Diary in english (英語で日記)

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Let's write a brief diary in english.

That's ok if you're poor in english.
Let's brush up your english here.

Diary and send rip to that.

Make the new thread if you are at above 950 of rip.

I browsed in the internet all day long.
honestly i'm a NEET because i didnt get a job.
Recently, I'm thinking that I should kill myself.
I cant find the meaning of my life.
Well....i guess this is my last page of my dairy.
Thank you all.

On the internet

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Today I tried again to remember kanji, but it's too much for me.
Studying almost a year and I can still not read a simple manga, just kill me already, man.

Japanese students spend huge amount of time practicing kanji. You have to learn 2000 basic kanji so that you can read almost everything.
2000 may seem huge numbers, but many kanji have common components so once you decided to master, it won't to be difficult.

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Today I will study hard.
Today I will do my best.
Today I will do a lot.
Today is the day.
Never give up.

You ve done it??

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I encountered one dick that seems aggressive to the other and I warned him/her not to be like that
Then he/she turned to put insults to me and I felt just like... why are there lots of phyco in English thread especially who seems elementary as a learner...
can't be """"Kokusai jin""" as well...

English sucks


> English sucks

Suck it you!

you suck
Fuck off


> >>10
> you suck
> Fuck off


its ok
you know what?
I think its time to parch things up.


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