!」 (挑戦状)

■ 地下鉄サリン事件

     正確に言えば 「作る設備」を持っていなかった。
     神区一色村の設備で作れば 全員死んでいる。「ガラクタな設備」である。
     神区一色の設備を捜査したのが「警視庁」であるが さっさと「解体撤去」している。
     正確に言えば オウム真理教に潜入した工作員が 「サリン」をオウムに与えた。
     オウム真理教には 多数の創価学会信者と公安警察が入り込んでいた。
     地下鉄サリン事件を起こせば オウムへの強制捜査が「遅れる」という策を授け「地下鉄サリン事件」を誘導したのは
     天皇は その体質上 大きな「事件」を欲している。
     オウム科学省のトップは 日本刀で殺された「村井」という人物だ。
     村井は「サリン」授受の経緯を知る人物なので 「日本刀」で殺された。

I think it's your misunderstanding.
He's just got your influence.

809名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/17(日) 11:21:42.25ID:bAg8zuqv0
It’s a beautiful day.

810名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 71c1-/RsH)2018/06/17(日) 15:31:53.34ID:tzArS/CJ0
That's interesting. I have an erection as well. there's quite an "inflation" going inside my undies. What do you think of that?

811名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 5e4b-HUTv)2018/06/17(日) 16:06:40.34ID:G7iUucbg0
Stomach pains.

812名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 35de-5Kgj)2018/06/17(日) 17:34:26.99ID:H4SAGw/r0
If you pay me, i'll rub it for you.

813名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/17(日) 18:00:03.04ID:bAg8zuqv0

The conversation between >>605 and >>610 quite makes me feel the difference in social classes. Even an American doesn't say such a weird joke in this kind of conversation.

Sorry I got a wrong anchor.

The conversation between >>805 and >>810 quite makes me feel the difference in social classes. Even an American doesn't say such a weird joke in this kind of conversation.

816名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 71c1-/RsH)2018/06/17(日) 22:04:51.11ID:tzArS/CJ0
Of course they don't. They have no humor unlike me.

817名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 458d-m0US)2018/06/18(月) 01:28:42.53ID:lmmS3Y1G0
I keep hearing news about America's tariffs and trade imbalance. So I spent time to learn about it.
Like I heard from some trustworthy people before, "domestic demand-driven economy" came up. It's like this:

Expansion of domestic demand
- To increase domestic demand. Due to our trade surplus, this has been strongly requested by the US and the EU countries.
By expanding domestic demand, more of our products will be consumed domestically (which will decrease exports), and our demand for imports will increase. And thus our trade surplus will decrease.
We have been demanded to change from export-driven economy to domestic-demand-driven economy.

I don't know when and who in the US and the EU requested this from us, but anyway this is what should be done to decrease our trade surplus.
It's from some standard textbook or something, so it must be a standard thing to do. It certainly sounds better than destroying our agriculture with FTA.

Expanding domestic demand includes such things as boosting personal consumpsion (which requires less consumption tax and more pay raise) and boosting public investment, all of which this country needs badly now.

818名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 458d-m0US)2018/06/18(月) 01:39:31.55ID:lmmS3Y1G0
needs badly but the cult has been trying their damnedest to stop from happening.

There are more things I want to write but I must go to bed. Writing these things is good practice. I constantly struggle with my poor vocabulary and grammar.

819名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/18(月) 01:40:31.06ID:lqs5rXB+0
You are very intelligent. I know it.

820名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 31be-BfiI)2018/06/18(月) 09:42:43.14ID:mJr5w5x60
japanese businessmen are so calm even if a magnitude 6 earthquake occured and be confined in Shinkansen!!!crazyyy!

821名無しさん@英語勉強中 (アウアウカー Sa69-5Qg9)2018/06/18(月) 10:05:54.67ID:pEBQKEZQa
An earthquake occured in Osaka.

822名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 06bc-/RsH)2018/06/18(月) 15:53:59.53ID:XhkQb1SU0
The earthquake hit a bookshelf and I got a bump at the edge of falling book from the top.

823名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/18(月) 16:01:10.93ID:lqs5rXB+0
That’s a good luck.

824名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/18(月) 16:11:54.27ID:lqs5rXB+0
The filthy gaijin trying to incorporate into the Japanese society? No way!

I think most Japanese are too stupid because they are made to work like slaves even in case of the large quake.
God tells Japanese people to take more vacations by making such an earthquake.

826名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 31be-BfiI)2018/06/18(月) 20:31:29.37ID:mJr5w5x60
salary soldiers try to commute by walking on train lane..

827名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/18(月) 20:36:08.41ID:lqs5rXB+0
I hope some huge earthquakes will occur in central Tokyo tommorrow night cause they can’t watch world cup lol

In the meantime I will enjoy it with cold beer

828名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 71c1-/RsH)2018/06/18(月) 20:43:00.94ID:qHX+nuCp0
I heard the news while I was waiting for my next train. For a moment I thought it was some minor earthquake,
but my boss over in Osaka called me that she got trapped in her train for a couple of hours because of the safety measures.
How come I didn't realize that?

Japan should collapse.

830名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 31be-BfiI)2018/06/18(月) 21:32:00.57ID:mJr5w5x60
i took eiken 1st grade exam result...
but my score was 1974/2550 and boader is 2028...
so pity,,,

831名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/18(月) 21:37:16.98ID:lqs5rXB+0
Your efforts are not enough... keep up the good work

832名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 31be-BfiI)2018/06/18(月) 21:41:33.28ID:mJr5w5x60

833名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 1908-4dYe)2018/06/18(月) 22:28:56.76ID:eq5xT98i0
Hello friends

834名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/18(月) 23:26:40.30ID:lqs5rXB+0
Today I went to an eyeglasses store and then suddenly this guy approached me saying “Excuse me, I have a question to ask, where did you get your T-shirt?”

I was a bit taken aback but replied “it’s from Zara”.

Anyway, this kind of thing never happened to me before. Kinda shocking and refreshing.

speaking of eyeglasses my favorite prostitute almost always tries to take away my glasses
while holding me a bit firmly with her legs.
my vision is blurred and i can hardly keep track of where i am or what part of her body i am kissing or touching.
she likes teasing me like that and enjoys seeing me puzzled and confused.

836名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 06bc-/RsH)2018/06/19(火) 02:48:35.28ID:F9/CcHTw0
Does the work you meant mean such kind of work as hard as slaves do?
my work is to be fan same as you play game or vacancy. The difference is
to get money not to spend them.

837名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 35de-5Kgj)2018/06/19(火) 02:51:12.79ID:R3L1SIpy0
I'm a NEET.

838名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 06bc-/RsH)2018/06/19(火) 03:43:27.32ID:F9/CcHTw0
What kind of neet?

There's no cocentration post here a lot .

They are not soldidr kind.

841名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 35de-5Kgj)2018/06/19(火) 06:47:07.28ID:R3L1SIpy0
A hikiNEET.

Just like so-called system engineers in Japan. This sort of work quite sucks. I believe too much work and too hard delivery for subcontractors will desolate the life. Work life balance is important.

俺たち在米は勝ち組だよな? 5発目

844名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 06bc-/RsH)2018/06/19(火) 07:26:49.41ID:F9/CcHTw0
NEET is an acronym which simply represents Not employing or education or training.
you are NEET and moreover ass hole. Then NEETAH

845名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 06bc-/RsH)2018/06/19(火) 07:41:07.69ID:F9/CcHTw0
System engineer is a worthwhile job. I have always proceeded with three or more project.
Very hard and happy.

America isn't comfotable for living life.

847名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/19(火) 14:04:18.78ID:Ze/zSTXz0
Americans are so stinky.

848名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 35de-5Kgj)2018/06/19(火) 14:22:15.85ID:R3L1SIpy0
Earth isn't comfortable for living life.

849名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW e524-MuFE)2018/06/19(火) 14:59:32.17ID:mb1M6g0s0
It is filled with so many あぼーん. There seems to be a few people obsessed with this thread. I hope they have better things to do.

This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.

851名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/19(火) 16:44:39.99ID:Ze/zSTXz0
Fuck the Japanese soccer team. They are so weak.

How do they worse?
We'll see that very soon.

853名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/19(火) 16:48:44.89ID:Ze/zSTXz0
Because people say that. I can bet my life Japan will lose tonight. Let’s see how it goes.

I have to buy beers and snacks for it.

THE stinky guy in the gym! No! Just get lost!

855名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 2ecf-4dYe)2018/06/19(火) 19:23:15.07ID:zOaJ/VO10
Japan will score goals on the football match against Colombia today.

No. That’s a long shot.

857名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 1908-4dYe)2018/06/19(火) 19:41:08.17ID:6SgkN8mX0
I miss sailing

858名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 81bd-Hvr/)2018/06/19(火) 19:53:37.24ID:xh+occvQ0
           / ̄ ⌒  ̄\
          /          ヽ
          {   i i i i i i i i i i i.  }
        { 」」」」」l l l」」」」」 .}
.          \| シtテi ̄itテキ |/    _____________
.           {(.  ,、i_,.、  )}   /
            ー| i=='==! |‐' <I am an onion!
           ヽ`===='´/    \
.            ,‐`iー- イ‐、        ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
          人\  /人
           i´   \\'/   `i

859名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 31be-BfiI)2018/06/19(火) 19:56:43.34ID:gm3JP1j70
go close ang get intimate!

I would be dead on the spot.

I thought it was Tesuko Kuroyagagi.

But I still love her.

           /:::::::::::ハ:::::::::::ヽ    /
         {::::::::/ノハ:::::::::}    O・mo・te・na・shi・・・
          .Y:ソzュ` rェ、ゞ:::リ    \
         Y _ 、_ 、  /ソ  ニッコリ
         .()', `二'' イ()  
         /l ヽ _/lヽ
    ,ィ‐''"<::::∧`‐‐‐< >}ヽ、            ノ) /ノ
   /::::::::::/:::::| ゝ___/ソ /:::::>::>、      / `´/
 . /::::::::::::ヘ::::::::|   / /|::○>:::::::ハ      /  ,,イ
 /:::::::::::::::: ヽ::: |.  /. ./ .!::::/:::::::/:::::{   ∧ヽ/
../ :::::::::::::::::::::::: :|  {.∨ .|::/::::::/:::::::::}  /:::::::>'

863名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 99bd-aZZl)2018/06/19(火) 21:19:13.55ID:oGb1UPoZ0
The system engineers in Japan are quite different from those in the West. Creativity is not required, and most of them are not more than subcontractors. It is the problem. You know why Americans or other Westerns don't want to work as system engineer in Japan.

864名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/19(火) 21:51:44.52ID:Ze/zSTXz0
That French chick was just beautiful. That’s it. She completely lacks skills as an anchor.

865名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/19(火) 22:42:40.87ID:Ze/zSTXz0
Oh no Japan could win this game...

866名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 06bc-/RsH)2018/06/20(水) 06:42:19.06ID:MdooBmKm0
I think that creativity is necessary for any job, but at the same time, simple work is also
necessary to improve productivity.
Many workers engage in simple labor. In single labor, creativity is rather disturbing
to increase productivity.
Even in the job of system engineer, creative people are a bit necessary, but many
require simple workers.
This is the same for both Japan and the West.

867名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 06bc-/RsH)2018/06/20(水) 06:50:57.71ID:MdooBmKm0
Continuous efforts and training are necessary to enhance creativity.
Even in any occupation, only those who have made such efforts will get creative work.
So most people will get subcontracted work. This would be nature's providence.

868名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 6ebe-hVpi)2018/06/20(水) 08:50:46.28ID:uHeCoO1d0

869名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-vOxc)2018/06/20(水) 12:41:31.34ID:XYe70AiY0
My favorite Manga is Hunter x Hunter. It is bad ass

870名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ 35de-5Kgj)2018/06/20(水) 14:30:53.99ID:UClwN7Cb0
I think the afterlife is just infinite blackness.

871名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW e524-MuFE)2018/06/20(水) 14:41:59.92ID:/fcT0MyR0
When I saw the starting lineup, I felt this time something different could happen. And my intuition comes right.
Of course, advancing to the tournament is still a long shot. But it's far better than coming home with zero point. I can say that they had their job done already.

872名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 3170-J6yb)2018/06/20(水) 15:07:22.80ID:XtFGI7TT0
Sometimes it's almost like a novel, though. haha

873名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイW 81bd-2ITt)2018/06/20(水) 15:26:49.76ID:4Tnnkxcd0
There’s no such thing. Trust me I once died. I know it.

874名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ブーイモ MM43-rVWq)2018/06/21(木) 01:29:20.39ID:qUnqiRJ9M

This thread is very nice.

But,Take a look at sister site as listed below because you’ll see a new world.

That's ok if you don't come to the site.